What is ADT’S 2-Way Voice Feature?

Home security systems are a powerful tool to ward off thieves and keep your family safe in emergency situations. But sometimes, you may not be able to make it to a telephone to let your alarm company know you need help. That’s where voice alarms come in handy. This 2-way communication system in the control panel instantly puts a representative on the line which allows you to communicate your exact emergency. It’s a valuable feature that can help in multiple situations.

2-Way communication from ADT

ADT offers a 2-way communication system that will put a representative in direct contact with whoever is in the home, no matter the situation. That means when your alarm system is activated or panic button is pressed, you will have live, hands-free communication with a person you hear through the speaker on your keypad. Aside from knowing someone is there to help you immediately, there are multiple reasons voice alarms are beneficial to your security system.

How does the technology work?

The keypad on your security system’s control center is equipped with microphones and speakers. It may seem like a simple intercom, but representatives will be able to hear you from up to 75 feet away. It’s important to note that ADT says your privacy is not compromised. The 2-Way communication function is only enabled when the alarm is activated by break-in or panic button.

5 benefits of voice alarms

  • Convenience: Imagine if someone is breaking into your home, but you can’t find your phone. With voice alarms, you’ll be able to tell the representative through the speaker that you are in trouble. Now you won’t have to worry about moving to another room in an emergency situation.
  • Help with medical issues: These voice alarms aren’t just for break-ins. If you or a loved one has a medical issue, you’ll have immediate help from a representative who can confirm the emergency and make sure help is on the way. If you have a family member who has medical challenges and you can’t be home with them all the time, this is a great way to know help can be on the way if they need it. (This service essentially replaces the need for a separate panic necklace.)
  • Peace of mind: No one is ever sure how they’ll react in an emergency situation like a break-in or medical event. You may not be able to get to a phone, or you could even be too busy helping someone to be able to dial 9-1-1. Knowing there is another person helping you without having to find your phone and dial for help is enough of a reason to purchase this feature.
  • Help authorities: If a dispatcher can hear what’s going on inside your home, it will arm them with information to help emergency crews get to you. It’s possible the security company can hear someone yelling, or a dog barking. Maybe they hear the bad guys talking about what to take from your home. If there isn’t someone on the line giving the “all clear,” the company will be sending help. The representative can also record what is happening, which can come in handy later if a crime is committed.
  • Stop false alarms: False alarms happen, but with voice alarms, you can quickly tell the voice on the other line that it was an accident. This way you can save authorities a trip to your home, and possibly some money. After all, thousands of cities in the U.S. charge you for a false alarm due to wasted emergency resources.

What other companies offer voice alarms?

ADT is not the only company that offers 2-way communication in the control panel of your home security system. While other companies tend to offer 2-way communication through products like cameras, many do not offer that benefit through the system’s control panel. Other companies who provide 2-way communications through the hub include:

  • Vivint: The company offers a touch screen panel that enables you to communicate with family throughout the house as well as security representatives in the event of an emergency. As a bonus, this option also allows you to control your smart home preferences on one interface. Read our full review of Vivint here.
  • Brinks: Brinks provides a large touch screen control panel to arm and disarm your system. It also has 2-way communication, or Voice Assist as the company calls it. You’ll be able to have a conversation with a security representative through the panel if anything goes wrong.
  • Gray Security: The control panel is more traditional than Vivint or Brinks, but it still gives you an option to talk with agents immediately if you need help.

While many companies offer 2-way communication via their camera products, voice alarms in the security control panel are powerful as well. Just simply having an option to communicate via a security camera is worthwhile, but you’ll have to make a separate emergency call if someone needs help. With voice alarms, once an agent realizes you need help, there’s nothing else you need to do. In the end, the choice to purchase a security system with 2-way communication in your control panel could save your life.

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