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Apartment Security Systems

Apartment renters have different needs when it comes to home security, but having an alarm system is still essential to protect your family and possessions. Alarms can alert you to problems and can ensure the proper authorities — such as police and fire rescue — are notified when something goes wrong. But, finding the right alarm can be a challenge. To help make the process easier, check out our picks for the top apartment alarm systems.

Nerd Rating: 4.5 / 5


Best Overall: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe perfected the art of simple, effective apartment security...

SimpliSafe was a pioneer in the DIY alarm industry so it comes as no surprise that it’s perfected the art of simple, effective apartment security. SimpliSafe allows you to purchase your own equipment, with packages starting as low as $200.

Monitoring is also affordable, with prices starting at just $15. And, the best part is, you don’t have to sign any contracts and can do the entire installation yourself. Some smart home integration and top-rated apps also make this solution perfect for tech-savvy renters who want hands-on control and the ability to customize their system to meet their needs.

Nerd Pros

Window alarms. Door alarms. Roof alarms. Fire and water damage protection. Medical emergency alerts. These are just a few of the types of protection SimpliSafe provides to customers. And, 24/7 monitoring ensures alerts aren’t just sent to you when a problem arises — police, fire personnel, or medical personnel will be notified so you can get the help you need.

Nerd Cons

SimpliSafe doesn’t offer the chance to finance equipment. This means you need to shell out cash up front.

The Nerd Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

SimpliSafe has it all: attractive looking equipment that’s easy to set up, excellent reviews from customers, affordable monitoring and a top-rated app. You have the flexibility to customize your system and can even score special sales such as a free camera and 15% off your purchase. Few systems make it possible to get up-and-running in minutes and to get professional monitoring with no contract, but SimpliSafe is one apartment alarm that delivers these features and more.

Frontpoint Security

Nerd Rating: 4 / 5

#2 Pick: Frontpoint

Affordable DIY security with a simple setup and customizable equipment...

Frontpoint Security Solutions dates back to 2007 and offers affordable DIY security with a simple setup and customizable equipment. Upfront costs for equipment start at just $99, making it the most affordable of the systems on our list.

While monthly costs for monitoring are a bit above SimpliSafe, customers benefit from the ability to get third party monitoring with no contracts. And, if you opt for a contract, you get a lifetime warranty, which many other DIY systems don’t offer. All of this combines to make Frontpoint a great option for anyone looking for home security for apartments.

Nerd Pros

Inexpensive equipment starting at just $99 makes Frontpoint very cost-effective, especially as you can DIY the installation. Monitoring is a bit more expensive than some of the companies on our list, but is still very affordable with packages starting at just $34.99 monthly.

Nerd Cons

You’ll have to commit to three years of monitoring service to score a lifetime warranty.

The Nerd Verdict: 4 out of 5 Stars

If you want the most affordable equipment possible and are looking for great customer service, you simply can’t go wrong with Frontpoint. Easy installation, a warranty if you sign a contract and customizable equipment packages make Frontpoint a great choice for those who want a security system they can keep for a while and modify to fit their needs. While not the cheapest option out there, Frontpoint still won’t break anyone’s budget and it provides a great value for the money.

Wink Security

Nerd Rating: 4 / 5

#3 Pick: Wink Lookout

Wink Lookout has an endless variety of sensors and add-ons...

Wink Lookout makes our list because it’s a great option for those looking for a self-monitored system that’s rich in technological features. The Wink Lookout is compatible with a huge array of smart devices and it offers an endless variety of sensors and add-ons so you can keep your entire home safe and secure.

Because all sensors come pre-paired with the Wink Hub, installation is a breeze and DIY setup is incredibly fast and easy. Add-ons are also very inexpensive, so your system can grow with you.

Nerd Pros

Wink aims to help you build a truly smart home. Your Wink Hub is the centerpiece, which controls not just your security system but is also compatible with smart products from almost any brand you can think of. You can control your lights, appliances, HVAC system, security system, smart home appliances, and more — all with one mobile app.

Nerd Cons

While you’ll receive alerts, there’s no third-party monitoring service to notify police, the fire department, or medical responders of problems.

The Nerd Verdict: 4 out of 5 Stars

Self-monitored systems aren’t for everyone, but they’re a good choice for an apartment alarm system if you don’t want a monthly bill to pay. Wink is a top-rated self-monitoring system because of its customizability, because the Wink hub can connect to so many smart home devices, and because you have many options for how your system alerts you to problems. If you don’t mind being more hands-on with taking care of issues that arise in your home, definitely give the Wink Lookout a close look.

Scout Security

Nerd Rating: 3.5 / 5


#4 Pick: Scout

Scout offers monitoring that is cheaper than many other companies...

Scout dates back to 2013 and was started with simple support from crowd-funders excited about the idea of revolutionizing the home security industry. Scout is unique in its offerings because it’s a completely wireless security system that also uses cell backup for added security.

While equipment packages are a bit pricier than some of the packages offered by competitors on this list, Scout is still a very affordable solution — especially since its entry-level monitoring service is one of the cheapest of our chosen apartment security systems.

Nerd Pros

Scout offer a self-monitoring plan for just $9.99 monthly and 24/7 professional monitoring for only $19.99 a month. These prices mean monitoring is cheaper than with many other companies.

Nerd Cons

You’ll have to pay $9.99, unlike with other self-monitored systems that charge no monthly fees at all.

The Nerd Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Price conscious consumers who like the security of cell backup with a wireless system will likely find Scout is a great solution. Easy installation, affordable and attractive products, and integration with many smart home products also make Scout attractive to tech-savvy apartment dwellers who want easy control from an app. A choice of self-monitoring or professional monitoring also provides the ultimate in flexibility, although you do pay a monthly fee for self-monitoring — unlike with the Wink Lookout. Since professional monitoring is affordable, you may prefer this option for the added peace-of-mind.

Nest Secure

Nerd Rating: 3.5 / 5


#5 Pick: Nest Secure

Nest ensures ease-of-use & full integration with your smart home...

Nest is best-known for its smart thermostat, but it also offers home security with Nest Secure. A full Nest community makes this product unique as you’ll have access to a wealth of info from other knowledgeable Nest users.

While equipment packages are priced at the higher-end of items on this list, Nest’s experience within the home automation industry ensures ease-of-use and full integration with your smart home system. This it a great solution if you’re looking to achieve maximum control of your home with one simple app.

Nerd Pros

Your Nest system can be designed for your needs with a wide selection of different sensors, a range extender, smart locks, security cameras, and a key fob. Add on equipment including smoke detectors and CO2 alarms also allows you to protect your home from any hazard.

Nerd Cons

Nest has received 60 one star ratings in the past year, according to Consumer Affairs. Customers allege poor support, problems with Nest disconnecting from WiFi, and customer service reps that aren’t knowledgeable about Nest products.

The Nerd Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

If you already have Nest products, adding Nest Secure is an obvious solution for your apartment security needs. Your Nest Secure system will integrate nicely with other devices that give you control of your home using the intuitive Nest app. If you don’t already have Nest in your home, the customizability and easy installation of Nest Secure may still make this a great choice for you.

vivint SmartHome

Nerd Rating: 3.5 / 5


#6 Pick: Vivint

Best for those who don’t want a DIY solution...

Vivint differs from the other items on this list because it’s professionally installed. Those who don’t want a DIY solution will like that professionals get the system up and running for the relatively low price of $99.99. The Vivint system also comes with a 120-day warranty, and customers are allowed to finance the system over time so it becomes more affordable.

Contracts are required only if you don’t buy equipment up front, and you can customize the equipment installed in your apartment so you have ample flexibility to get only the apartment alarm system you need.

Nerd Pros

Vivint has received 1,642 five star ratings over the past year, according to Consumer Affairs. Customers report satisfaction with security devices, responsive monitoring service, knowledgeable sales people, and an easy-to-use system.

Nerd Cons

You must pay $99.99 for a professional to install your system.

The Nerd Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

If you’re not a DIY-er and you want an affordable apartment security system that you can finance over time, Vivint is a top choice. Monitoring is more affordable than many competitor offerings, equipment is portable so can move with you, and a cellular connection ensures monitoring is always available. The option to choose a month-to-month contract also sets Vivint apart from many competitors and helped it to earn its place on our list of the best apartment alarm systems.

Any of our top picks would be a great choice for most apartment dwellers.

Things renters should consider when choosing a home security system

As you compare your options for home security for apartments, there are a few key features to look for. You’ll need to consider:

  • What components you want: Do you need security cameras? Are door and window alarms necessary? Would a smart lock help you feel more secure? Different systems offer different components and you want an apartment alarm that provides appropriate protection for your space.
  • Is your system professionally monitored or self-monitored? A self-monitored system alerts you or your chosen contacts when things go wrong while a professionally monitored system has a third party that responds if a sensor is triggered. After contacting you, the third party monitor can notify police, fire personnel, or first responders of problems. There’s an added cost, but much stronger protection, with a professionally monitored system.
  • Can you take equipment if you move? Wireless systems are usually portable, which is great for renters. But, hardwired systems may not be moveable, which could be a big problem for those who don’t own their apartments and who don’t want to worry about being stuck with a security system they can’t take with them.
  • Is the system wired or wireless? Wireless systems are easier to DIY and don’t require making holes in the walls. But, they work only if you have a signal, whereas hard wired systems could connect to your landline and have cell backup so they may be less likely to fail.
  • Do you need permission from your landlord? While you may not need permission to install a wireless system, you would definitely need your landlord’s OK before getting a hard-wired system. Installing smart locks or security cameras may also necessitate getting permission from your landlord as well.

By considering all of these key factors, you can find a security system that’s right for you. Be sure to check out the six companies on this list as any of our top picks would be a great choice for most apartment dwellers.

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