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Officer James Banta

Officer James Banta

Home Security & Safety Expert

Officer James Banta is our home security and safety expert. With over 24 years as a police officer in Biloxi, Mississippi, Officer Banta has seen it all.


Elena Donovan Mauer


Elena Donovan Mauer has written for Real Simple, Self, Good Housekeeping, Parents, The Knot, The Bump, and other publications.

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Advances in innovation are fueling a major expansion in the home security sector. Editor Elena Mauer joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss.

“If you're dealing with a professional thief, there's tons of intel they could gather,” said James Banta, a former police detective and home security and safety expert at SecurityNerd.

"Doorbell cameras are great, but they aren't super noticeable to everyone," Banta says. "A larger security camera on your porch can be a better deterrent and also provide video footage later if your package is stolen."

Kate Ward of SecurityNerd suggests leaving large home security up to the experts. “We recommend going with a reputable company that will come to your home and asses your needs. It can be difficult with a larger home to spot all of your trouble spots on your own.”

There are several ways you can protect yourself from hacking, besides two-factor authentication. Elena Mauer of offered these tips...