What is a Panic Necklace?

Many of us have felt unsafe at times when we’re out on our own. Whether you live alone or are walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night, it can help calm your fears if you know that you can quietly and quickly contact your loved ones or the authorities to let them know that you need help.  Panic necklaces (sometimes known as a panic pendant) are an unobtrusive personal security product that can help you feel safer no matter what situation you are in. While many of them may look like stylish pieces of jewelry, these panic pendants double as an extra layer of security wherever you go.

Here’s how a panic pendant or panic necklace works

Panic pendants are battery operated and provide different levels of monitoring. There are multiple different types of panic pendants on the market and how they work depends on the model and where you purchase them from. You can buy them as part of the comprehensive home security system that you already have for your home or you can opt for one that works as a standalone piece.

Here’s how they work: If you press the button on a panic pendant, it will send an alert to someone else on the other end to tell them that you need help. It’s that simple. Some are programmed to call 9-1-1 while others will send your exact GPS location to designated family and friends and alert them to the fact that you require assistance from them.

If you are looking to get a panic necklace, our Security Nerds recommend that you purchase a model that is waterproof. Whether your emergency is in the bathtub or outside in bad weather, you’ll want to make sure it works in any conditions — getting wet shouldn’t mean you don’t have that protection.

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What are the benefits of a panic pendant?

A panic pendant or necklace can be used for so many different situations. You may even hear a panic pendant called by a different name depending on its expected use. For example, you may hear people call them medical alert buttons instead. Here are some groups that can benefit from having one of these pendants.

  • College students: College students tend to be out and about late and night, and sometimes in an area they are unfamiliar with. A panic necklace is a great way to alert family and friends to your location while making sure you also have easy access to authorities if needed.
  • Travelers: Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can easily be caught off guard in unfamiliar surroundings. Having a panic pendant will ensure your safety especially in strange territory.  Since this may mean you are away from home, our Security Nerds recommend a panic necklace that will alert the local authorities if possible.
  • Elderly: It is especially important for an elderly person who lives alone to have a way to alert authorities or family about an emergency like a slip and fall.
  • Families: Just because you don’t live alone doesn’t mean a panic pendant won’t come in handy. In the case of a break in, you have an immediate way to call authorities by pressing one button. This works for both apartment living and homeowners.

What types of panic necklaces are there?

There are multiple kinds of panic necklaces that range in price and uses. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Ripple Personal Safety Device

This waterproof panic pendant does not require a home security system. For $29.99, you have a button that will send location based alerts to your friends, family, or monitoring team. If you want 24/7 monitoring, it costs an extra $10 per month. The team will get in contact with you and send emergency services if needed. This panic pendant also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

InvisaWear Safety Jewelry

This stylish piece of jewelry can also give your loved ones or friends up to date location information at the press of a button. For $129, you have a necklace that can give your GPS location to 5 selected contacts. There is also a free and optional feature to contact 911. It works in conjunction with invisaWear’s free app, and links through the bluetooth on your phone.

SHAREMORE Smart Jewelry

This stylish necklace allows you to press a button to alert your emergency contact that you’re in trouble. It will send your GPS coordinates to one person or multiple contacts so they can alert authorities. There’s also a unique function of this particular jewelry: When you shake it, it will automatically take a picture for you. That means if you’re in a questionable situation and need to take a quick picture of an assailant or maybe even just your location, it’s a quick way to do that. This piece of jewelry utilizes bluetooth and pairs with your phone.

Vivint Panic Pendant

This panic button can be worn as a necklace as well, and is part of a security system from Vivint. You can use it within a 350-foot range of your home. You can speak directly to a representative with 2-way communication from the panic pendant. Vivint does not list the price for a panic pendant ala carte, so it’s best to get a quote from a representative.

Revolar Panic Pendant

This panic pendant could be worn around your neck, but you can also attach it to your key ring or even clip it to your belt. This waterproof device gives you choices to either let contacts of your choice know you are safe, feeling unsafe, or if you need emergency help. You can go with or without monitoring with this device. It is $9.99 a month if you want emergency services to be called immediately via the panic pendant.

Panic Necklaces: Another Layer of Security

Lots of us get nervous walking alone at night and, while you may not have thought about wearing a panic necklace, it’s a fantastic way to take control of your personal safety. You hope to never have to use it, but in the case of an emergency, you’ll be glad you invested the extra money.

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