Erin Maloney

Erin is a freelance video producer and writer based out of Florida. She works with major retail companies and digital startups as a brand storyteller. When Erin's not writing, you can catch her scuba diving and spending time with her dog (not at the same time).

Erin Maloney

Will Fake Security Signs Actually Protect Your Home?

Let’s face it: Home security systems can be expensive. While they provide an invaluable service to homeowners, some people simply can’t spare the installation fees or monthly expense. In fact, only 17% of American homes have a working security system. But there is a budget-friendly way that many homeowners turn to as a way to …

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August Smart Locks Reviewed

August is a San Francisco based company that focuses on home automation products such as electric door locks and doorbell cameras. Its mission is to, “Keep the bad guys out, and let the good guys in.” August says the overall goal is to make your life simpler by providing a secure way to monitor front …

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