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When our founder, Kristen, purchased her very first home with her husband, she found herself confronted with lots of new concerns, including whether or not to buy a home security system. Not knowing much about home security, she ended up making a hasty — and expensive — decision. After talking to friends and colleagues, she realized that she wasn’t the only one who felt completely overwhelmed and confused by the often contradicting information available online about home security.

So she decided to do something about it.

We launched SecurityNerd because we want consumers to feel empowered in making their own decisions about their home security and we want them to do it without overpaying for it. Shopping for a home security system doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating and you — not a salesperson — should be the one calling the shots. There’s no reason why you have to spend a ton of money just to keep your family safe. All you need is the right information. We made it our mission to simplify shopping for home security and we’re here to provide the clear, honest and accurate information that you need to make your own choices wisely and with confidence.


Kristen Bolig


When Kristen and her husband moved from Philadelphia to North Carolina, they bought their very first home. A month after moving in, a security system salesman knocked on her door selling a system that she had seen signs for all over her new neighborhood. Although she hadn’t ever purchased anything from a door-to-door salesman before, Kristen had been thinking about a home security system anyway and, with her husband going away on a business trip, she was concerned about being alone in her new home for the first time. Plus, she figured, if everyone in the neighborhood used this company, it must be the right choice. She felt pressured and ended up signing on to a two-year contract on the spot. Even worse, she ended up purchasing pretty much every safety feature that the company had to offer (and insisted that she needed.)

Months later, she noticed that much of the safety equipment she had paid for was available for much more affordable prices online. She started tallying up just how much they had overpaid with their contract — it wasn’t pretty.

It turns out that she wasn’t alone. After talking to a few friends, she realized that none of them really knew what a home security system was supposed to cost. Everyone just chalked it up as something you needed to have and picked a package that seemed reasonable because doing the research on their own seemed too intimidating and confusing.

This is exactly why Kristen wanted to launch SecurityNerd. It’s her goal to make sure that others have access to the information she and her husband didn’t have when they signed that contract.

Officer James Banta

Officer James Banta

Home Security & Safety Expert

Officer James Banta is the SecurityNerd home security and safety expert. With over 24 years as a police officer in Biloxi, Mississippi, Officer Banta has seen it all and is excited to offer his expert advice in order to help consumers better educate themselves on what it takes to keep themselves, their families and their homes safe. Named Officer of the Year several times during his time of service in the police force, Officer Banta worked as a detective in charge of a gang unit which was part of a larger federal task force. In addition to working as a police officer, Officer Banta was also a member of the United States Army, serving 1 tour in Bosnia, 1 in Afghanistan and 2 in Iraq. He earned a bronze star and retired from the army as a Master Sergeant.

Officer Banta is eager to pass on the knowledge he’s acquired over the years to others so that they can take care of the people they love. In an increasingly global world, Officer Banta knows that crime happens locally. A little bit of education can go a long way in helping you protect your home and the people you love.

Officer Banta’s most important piece of advice? “Do your research. Then do it again. What works for someone else, may not work for you. Understand your personal situation and your needs and that will help you make your decisions about home security. But you do need to be educated and you need to be alert. Remember, if your house is safe, then your family is safe.”


Kate Ward

Content Lead

Kate Ward is an experienced editorial leader who has been creating content online for over 15 years at places like CafeMom, The Bump, The Knot and SELF.com. She heads up the team of writers who research and create the articles here on SecurityNerd.

Kate came to SecurityNerd at a particularly interesting time, having just purchased her own home just the year before. Knowing that, as a single mother of two, she really needed to look into getting a security system set up at her new home, Kate started doing some research online and also spent time talking to the people in her new town. Unfortunately, neither path led to any clarity on the situation at all. The people she talked to had all just picked a company either because it was the top result in Google or because they had seen the company’s signs around town. None of her neighbors had done much research themselves because they said that the online information was confusing and none of it seemed particularly trustworthy. When Kate was asked if she wanted to take on the challenge of leading a team in creating helpful and clear content for consumers who are trying to figure out the world of home security, she jumped at the chance. Kate hopes that the work her team does will give the SecurityNerd readers a real feeling of confidence in knowing that they are educated and empowered to make their own decisions about home security. Kate believes that consumers should be able to rely on their own opinions — not those of a security system salesperson — in deciding how to protect their homes. Her goal is to provide the information consumers need to feel confident in making those decisions and, hopefully, saving themselves a few bucks in the process.