Frontpoint vs. Vivint Home Security

Heard of both Frontpoint and Vivint and wondering which is a better home security company for your needs? Here’s what to consider.

Frontpoint is a high-quality DIY security company founded in 2007 that is known for its incredible customer service and flexible service plans. Customers receive solid equipment with multiple monitoring options, and installation is simple. When purchasing from Frontpoint, you can either choose from a predetermined security package or create your own system as unique as your home.

Vivint is a professionally installed and monitored home security company with a wide array of smart home options. Vivint security is known for its customization and top-notch equipment. While professional installation and monitoring is required with Vivint, this choice also provides you with a ton of third-party home automation options.

While we like Frontpoint for its flexibility and pricing, Vivint might be better for some customers’ home security needs. Here, we explore how these two companies are similar and different to help you make the best choice for your family and home.

Frontpoint and Vivint: What do they have in common?

  • Solid equipment: You can rest assured both companies have impressive hardware to choose from. Whether your focus is on cameras, environmental monitoring or home automation, both companies get high marks for their equipment. It is fair to say Vivint security equipment edges out Frontpoint’s when it comes to design and aesthetics.
  • Customizable packages: Both companies offer flexible equipment package options. Customers can either choose from predetermined bundles or create their own package to fits their home. So there’s no need to worry about buying equipment you don’t need.
  • Smart home options: Both Vivint and Frontpoint security offer multiple choices in home automation. From voice activation to smart cameras, you’ll be able to create your very own smart ecosystem with either company.
  • Contracts: Both Frontpoint and Vivint security companies give customers the option to pay up front and go without a contract, or to pay monthly fees with contracts ranging all the way up to five years in length.
  • Credit checks: If you decide to pay up front for equipment, you won’t have to go through a credit check with either company. However, if you do not purchase equipment up front, both companies will check your credit, which could affect cost. Frontpoint offers steeper discounts for customers with credit scores over 600.
  • Highly-rated mobile app: Both Frontpoint and Vivint security have highly-rated apps in both app stores. Customers say they’re easy to use and are overall pleased with the apps’ performance.

Vivint and Frontpoint: What are the differences?

  • Clarity in pricing: When purchasing through Vivint security, each customer needs to receive a quote in order to know what they’ll be paying. Frontpoint’s pricing is much more clear with predetermined packages and a simpler pricing model.
  • Professional installation vs. DIY: Vivint security requires professional installation, which also tacks on an added $99 installation fee. Frontpoint security has DIY installation, which could save you money and could be more appealing to renters.
  • Option to go without professional monitoring: If you go with Vivint, you’ll be required to have professional home monitoring, which comes with a monthly fee. Frontpoint security also has professional monitoring options, but gives you the option to monitor the yourself if you’d like to save some cash.
  • Customer service: Vivint’s customer service is by no means bad, but customers have complained about pushy sales tactics and questionable pricing. Frontpoint, on the other hand, is known for its incredible customer service.
  • Trial period offering: With Frontpoint, you’ll get a month to figure out if the system is right for you thanks to its generous money back guarantee. Vivint does not offer a long trial period; you can return within three days if you don’t like your system.

Frontpoint: What you need to know

Frontpoint security is an optimal choice for homeowners and renters who want a high-quality system without sky high prices and strict contracts. Simple setup and great customer service are two huge reasons why Frontpoint has become so popular. The main sticking point is the strict cancellation policy. Although it’s important to note that Frontpoint security offers customers the chance to pay up front and go contract-free.

Nerd Pros

  • Home automation: Frontpoint offers smart home options like locks and lights, and can also integrate any Z-wave compatible technology.
  • Simple DIY setup: Frontpoint security hardware can be up and running in as little as half an hour. The equipment comes pre-programmed, and if you have any issues, that’s where the stellar customer service comes in handy.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Frontpoint offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee, which means if you don’t like any part of the system, you can return it with no questions asked.

Nerd Cons

  • Price: Whether you pay up front or choose to pay monthly, you may find sticker shock with this DIY company. Frontpoint security monitoring services are more expensive than its DIY counterparts. And if you decide to pay for equipment up front, you’ll definitely have a significant investment.
  • Credit check: If you decide to pay monthly, Frontpoint requires a credit check. This can get customers with good credit a deep discount, but quite the opposite for those whose scores aren’t high. Plus, the hard pull on your credit can definitely be a turnoff.
  • Cancellation policy: This is a big sticking point in Frontpoint security reviews. Customers say the cancellation policy is very strict. There are high penalties for cancellation, and you must provide 30 days written notice to cancel your policy, even after your contract is up, to avoid paying an extra month in monitoring fees.

Vivint: What you need to know

Vivint is a great mix of a traditional security company with professional monitoring, and a flexible system with plenty of perks. Vivint offers impressive equipment, professional installation and monitoring, and customization to fit the needs of your home. Our favorite part of Vivint is the many smart home integrations you can choose from. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and other home automation tools, so you’ll be able to create a smart home ecosystem, if that’s what you want. Check out our full Vivint review.

Nerd Pros

  • Customization: You don’t have to worry about having to conform to predetermined package bundles with Vivint security. You’ll be able to create your own security system based on the features you want, with the help of a professional.
  • Smart home options: From smart locks to doorbell cameras, smart lights to a smart garage door, you’ll have the option to add smarthome options to integrate with your security system.
  • Mobile app: Vivint security gets great reviews from customers. It’s easy to use and allows you to control your home security system from wherever you are.

Nerd Cons

  • Price: As is the case with most professionally monitored and installed security systems, the price tends to climb a little higher than it does with DIY security. You’ll even have to pay $99 to have the equipment installed.
  • Availability: Vivint security runs on cellular only, which is not optimal if you live in an area with spotty or no cell phone service.
  • No satisfaction guarantee: Some companies offer anywhere from a one- to two-month satisfaction guarantee. With Vivint, you get three days to return it, which isn’t enough time to figure out if it really works for you.

Vivint or Frontpoint?

These two companies are incredibly similar in quality and value. We rank Frontpoint higher because it offers the same perks as Vivint without the added cost. The simple DIY setup makes it great for both renters and owners, and it offers you a chance to really customize your own home automation system from start to finish. And in the end if you decide it’s not for you, Frontpoint security provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

Vivint is a great option too, and it may be better for homeowners who aren’t comfortable with DIY setup or monitoring. Vivint inches out Frontpoint when it comes hardware design and quality, but you’ll certainly be paying a premium for those upgrades. Deciding between Frontpoint and Vivint will come down to your personal security needs, and you can’t go wrong with either choice.

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