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Based out of Virginia, Frontpoint is a home security company founded in 2007 that covers all of America and parts of Canada. Known for its incredible customer service and simple DIY equipment setup, users enjoy top-notch equipment at a cost which is on par with other leading security companies.

While customers can choose from multiple equipment and monitoring options, the biggest potential sticking point that some homeowners might have with this system is the 1 or 3- year service contract at signup.

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Nerd Rating: 4.5 / 5


Frontpoint scores high in value, quality and customization.

Although there aren’t quite as many predetermined equipment packages as some other companies, you can create your own bundle to fit your home.

Frontpoint also offers plenty of smart home options and operates on a cellular connection, which a lot of people prefer to a hardwired system. Customer service is best-in-class, with high marks across the board from reviewers and from our own Security Nerd.

While there are many positives to Frontpoint, we want to make sure potential customers are aware of issues some customers have had with cancellations. You must choose a 12 or 36-month contract on sign up and there are high penalties for early cancellation. But if you move, you can take your equipment to your next home. One of the biggest complaints in online reviews is about the cancellation policy. Even if your contract is up, you must provide written notice 30 days prior to cancellation to avoid paying another month for service.

Here’s how we graded Frontpoint:

  • Hardware: 5 out of 5. Customers can choose from a wide array of high-quality equipment. Set up is simple and takes about half an hour on average. From doorbell cameras to lights and panic buttons, Frontpoint sends its equipment pre-programmed for simplicity. Although Frontpoint had a snag in the past with its touch screen keypad, it removed the item after poor customer feedback which shows the company takes its customer’s needs seriously.
  • Customer Service: 5 out of 5. Frontpoint home security reviews will often praise the company’s customer service, and for good reason. Our Security Nerd was impressed with helpful and knowledgeable customer service agents who even offered a direct phone line for follow up questions about pricing and equipment. Some customers did report confusion around Frontpoint’s 30-day cancellation policy.
  • Pricing: 4 out of 5. Frontpoint’s pricing model is on par with other DIY home security systems, although hardware tends to be a little pricier. However, after your contract is up, you can choose to use this equipment with another company, which gives this some extra value. You can’t go without monitoring during your contract period, and you’ll get a pretty hefty early cancellation fee if you choose to back out. You’ll get a great price on your equipment up front if you have a credit score above 600, but if your credit score is anywhere below 600, you’ll spend a sizeable chunk of cash up front for your equipment. This is an obvious limitation right out of the gate for some customers.
  • The Mobile App: 4 out of 5. Frontpoint offers an app that can arm and disarm your system from a cell phone or tablet. You can view your security camera in real time and receive push notifications of any activity. Frontpoint reviews on both Android and Apple stores report glitches in some aspects of the system, but overall seem to be pleased with the app performance.
  • Smart Home Capabilities: 5 out of 5. Frontpoint makes its own home automation equipment for customers that is compatible with the security system. But if you already have any Z-wave compatible equipment like August lock or Alexa, Frontpoint will integrate it into your system. Frontpoint shines in this department compared with other home security companies.

Frontpoint Fees & Features

It is important to note that the features you receive for each security bundle depend on which monitoring plan you choose and how long your contract is. The longer the contract, the less you’ll pay for monthly monitoring fees. When it comes to equipment costs, you’ll be paying $99 if your credit score is above 600. If your credit score is below that number, it’s worth calling an agent to talk about upfront equipment costs so that you have a better idea of what you’re looking at in terms of pricing.

 Safe Home Every Day Safe Home Plus Safe Home Select Safe Home Preferred Safe Home Elite
Monthly PricePlans are $34.99 / $44.99 / $49.99Plans are $34.99 / $44.99 / $49.99Plans are $34.99 / $44.99 / $49.99Plans are $34.99 / $44.99 / $49.99Plans are $34.99 / $44.99 / $49.99
Installation FeeNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Mobile AccessInteractive Plan and aboveInteractive Plan and aboveInteractive Plan and aboveInteractive Plan and aboveInteractive Plan and above
Smoke and CO MonitoringNoNoYesYesYes
Medical PendantNoNoNoNoNo
Video MonitoringNoNoNoYesYes
Motion SensorsYesYesYesYesYes
Door/Window SensorsYesYesYesYesYes
Doorbell cameraNoNoNoNoYes
Smart Home IntegrationYesYesYesYesYes
24/7 MonitoringYesYesYesYesYes
Contract Length1 or 3 years1 or 3 years1 or 3 years1 or 3 years1 or 3 years
WarrantyWith 3 year contractWith 3 year contractWith 3 year contractWith 3 year contractWith 3 year contract
Yard SignsYesYesYesYesYes

Nerd Pros

Frontpoint offers five different predetermined equipment packages to choose from. But on top of that, you can create your own security package and choose equipment a la carte. A customer service representative will even do a walk through over the phone to give you a recommendation.

Nerd Cons

Other DIY security companies offer flexibility like no contracts or required monitoring. With Frontpoint, you have to choose either a 1 or 3-year contract with monitoring services. After the first contract is expired, you have the choice to go month to month, but then you have to make sure to cancel in writing 30 days prior to when you want to stop service.

Equipment available from Frontpoint

With Frontpoint, you have a wide variety of equipment to choose from with the flexibility to purchase it a la carte. The hub and keypad are tamper proof, which means if a thief smashes it or tries to remove it, the company will be alerted and will send help. You also have the option to purchase pet-sensitive sensors which will help safeguard from false alarms when your dog runs around the house. The best part about this equipment is, if you decide to leave the Frontpoint monitoring service after your contract is up, you can still use your equipment with another company. Here are basic equipment options all the way up to the top tier home automation choices from Frontpoint:

  • (1) Frontpoint Hub + Keypad
  • (3) Door/Window sensors
  • (2) Motion sensors
  • (1 ) Yard sign
  • (5) Window decals
  • (1) Door sticker

The Frontpoint Mobile App


This mobile app from Frontpoint has a:

  • 4.0 rating in the Google store
  • 4.1 rating in the Apple Store

The app allows you to disarm and arm your system from the comfort of your own cell phone. Other features include:

  • Receive real time alerts about the activity at your home
  • View live or recorded video from your Frontpoint cameras
  • Control home automation options from one place

Compared to other security apps, there aren’t many Frontpoint home security reviews in either the Google or Apple stores, with just over a thousand reviews combined. While some users report having a hassle-free experience, others report constant glitches with their app depending on the phone they use. This app does allow more freedom with home automation when compared with other home security companies, letting users control security and home automation with one app.

Frontpoint Smart Home Capabilities

Image Source: Frontpoint
Image Source: Frontpoint

When compared with more traditional and DIY security companies, Frontpoint is definitely ahead of the pack when it comes to home automation. It makes its own line of automation products like smart lights and a smart lock, but Frontpoint doesn’t stop there. The company knows its customers may already have existing smart home equipment, so company representatives say they will help to integrate any Z-wave technology automation equipment into the Frontpoint system at no cost. Frontpoint is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It's important to check compatibility with any existing home automation equipment. Third party cameras will not integrate with Frontpoint and neither will the popular Nest thermostat, according to the company’s website.

Frontpoint Customer Service

Although Frontpoint’s monitoring service is 24/7, its customer service staff is not available all day. Customer service hours are as follows:

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-11 a.m. Eastern

Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m.-7pm Eastern

To test customer service, our SecurityNerd called customer service to inquire about a potential security system.

  • Sales: A personable representative picked the phone up almost immediately and asked our Security Nerd how he could help. The sales representative was knowledgeable about every security bundle and even offered to walk us through the home to see which package was right. The customer service was a cut above the rest, with the representative acting more like a friend offering help than someone looking to land a sale.
  • Design: The customer service agent offered to quickly evaluate our Security Nerd’s home to make sure the right equipment was purchased. The representative was mindful of budget and even asked which home automation systems are currently in the home in an effort to possibly save some money. There was no push to sell or any pressure to make a decision immediately.
  • Install: This is consistently one of the areas Frontpoint seems to overperform. Although installation is DIY, it is incredibly easy. Each system is set up by technicians before it’s shipped and the average installation time is only 30 minutes. Users say troubleshooting is simple if you hit a snag in the installation process.
  • Alarm: Frontpoint is known for quick response time when an alarm is tripped. Because it is 100% cellular though, this may not be ideal for some rural areas without a strong cell signal. (The company does say it works even on a weak cell signal.)
  • Service: Our Security Nerd tested the existing customer lines as well as sales lines and wait time was less than one minute. Representatives are nice, willing to help and extremely knowledgeable about the equipment. The biggest complaint in Frontpoint home security reviews were about the stringent cancellation policy. When our Security Nerd inquired about cancellation policies, agents said as long as customers write an email a minimum of 30 days prior to cancellation, it will be honored.

Frontpoint covers the following areas

Frontpoint pricing and packages

When purchasing a system with Frontpoint, here are the costs to consider:

  • Equipment Costs: These upfront costs tend to be a little more pricey than other DIY security companies. You can choose from five bundles or create your own custom system. Remember, if you have a credit score below 600, the equipment costs significantly more money.
  • Installation Costs: Installation is free because you’re the one doing the work! Frontpoint does not offer any professional installation option.
  • Monthly Costs: You must choose a monitoring service from Frontpoint based on three different tiers. A basic plan with basic monitoring will run about $35 per month, and as you add more interactive features, the plans increase in price. The highest tier monitoring service is about $50 a month and includes all features like live video streaming and motion triggered alerts.
  • Activation fee: Frontpoint does not charge an activation fee, which might help a homeowner justify the upfront costs of the equipment.

If you prefer to create your own security system or simply purchase items à la carte, here are the prices for each piece of equipment. Each system is required to have the Frontpoint Hub + Keypad.

Hub + Keypad $299.98 
Door/Window sensor $32.99 
Glassbreak Sensor  $74.99 
Garage tilt sensor $44.99 
Motion sensor $64.99 
Carbon monoxide sensor $89.99 
Flood sensor $44.99 
Smoke and heat sensor $64.99 
Outdoor camera $199.99 
Premium indoor camera $199.99 
Doorbell camera $189.99 
Indoor camera $99.99 
Light bulb $9.99 
Wireless light control $49.99 
Garage door controller $69.99 
Touchscreen door lock $159.99 
Panic pendant $39.99 

Frontpoint Security

Nerd Rating: 4.5 / 5


Wrapping Up

For homeowners who want top notch equipment that can be installed in a flash, this is a great option. Budget-minded consumers may take issue with the higher prices of equipment, but customers with good credit scores get steep discounts.

Well-known for having some of the happiest customers in the home security business, Frontpoint’s overall accommodating and helpful customer service is a solid selling point.

Depending on your credit score, the cost for equipment can be a bit more steep than other DIY options, but you get a wide array of equipment and home automation options in exchange for the price. If you don’t mind the upfront cost for equipment and a 1 or 3-year commitment, this is a solid choice for your home security needs.

If you are still on the hunt for other options, here are a few to consider:

  • Scout: This company has lower cost plans and some customization options. You are required to have a monthly monitoring service with this system.
  • Simplisafe: This is another DIY wireless home security company that provides flexibility when compared to the larger companies. The best part about Simplisafe is its low-cost equipment and incredible flexibility. You don’t even have to use a monitoring service with their equipment and there is no contract.
  • Larger national companies like Vivint or ADT. You’ll be paying more in fees, but it is worth it for customers who want an in-home evaluation and professional installation process.

Frontpoint is a great choice if you want to avoid larger companies and big installation price tags. In the DIY home security world, Frontpoint is known for its stellar customer service and for providing top notch monitoring.Monthly monitoring can range from basic to all the bells and whistles, so there’s something for everyone.

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