Kristen Bolig

Kristen Bolig is the founder of SecurityNerd. When Kristen and her husband moved from Philadelphia to North Carolina, they bought their very first home. A month after moving in, a security system salesman knocked on her door selling a system that she had seen signs for all over her new neighborhood. Turns out - it was a bad deal. Kristen started SecurityNerd to help others and ensure they have all the info she needed before signing that two year commitment.

Arlo vs Ecobee Cameras

Upgrading your home security cameras is a great idea, but there are dozens of security providers you can choose from. Arlo was launched in 2014 and specializes in providing security cameras and smart home products; Ecobee is a Canadian provider of security products; they launched in 2007 to provide affordable security cameras. Ecobee is known …

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Arlo vs EZVIZ Cameras

Security cameras form the most important part of a security system; Arlo and EZVIZ offer excellent security cameras and some smart home equipment. Arlo was founded in 2014, focusing on high-quality wireless security cameras and smart home equipment. EZVIZ was launched in 2013, specializing in wireless cameras and cloud storage connectivity with its online storage …

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Arlo vs Amcrest Cameras

If you’re looking to upgrade your home security with self-monitored, flexible security cameras, it’s no surprise that you’ve come across these two brands. Amcrest was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. They offer an array of equipment, not just security cameras. Arlo was founded in 2014 and is a modern provider focusing …

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Arlo vs ADT Cameras

If you’re looking to upgrade your home security, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a complete home security system with cameras. Security cameras represent a significant deterrence, and they can provide valuable evidence in the case of an attempted break-in. Arlo and ADT are two great home security providers; ADT is one of the most …

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Abode vs EZVIZ Cameras

If you’re considering upgrading your security system, you’d be wise to pay attention to security cameras. Your security cameras will form the backbone of your security system. There are many camera providers; Abode and EZVIZ are two popular providers we’ll be looking at today. EZVIZ is a US-based provider launched in 2013 with various equipment, …

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Abode vs YI Cameras

A home security system is a necessary and valuable upgrade; if you’re looking for a new security system, you’ll have plenty of providers to choose from. YI and Abode are two security camera providers that you might’ve come across. They have some similarities and were both launched in 2014. YI Technology is headquartered in Shanghai, …

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