The Best Door Security Bars and Jammers

When it comes to keeping your home security (be it an apartment or house), a security system is an excellent way to help you gain some peace of mind. But to add an extra layer of difficulty for potential thieves, you might consider an additional safety product to make it very difficult for anyone to enter through your doorway—namely, a door bar (a.k.a a door jammer). These allow you to secure a door from the inside so that it can’t be opened from the outside and can help you feel extra safe at home or when you travel.

Whether you want to use it on a standard hinged door or a sliding one, or even while traveling, there’s a door jammer or stopper bar to keep you and your family safe. We scouted the options to find the best door security bars on the market.

Our 10 Favorite Door Security Bars for 2023

BuddyBar Door Jammer: Best Overall

This product is lightweight and adjustable, so it’s ideal for just about any doorway you are looking to protect. Made with durable steel, the BuddyBar can withstand 2,650 pounds of weight, earning it high ranks on our list.

  • Features: BuddyBar is made of 16 gauge steel, is lightweight, works on multiple surfaces, fits most doors and is simple to remove in event of emergency.
  • Installation: This door jammer installs in seconds with a steel teeth locking mechanism. No tools are required.


  • Strength: BuddyBar can hold up to 2,650 pounds of weight, helping you rest easier, knowing your door is super secure.
  • Durability: This product is manufactured with powder coated steel, which is an incredibly durable material. You may find other door jammers have plastic parts, but not this one.
  • Simple to remove: Although this door jammer is incredibly strong, what happens if there’s a fire or another type of emergency, and you need to get out? It removes in seconds, so there’s no need to worry.


  • Weight: Although eight pounds might not seem like that much weight, this is definitely on the heavier side when it comes to door jammer models. You might not want to take this one along when you travel.
  • Price: You can certainly find a door jammer for a lot less money. This one has a very high weight threshold, and you’ll pay for it.
Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar
  • BuddyBar has been tested to withstand up to 2,560 lbs of force
  • The Buddybar is 8.2 lbs. of beautifully powder coated steel with no plastic parts
  • Great for Homes, Apartments, Dorms, and Traveling
  • The patent-pending Buddybar is simply the strongest home security bar on the market!
  • The Buddybar works great on carpet, tile, concrete, wood. The Buddybar will not fall off your door

Master Lock 265D Security Door Bar: Best Budget Option

At just over 2 lb., this door jammer packs a lot of punch for its weight. Made with 20-gauge steel and easily adjustable, it can be installed on most standard doors. You can even use it on a sliding glass door if you have one. We think this is one of the best door security bars out there thanks to its combo of quality and value. At around $20, you’ll have plenty of peace of mind without a big price tag.

  • Features: The Master Lock 265D is made of 20-gauge steel, weighs 2 lbs., is adjustable and portable and has a padded foot.
  • Installation: To install, all you need to do is adjust the door jammer and place the end underneath the doorknob. Slide the base toward the door until it’s snug.


  • Strong: The steel construction makes this door jammer quite a match against someone trying to enter.
  • Versatile: You can use this door on your entryway door, patio door or even a sliding glass door, providing incredible versatility.
  • Price: Getting protection for (typically) under $25 is a steal, making it great for the budget-minded consumer.


  • Push pin issues: A few customers have reported having issues with the push pin, saying that is was tough to use or even malfunctioning to cause the jammer to fail.
  • Can damage door handle: A few reviews warn the door jammer has damaged their doork nob or handle from constant pressure.
Master Lock Door Security Bar, Angled Home Security Door Stopper for Front Door, Back Door, or Sliding Door is Adjustable from 27-1/2 to 42 inches, 265EC
  • The Master Lock Adjustable Door Security Bar 265EC prevents forced entry, enhancing hotel, home and apartment security
  • Door jammer is portable and compact making it easy to store and ideal for travel, providing increased peace of mind at hotels or rentals
  • Hinged, patio and sliding door security bar adjusts from 27-1/2 inch (70cm) - 42 inch (1.1m) to fit most standard doors, securing any entry...
  • Top doorknob jam is easily removed to become a sliding door security bar, Rugged 20 gauge steel construction
  • Made with heavy duty 20-gauge steel for strength and security; Pivoting ball joint ensures door security bar has full contact with floor for...

Addalock: Best for travel

The Addalock isn’t an actual bar, but serves the same purpose—extra door protection from intruders. Plus, you can use this handy device at home and away. Bring it with you on vacation, use it in an apartment or dorm, or add it to the door at your house for added security. Just place it between the door and jamb, and lock it into place to make it extra hard to get in.

  • Features: The Addalock is made of 20 gauge steel, weighs only 2 pounds, is adjustable, and portable and has a padded foot.
  • Installation: All you need to do is insert the Addalock between the door jamb and the door and then lock the red handle into place.


  • Strong: The steel construction makes this door jammer quite a match against someone trying to enter.
  • Versatile: You can use this door jammer on your entryway door, patio door or even a sliding glass door, providing incredible versatility.
  • Price: Extra protection for under $20 is a steal, making the Addalock great for the budget-minded consumer.


  • Push-pin issues: A limited number of customers have reported having issues with the push-pin, making it tough to use or even malfunctioning to where the jammer will fail.
  • Can damage door handle: A few reviews warn the door jammer has damaged their door knob or handle from constant pressure.
Portable Door Lock & Door Stop Alarm Dual Protection Security Hotel Door Dorm room Locks for Home Security Door Locker Additional Safety for Home and Hotel Room Door Lock Motel and College Pocket Lock
  • EASY INSTALL WITH ZERO TOOLS - Universal usage: easy to install without any tools required, the portable door lock is the second protection...
  • WIDE Functionality: you can use it at home or many other occasions, such as hotel, school, short term rental and so on, make sure your door...
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE: Small enough to carry in pocket or handbag, this is a very handy device to have when not at home.Keep ones dignity...
  • STRONGER & SMOOTH TOUCH: Travel door lock is upgraded with better performance and durability. Portable door lock made of heavy duty steel,...
  • PORTABLE DOOR LOCK - PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER - Deter children from opening door with this portable door lock.Also stop your smart dogs and...

Sabre Door Stop Alarm: Best Door Jammer with Alarm

Although this door jammer may not handle as much weight as its steel-constructed counterparts, it has an extra safety feature: a 120 decibel alarm that sounds when pressure is applied to your door. The company says you’ll be able to hear the alarm up to 1,000 feet away, which could allow you to hear from the other side of the house if there’s trouble.

  • Features: The Sabre Door Stop Alarm is equipped with a 120-decibel alarm, is battery-operated, has a low battery test button, is lightweight and has an anti-slip pad.
  • Installation: The installation couldn’t be any easier with this door jammer. All you have to do is slide it under the door like you would a regular door stop. The one-touch switch lets you know that your alarm is active and working.


  • Price: For around $10, customers get both a door jammer and an alarm, which seems like a good deal for a simple product.
  • Simple installation: This door jammer works exactly like a doorstop, so there is no complicated installation.
  • Built-in alarm: Even some of the best door security bars don’t have alarms. This product has that feature that makes it stand apart from the rest if you want an alarm without dropping a lot of cash.


  • Will not fit all doors: Some of the reviews show customers did not realize the door stop would not work on their door. Some people who purchased the door jammer said the item is not tall enough, and the door slides right over the jammer, rendering it useless.
  • Need proper tools: A few reviews reveal you may need a special type of screwdriver to get to the battery compartment. It is a very small screwdriver, and there were complaints about having to go and find the necessary screwdriver at the store, which turns into a hassle for the consumer.
SABRE 120 dB Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm, Extremely Loud Wireless Alarm Siren Audible Up To 1,500 Ft., Non-Skid Pad, Compact Alarm Great for Home, Travel, Apartment or Dorm
  • ATTENTION-GRABBING: Extremely loud 120dB alarm helps wake/alert homeowner or renter when door pressure is applied, helping deter intruder...
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY: Non-skid pad prevents door from opening while alarm sounds; ideal for hotels, dorms, or front doors with a 7/8" gap...
  • EXTRA LEVEL OF SECURITY: Provides battery status update with a low battery indicator for east of mind
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring needed; battery-operated alarm (requires 1x9V battery) only needs a small screwdriver to remove battery...
  • ATTRACTIVE & CONSUMER-PREFERRED: Superior to other home security products, this premium white alarm looks great inside your home while the...

Brinks 20-Gauge Steel Security Bar: Best Versatility

This is the most versatile door security bar because the product can work on standard doors as well as sliding glass doors. Manufactured with steel, it can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight. Fully adjustable using a push-pin, customers also find it simple to use.

  • Features: The Brinks 20-Gauge Steel Security Bar is made of 20-gauge steel, is adjustable, works with standard and sliding glass doors, has a swivel base, comes with a lifetime warranty and is lightweight.
  • Installation: You won’t need any special tools to install this door jammer. Simple installation includes placing one end under the doorknob, and the other on the ground. Simply adjust the bar to the proper height and lock it in place.


  • Price: This is an affordable option with brand name recognition. Because it’s made with high-quality steel, it makes it an even better bargain.
  • Versatility: Use this door jammer with a standard door, or lay it on the floor for a sliding glass door.
  • Steel construction: This steel is ultra-strong, so it’s made to stand up to a lot of weight.


  • Not ideal for some sliding glass doors: Some customers said there are not enough holes in the product to adjust to the proper length for their sliding glass doors. It will be important to measure and note the length of your door prior to purchase.
  • Not ideal on tile floors: Although this product is made for all floors, reviewers say it doesn’t stay in place as well on tile.
BRINKS- Portable Door Security Bar, Silver- Adjustable Security Door Jammer- Fits Standard Sliding Doors, Hinged Doors, And Windows- For Travel, Home, Dorm
  • FEATURES.Brink’s Door Security Bar has a sturdy construction and features a non-marring top yoke and a pivoting padded foot
  • SECURITY.Ideal for anywhere you need additional security: apartment, home, office, or even bringing it with you while traveling. The...
  • SETUP. Easy to install and remove, simply prop the bar under the door knob or between the sliding or hinged doors for extra security. The...
  • IDEAL USAGE. Great for home, dorm room, travel and on-the-go
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - A global leader in security-related products and services, the Brink's name is synonymous with top quality products...

Haven Connect: Best Smart Door Jammer

If you like the idea of getting an alert if your door has been breached, a smart door jammer from Haven could be the answer. You can activate it with your foot or your smartphone, and you’ll receive an alert if it’s been tampered with. Although it is the most expensive door jammer option, it might be worth it for the extra technology, if that’s important to you.

  • Features: The Haven Connect has steel construction, a Bluetooth, a rechargeable battery and works with a smartphone app.
  • Installation: Haven says the average customer takes less than 15 minutes to install the product. It is installed by attaching six phillips head screws to the floor.


  • Smart phone app: The Haven Connect allows you to arm and disarm it from your smart phone, as well as receive notifications if anyone has broken in through your door.
  • Steel construction: This door jammer is made with durable steel, making it incredibly difficult for thieves to enter.
  • Digital keys: You’ll have the ability to give a guest digital keys to gain entry, which is a feature we generally only see in high-tech smart locks.


  • Price: The price of this door jammer might be a turnoff for customers looking to save money. It is certainly the most expensive of the choices.
  • Not ideal for carpets: This product will only work on hard, flat surfaces. So if your home has carpet by the front door, this won’t be a good option for you.

No products found.

Ideal Security Patio Door Security Bar with Anti-Lift Lock: Best for Sliding Door

If you’re in the market to give an extra layer of security to your patio, deck or pool area, this is a cost-effective option with a childproof feature. This product is made for sliding glass doors. Not only does it provide more security from burglars, but it can also be a tool to make sure young children don’t get outside to the pool.

  • Features: The Ideal Security Patio Door Security Bar has a childproof anti-lift lock, is adjustable and has aluminum construction.
  • Installation: This door jammer adjusts and inserts into the middle of your sliding door using a few screws. Once it is attached to your door, simply lift it up and down to utilize.


  • Child safety lock: If you’re looking for a door jammer that doubles as a device to keep your child from going outside, this is an ideal option for a sliding glass door.
  • Easy installation: Reviewers say this product is incredibly easy to install, only requiring a few screws to place on the door.


  • Not versatile: This door jammer is made for sliding glass doors, so if you want a jammer for another type of door, this won’t be for you.
  • Potential to get locked out: Some customers have mentioned they’ve gotten locked out of their home because the jammer has fallen into a locked position when they went outside. Others say they installed the lock upside-down to keep that from happening.
Ideal Security Sliding Door Security Bar with Childproof Lock, Adjustable, for Patio Doors and Sliding Glass Doors (25.75-47.5 Inches)
  • Sliding Door Lock: This sliding door security bar with a childproof lock acts as a visual deterrent against burglars who can see it clearly...
  • Adjustable Security Bar: This sliding door lock easily extends from 15.7 to 26.75 inches and can be installed on patio doors, sliding glass...
  • Perfect For Patio Door & Pet-Door Installation: The incremental lock adjustment allows you to install pet doors, or leave the door open for...
  • Indoor Security: The patio door security bar and saddle are screwed into the door frame and profile, providing reliable protection, unlike...
  • Comfortable Height: This door blocker mounts in the middle of the door, allowing you to install it out of the reach of children and...

Nightlock Original Door Brace: Best Aesthetic

The Nightlock Original comes in a number of slick finishes, and is hardly noticeable at the bottom of the door. Made from solid aluminum, this product is a semi-permanent way to make it hard for intruders to make their way inside.

  • Features: The Nightlock original has simple, aluminum construction and is lightweight.
  • Installation: Installation is not difficult, and only requires a few screws to put in place.


  • Price: Although there are cheaper options, this is still affordable and is more aesthetically pleasing than many door jammer options.
  • Sleek look: Choose between different shades including brushed nickel, bronze and brass.


  • Not for sliding doors: If you’re looking to keep a sliding glass door secure, this option will not work.
  • Not ideal for carpeting: This item works best with hard, flat surfaces. While it may work with some carpet, it won’t with thick carpeting.
Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade Brushed Nickel
  • "Don't stay home without it!"
  • Easy installation! Minimal tools to install - drill, bit, and screwdriver!
  • Made of Solid Aluminum with Anodized Finish!
  • Base plate height of 7/16" Requires at least a 1/2" clearance between bottom of door and the floor

DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace: Best Installation

If simple installation is at the top of your list, the DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace is as simple as it gets. This product only weighs 8 ounces, but packs a big punch, making it simple for anyone to add door security in a snap.

  • Features: The DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace is lightweight and has simple installation, steel construction, adjustable extension and a quick-release emergency function.
  • Installation: Simply place the product underneath the door and turn the knob until it locks into place. No tools required.


  • Simple installation: This product takes just moments to put into place, and also has an emergency mechanism that allows you to take it off quickly if you need to leave your home.
  • Portability: With the DoorJammer Portable, you can protect yourself at home, but also bring it with you on vacation thanks to its portability.


  • Not versatile: This door jammer is only ideal for a standard door, and cannot be used for a sliding glass door.
  • Not for outward swinging doors: Most exterior doors open inward, but if yours swings outward, this product is not ideal for you.
DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Brace for Home Security and Personal Protection (DJ3 - Standard)
  • Effortless Setup & Emergency Release: Position the DoorJammer below the handle, insert it under the door, twist the screw clockwise for...
  • Versatile Across All Floor Types: The DoorJammer is engineered to firmly anchor to any surface—tile, laminate, or carpet—thanks to its...
  • Important For Correct Use & Installation: The DoorJammer secures most internal doors with just ⅛” clearance beneath. It includes a...
  • Patented Door Security Innovation: Enhance your security with the award-winning DoorJammer, the original patented device designed for your...
  • For proper use of the DoorJammer, it needs to be set on a flat surface. Many residential front doors will have a riser, flashing, weather...

Prime-Line Bronze Anodized Blocker Entry Door Stop: Best for Child-Proofing

This ultra-strong door jammer can withstand 800 pounds of force, which is pretty impressive considering the size of the product. It is tamper-proof, child proof, and can be installed high up on the door to keep out of reach of children. Whether you have a curious toddler, or you’re just looking to beef up your home’s security, this is a cost-effective option.

  • Features: This door jammer offers simple installation, is tamper resistant and withstands 800 pounds of force.
  • Installation: This is a semi-permanent product that attaches to your door using three screws. It is a simple process that can be done in about 15 minutes.


  • Child-proof: You won’t have to worry about children wandering out of the house or in a room they’re not supposed to with this child-proof lock that can be installed out of reach.
  • Strong: Even though it’s small, it can withstand 800 pounds of force.


  • Not versatile: If you’re looking to secure a sliding glass door, you’ll be out of luck.
  • Not for outward swinging doors: Make sure the door you are looking to secure swings inward, or else you cannot use this product.
Prime-Line U 11126 Door Reinforcement Lock – Add Extra, High Security to your Home and Prevent Unauthorized Entry – 3 In. Stop, Aluminum Construction, Bronze (Single Pack)
  • KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE – Designed to withstand 800 lbs. of force, this U 11126 bronze finish door reinforcement lock helps to prevent doors...
  • EASY INSTALLATION – The included 3” hardened screws make installation a breeze – extra security and peace of mind can be achieved in...
  • ADDITIONAL HOME SECURITY - Use this bronze finish high security door reinforcement lock for additional home security on any swing-in door of...
  • CHILD-SAFE AND TAMPER-RESISTANT – This door reinforcement lock has a spring-loaded design that is both child-safe and tamper-resistant. It...
  • FIT: As far as it not fitting certain doors the customers may need to make modifications to their door jamb

Things to Consider Before Buying a Door Bar or Jammer

  • Door type: Different door jammer options work best on different types of doors. Some models are best for securing a sliding glass door, while others are best for a standard door.
  • Door dimensions: It’s important to make sure your door can work with the door jammer of your choice. Measure the height from the floor to the doorknob, and even the height from the floor to the bottom of your door to be sure it’s compatible with your door jammer’s specs.
  • Placement: Do you want a door jammer that is out of reach of your child? How about a semi-permanent, or portable door jammer? There are so many options and different ways to install them on a door, it’s important to figure out what is ideal for your needs and situation.
  • Installation: Some door jammers install with no tools needed. But if you’re looking for a more permanent option, you may look at the type that screws more permanently to your door or floor.

Summing It Up

When it comes to adding an extra layer of security beyond the traditional deadbolt, a door jammer is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to do it. Whether you’re in the market for an inexpensive option that installs in a snap, or a more permanent version with a smartphone app, a door stopper will make any home even more safe.

Before you buy, it’s crucial to make sure you factor in the type of door you are looking to secure. There are different options best for standard doors, travel, non-standard door frames, sliding doors and more. Not all door jammer options are created equal, but you can find the perfect one for you at a price that fits just about any budget.

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