Amazon Cloud Cam vs. Arlo

Both Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo cameras are two solid choices for security cameras in your home. If you’re looking for crisp picture with two-way audio, you can’t go wrong with either company. Both provide motion detection sensors inside the cameras, and the ability to receive alerts based on what the camera sees. They can even tell the difference between a pet and a person. You receive free cloud storage with both, but also have the option to pay for subscription to unlock more video storage and other advanced features.

When deciding on Arlo vs. Amazon Cloud Cam, you should choose based on the size of your home and personal needs. Our Security Nerd has examined both offerings and broken down the differences and similarities between the two so that you have the information you need to make the right decision.

Amazon Cloud CamArlo
PricingStarting at $119.00 per cameraFrom $199.99-$250.00 per camera
ContractsNo contractNo contract
MonitoringNo professional monitoringNo professional monitoring

Our pick: Arlo

Arlo edges out Amazon Cloud Cam because it can handle up to 60 cameras inside or outside your home, whereas Amazon Cloud Cam maxes out at 10.

Amazon Cloud Cam also only works indoors, although some users choose to buy an outdoor case to protect it from the elements. If you need to cover all your entryways and multiple rooms in your home, Arlo gives you that option. Arlo also offers a baby monitor, and a new camera model that shoots in 4k Ultra HD, which you won’t find with Amazon Cloud Cam.

Amazon Cloud Cam vs. Arlo: What do they have in common?

  • Simple setup: Both cameras receive high marks when it comes to set up and installation. You can get either camera set up in just minutes and both provide easy instructions for mounting.
  • Wireless: You don’t have to worry about drilling any holes for wires with either of these cameras, since they are both wireless.
  • No contracts: You aren’t required to sign up for any contracts to be able to self-monitor with either Amazon Cloud Cam or Arlo.
  • Subscription plans: Both companies require a subscription plan to unlock top-tier features like person detection
  • Mobile apps: You’ll be able to see what’s happening inside your home with live video using either company’s mobile app.
  • Two-way communication: Both Arlo and Amazon Cloud Cam offer two-way communication, which means you can hear what’s going on in your home and talk to whoever is inside.
  • HD quality video: Both offer video in 1080p, which will provide crisp video that could help in case of a break-in.
  • Smart home integration: Both cameras offer smart home integration, but Amazon Cloud Cam only works with Alexa.
  • Smart detection: Both camera systems can tell the difference between a person and a pet, and you can choose to get custom alerts based on what the camera sees.
  • DIY monitoring: You won’t be able to purchase professional monitoring with either company, so you’ll need to be comfortable keeping an eye on your home and calling authorities yourself, if needed.
  • Night vision: Both cameras offer clear night vision.
  • Sound detection: Both cameras offer sound detection, but Amazon Cloud Cam is a little more advanced, as it can tell the difference between a baby crying and dog barking.

Arlo vs Amazon Cloud Cam: What are the differences?

  • 10 cameras vs. 60 cameras maximum: Amazon Cloud Cam limits the amount of cameras per user to 10. With Arlo, you can purchase and use up to 60 cameras at once, which is great for larger homes or even small businesses.
  • 24 hours free video storage vs. 7 days free video storage: Amazon Cloud Cam only offers 24 hours of free video storage, while Arlo gives customers a week of video storage at no cost.
  • HD vs. 4k options: While Amazon Cloud Cam only offers HD, Arlo has a 4k option for users who want that extra video quality.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: While some customers have purchased cases to use the Amazon Cloud Cam outdoors, it’s really supposed to be an indoor camera. Arlo has both indoor and outdoor options to cover your entire space.
  • Affordable vs. Pricey: Amazon Cloud Cam is definitely the more affordable of the two choices. For $119, you can get started with Amazon Cloud Cam. One of Arlo’s most popular models, the ArloPro, starts at $249.99. But it’s worth noting Arlo comes with a base station.
  • No siren vs. Siren: Because Amazon Cloud Cam doesn’t have a base station, it also doesn’t have a siren. You can set up Arlo’s siren to go off in certain situations to deter possible thieves.
  • Motion detection recording vs. Continuous video recording: Amazon Cloud cam only has the option to record short spurts of video that are recorded when motion or sound is detected. Arlo provides you the option to purchase continuous video recording, which means you can view video of the entire day, regardless of whether the camera picked up motion. Arlo only offers this on models that can be plugged in, not battery powered.
  • No zoom or pan vs. Auto zoom tracking: Amazon cloud cam provides a crisp picture, but you won’t be able to pan or zoom into anything in the picture. Arlo models can pan and zoom, and the Ultra model has auto zoom tracking which will automatically follow a subject who comes into view.
  • 120-degree field of view vs. 180 degree field of view: While Amazon Cloud cam offers a 120 degree field of view, many Arlo cameras offer a standard 130-degree field of view. Even more impressive, Arlo’s Ultra model gives users a 180 degree field of view so you can see more of the space.

Arlo: What you need to know

If you’re in the market for quality video surveillance, you can’t go wrong with Arlo. Here are some pros and cons to consider before purchasing (These are also among the reasons an Arlo camera was picked as one of our best indoor security cameras.)

Nerd Pros

  • Video quality: Finding a security camera capable of 4k video can be difficult. Arlo offers 4k video with its Arlo Ultra model.
  • Advanced object detection: Arlo is able to tell the difference between a dog, person, package and even a vehicle thanks to its AI technology. You can even get alerts based on what the camera detects so you know exactly what’s happening at home while you’re not there.
  • No contracts: When purchasing these cameras, you won’t have to worry about signing onto a lengthy contract like traditional home security companies.
  • Number of cameras: You can really create a massive network of cameras with Arlo. It supports up to 60 cameras on one user, which means you can cover quite a large area using only Arlo cameras.
  • Baby monitor option: You have the option to purchase a camera specifically made for a baby, with cry detection as well as a sensor to monitor air quality.

Nerd Cons

  • Price: Arlo does sit on the pricier side when it comes to DIY home security cameras. You do get a lot for your money, but without the option of a contract, you’ll have a larger upfront cost than many companies.
  • No professional monitoring: Although Arlo has hinted at coming out with its own security system in the future, right now there’s no option for professional monitoring. That means if there’s any emergency, you’ll have to call authorities yourself and monitor the situation on your own.
  • Mediocre battery life: Some customers say Arlo’s battery life in some models lack compared to other companies.
  • Pay for additional features: Arlo offers great features like smart object detection and activity zones, but you’ll have to pay for them through a monthly subscription plan.

Amazon Cloud Cam: What you need to know

Amazon Cloud Cam is a solid camera option at an affordable price. Here are some pros and cons you should know before making a purchase.

Nerd Pros

  • HD quality video: Amazon Cloud Cam provides 1080p video to give you a great view of what’s going on in your home.
  • Value: This could be one of the best values out there when it comes to DIY home security cameras. For $120, you get an HD quality camera with some great features. Other companies definitely tend to cost more, not only in hardware, but also subscription plans.
  • Sound detection: Amazon Cloud Cam can detect events like a baby crying, dog barking or glass breaking, and notify you based on what it hears.
  • Object detection: This camera can tell the difference between a pet and a person, and notify you based on your preferences.
  • No contracts: You don’t have to worry about being locked into lengthy contracts with this home security option.

Nerd Cons

  • No outdoor camera: We think outdoor cameras can be an important part of your home’s security set up. Unfortunately, Amazon Cloud Cam can only be used inside. In some cases, Amazon users have compensated by buying weatherproof cases to use outside.
  • No pan or zoom: Wherever your camera is pointed is all you’ll be able to see because the Amazon Cloud Cam does not have a tilt or pan feature.
  • Pay for additional features: If you want any advanced features like person detection or increased video storage, you’ll have to pay for it.
  • No professional monitoring: This camera does not provide a professional monitoring service, so you will have to monitor alerts on your own and call authorities if needed.
  • Sensitive motion sensor: Some users report the motion sensor in the camera can be quite sensitive, resulting in false alarms.

Amazon Cloud Cam or Arlo?

As far as quality security cameras go, both Arlo and Amazon Cloud Cam are top notch and offer crystal clear video with optional upgraded features. SecurityNerd picked Arlo over Amazon Cloud Cam due to the wide array of camera choices you can purchase to fit your specific security needs. From the top-tier Ultra to Arlo’s baby monitor with environmental monitoring, there are more choices with Arlo. It also supports up to 60 cameras, where Amazon Cloud Cam can support 10. Arlo also has outdoor cameras, where Amazon does not.

Amazon Cloud Cam is still a great option with some of the same features offered by Arlo, including sound detection and advanced object detection. The Cloud Cam does edge out Arlo in its audio detection, where the camera can tell the difference between a baby crying and dog barking.

Overall, Arlo’s line of cameras beat out Amazon Cloud Cam thanks to multiple choices it offers each customer, including outdoor cameras – we’ve even named an Arlo model among the top in our picks for the best security cameras. Either way, you can’t go wrong if you need a quality camera for your home at a fair price.

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