Xfinity Home Security Review

Xfinity is a division of Comcast, the largest cable provider in the United States, offering everything from television, internet, phone to home security services via Xfinity Home. Xfinity Home is a professionally monitored security system that can either be purchased as a standalone system, or bundled with cable, internet, and television.


Nerd Rating: 3 / 5


Xfinity is a convenient solution to home security if you’re already using the company’s other services and plan to stick with them. It falls behind in home automation compatibility, price and customization when compared to other home security competitors.

Here’s how we graded Xfinity:

  • Pricing: 3 out of 5. There are certainly companies where you can find comparable coverage for less money. Equipment is pricier than a DIY system, but also in line with other large professionally monitored companies. The company makes it worth your while to bundle television, internet, and Xfinity home security together to get a price break. Price varies greatly from different zip codes
  • The Mobile App:  4.5 out of 5. The Xfinity home app gets high marks in both app stores, allowing customers to arm and disarm the Xfinity alarm, check live video and control home automation. The majority of all reviewers in both app stores give Xfinity a 5 rating for the mobile app.
  • Hardware: 3.5 out of 5. Xfinity customers get reliable equipment, but it’s nothing special when compared with some competitors. The best part about the equipment is that you can control it from the same remote control you use for the television if you decide to bundle the products. The motion sensors are useful if you have large dogs, as they won’t activate unless the animal weighs over 85 lb. The sleek touch screen is a plus when it comes to controlling your system, but there is no equipment that will blow you out of the water.
  • Customer Service: 2 out of 5. Comcast itself does not have a great reputation with customer service. Our SecurityNerd has been a subscriber in the past, and long waits on hold and tricky pricing for different cable packages were a turn off. While the Xfinity representatives we spoke to were positive, they were not incredibly knowledgeable, and it took over 30 minutes to reach a customer service representative over the phone. It was a painful process both on the phone and via the online chat.
  • Smart Home Capabilities: 3 out of 5. Although there are ways to automate your home with this system, options are limited with third party companies. Users are able to adjust lights and thermostats, open smart locks, and open and close your garage door using certain products compatible with Xfinity Home, but it isn’t compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus, if you already have a camera or smart home product that isn’t on the list for compatibility, you’ll be spending extra money for a new product.

Xfinity Home fees & features

Our SecurityNerd spoke with an Xfinity representative and found that prices can change, and there are often promotions and deals for bundling. Calling and negotiating price seems like a real option here.

Feature Detail
Monthly Price$40-$50 plus equipment
Installation Fee$99
Installation TypePro
Mobile AccessYes
Smoke and CO MonitoringSmoke only
Medical PendantNo
Video MonitoringYes
Motion SensorsYes
Door/Window SensorsYes
Doorbell cameraNo
Smart Home IntegrationYes
24/7 MonitoringYes
Contract Length1-2 years; depending on zip code
Warranty30-day moneyback guarantee
Yard SignsYes
iTunes app rating4.5
Google Play app rating4.5

Nerd Pros

One of the most convenient aspects of Xfinity Home is the fact that you can bundle so many services into one monthly bill. You’ll have the choice to purchase a security system, cable, internet and telephone through Xfinity while saving money with the more you bundle together.

Nerd Cons

If you aren’t looking to sign a contract, Xfinity Home is not going to be your best choice. You are required to sign a two year service agreement. Xfinity has a pretty strict cancellation policy and you will have to pay early termination fees.

Equipment available from Xfinity Home

There are several prepackaged options to choose from with Xfinity. Whether you’re looking to secure a small apartment, or a larger home, you’ll have the option to choose a package that fits you, and buy any extra equipment you might need à la carte. Below are items you will get in a basic Xfinity alarm system, plus upgraded options to bring your smart home to the next level.

  • (1) Touch screen controller
  • (3) Door and window sensors
  • (1) Pet-friendly motion sensor
  • (1 ) Battery/cellular system backup
  • (1) yard sign

The Xfinity Home mobile app

This mobile app from Xfinity has a:

  • 4.5 rating in the Google store
  • 4.5 rating in the Apple Store

The app is universally liked by Xfinity customers, and allows you to watch live video, disarm and arm the system, and more.

Other features include:

  • Create automated rules
  • Instant notifications of activity including alarms
  • Turn on lights remotely
  • Adjust thermostat remotely
  • Real-time motion detection alerts

With over 45,000 Xfinity Home reviews in the Apple and Google store combined, a large majority of the reviews rate this app a 5. The good news is, Comcast customer service reps are responding and troubleshooting with customers who report bugs or issues with the app working properly. Overall, the Xfinity Home app seems to be an easy-to-use and worry-free tool to monitor your home from afar.

Xfinity smart home capabilities

Source: Xfinity
Source: Xfinity

Xfinity provides plenty of home automation options with the alarm system, but our SecurityNerd thinks lack of compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant puts it behind competitors. On the upside, you’ll have the choice to remotely control anything from your garage door opener to smart lights and thermostats within the Xfinity Home app. Xfinity does have a robust number of third-party companies that are compatible with its security system, including:

  • Caseta Wireless
  • August
  • Chamberlain
  • Sengled
  • Phillips Hue
  • Kwikset
  • Ecobee
  • Cor
  • LIFX
  • Yale
  • tile

There is also no opportunity for a doorbell camera or two-way talk with this system. You’ll be able to have a wide variety of home automation options with the exception of doorbell cameras and voice control.

Xfinity Home customer service

Comcast has had a long reputation of less than stellar customer service. While our SecurityNerd was inquiring on the sales line about new Xfinity Home products, it took more than 30 minutes just to get a representative on the phone. While Xfinity does have 24/7 customer service, you can bet it will take some time getting in contact with a person. Representatives on chat and phone also answered questions differently, and our Security Nerd had to press for the right answer.

SecurityNerd researched the following processes with Xfinity Home security using our firsthand account as well as customer service reviews:

  • Sales: It took entirely too long for a customer service agent to answer the phone to go over different packages. The representative was helpful in answering questions over the phone and on chat, but the person on the chat service gave our Security Nerd incorrect information. It was not a great sales experience, and the wait time alone is enough to make you question whether you want the service.
  • Design: Customer service agents did not take charge when it came to designing the security setup. They relied on our Security Nerd to know which package would best fit the home. Other companies that offer professional monitoring will generally offer a virtual walk-through, and Xfinity Home security falls behind in this area.
  • Install: The Xfinity alarm system is installed professionally for a fee of $99.00. It seems to be a painless process, where customers don’t have to worry about improper DIY installation. The installation fee is definitely a drawback, but the company offers you the option to split it into 5 separate payments.
  • Alarm: With this professionally monitored system, users report quick response times when the alarm is tripped. There are some online reviews that indicate some connection problems from time to time, but they seem few and far between.
  • Service: The customer service representative our SecurityNerd talked to didn’t seem invested in selling an Xfinity alarm system, which could be looked at as a good thing if you’re not a fan of high-pressure sales tactics. That said, the representative wasn’t even sure of what the cancellation fee was and had to look up the information. Customers complain of long wait times whether it is to troubleshoot or get in touch about billing problems.

Xfinity Home covers the following areas

Xfinity Home pricing and packages

When purchasing an Xfinity alarm system, here are the key costs to consider:

  • Equipment costs: You can either pay for equipment up front, or break it into a two-year contract agreement. Either way, customer service reps say you are required to sign a one or two year contract.
  • Installation fee: The installation fee is $99, but it can be split into five payments if you prefer.
  • Monthly costs: Costs vary widely, based on the type of bundle you want, and where you live. Each zip code has different prices for service, so it’s important to talk to a customer service representative in your area for an accurate price.

Below are the monthly costs for service only, based on two choices:

  1. Home Security Plan: $40/month:  24/7 professional monitoring, smart home control, real-time alerts , cellular system backup, live HD video, Xfinity Home app, works with Xfinity X1 to view cameras and more on your TV
  2. Home Security Plus Plan: Everything in the Home Security Plan, plus 24/7 video recording, motion-activated recording, AI that detects people, vehicles and pets.

Below are the hardware packages you can choose along with monthly costs to pay for them:

  1. Base Home System: $15/month for 24 months, or a one-time payment of $360. You’ll receive an Xfinity Home app, touchscreen controller, 3 door and window sensors, pet friendly motion sensor, a battery and cellular system backup, along with one yard sign.
  2. Complete Home System: $20/month for 24 months, or a one-time payment of $480. You’ll receive: Xfinity Home app, touchscreen controller, 5 door and window sensors, a pet-friendly motion sensor, a wireless keypad, indoor and outdoor Xfinity Home camera, battery plus cellular system backup, and a yard sign.
  3. Ultimate Home System: $25/month for 24 months, or a one-time payment of $600. You’ll receive: Xfinity Home app, touchscreen controller, 10 door and window sensors, pet-friendly motion sensor, wireless keypad, 2 HD indoor/outdoor Xfinity Home camera models, a battery plus cellular system backup, and a yard sign.

Nerd Rating: 3 / 5


Wrapping up

For homeowners looking for a professionally monitored home security service that you can bundle with your home internet and cable bill, this is a workable option. With professional installation, customers don’t have to worry about any heavy lifting or setup issues, and enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee if the system doesn’t work for you.

The downsides to Xfinity include less than stellar customer service, long hold times, confusing and inconsistent pricing and limited smart home compatibility. There isn’t a ton of customization or flexibility when compared to a DIY home security company. However, it is on par with other professionally monitored systems in both price and flexibility.

If you are still on the hunt for other options, here are a few to consider:

  • ADT: This company is tried and true. If you’re looking for professionally monitored home security, you’ll pay a premium with ADT, but receive consistent quality.
  • SimpliSafe: This DIY company offers professional monitoring, but allows you to save on installation costs and has customizable options like turning off monitoring whenever you’d like.
  • Ring Alarm: Ring also offers professional monitoring, and a video doorbell which Xfinity does not provide. It is also more affordable than Xfinity and without any long contracts.

Xfinity is a reliable way to keep an eye on your home with an array of equipment from cameras to pet-friendly motion sensors. While it is pricier than other systems, it may benefit you to bundle the system together with your cable and internet to save money. Although representatives couldn’t tell SecurityNerd exactly how much customers save by bundling, they say the more you buy, the better the price. If you don’t mind contracts and like having your home security and cable bill conveniently bundled together, Xfinity Home could be a good choice.

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