SimpliSafe vs Xfinity

SimpliSafe vs Xfinity Home Security

Today, we're going to be looking at two popular home security systems. First is Simplisafe, a popular home security system that offers professional monitoring and services to over 3 million homes in America.

Next up is Comcast Xfinity home security; Xfinity is a division of Comcast, the largest cable provider in the United States, offering everything from television, internet services, phone to home security services via Xfinity Home. Xfinity Home is a professionally monitored security system that can be purchased as a standalone system or bundled with cable, internet, and television.

SimpliSafe Vs. Comcast Xfinity - What are the similarities?

Cellular Backup: Both companies offer security systems that run on cellular backup in case of an outage - this is an important security feature that not all companies provide.

Money-back guarantee: Both companies offer a money-back guarantee - though SimpliSafe's is more generous. With SimpliSafe, you have a 60-day guarantee. With Comcast, it is 30 days. But both warranties are more than sufficient.

Equipment: Similar equipment is offered by both, including security cameras, entry sensors, motion sensors, and thermostat control. All are provided alongside a handy, easy-to-use mobile app.

Professional Monitoring: Comcast and SimpliSafe offer 24/7 professional monitoring.

SimpliSafe Vs. Comcast Xfinity - What are the differences?

Pricing: Pricing is an area where these two companies differ considerably. SimpliSafe is incredibly flexible and represents one of the cheaper options on the market - even its monitoring service is competitively priced (yet optional). However, Comcast represents one of the higher-end, more expensive security companies.

Contracts: SimpliSafe is very flexible and doesn't require you to sign any contracts; however, Comcast requires a minimum two-year contract and will charge hefty cancellation fees if you want to terminate your services.

SimpliSafe - What you need to know


The DIY installation is straightforward, but users have reported longer wait times if you require assistance. When we contacted customer support, we were connected with support staff in under 5 minutes.


With SimpliSafe, you get advanced security equipment with a simple setup at a fair price. The best part is, you can pick and choose which gear you want to use based on the size of your home and desired security. All equipment comes with a 3-year warranty.

Some of the available equipment includes:

  • Security Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Control Panel
  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Window sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke detector

Home Automation

SimpliSafe has a select range of Home Automation products.

Here are some smart home devices compatible with SimpliSafe products:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple TV
  • August Door Lock
  • Nest Thermostat

SimpliSafe remedied part of their compatibility issues by releasing a video doorbell, But this won't work for those who already have a doorbell camera in place.


You purchase equipment upfront either from a pre-determined package deal or à la carte. There are over 15 different packages in different price ranges to choose from. Compared to big players like ADT, the costs are tiny. You could buy an entire security system for under $150 with no monthly fees (if you choose a self-monitoring option).

Nerd Pros

  • Costs: Even the highest-level security bundle comes in under $500, making this an attractive option for homeowners who aren't looking for expensive home security. Home monitoring is an optional addition.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back promise that you can return it if you don't like the system. They'll even cover shipping.
  • Flexibility: You can begin customizing your system as soon as you buy it by buying exactly what you want. You can choose whether or not to have a monitored system; DIY is an option for those looking to save money. You can design the system to your tastes.

Nerd Cons

  • Equipment Incompatibility:  If you purchase security with SimpliSafe and decide to upgrade later, new equipment is not compatible with older equipment, necessitating much more significant upgrades if you want to upgrade even a tiny part of your system.

Comcast - what you need to know


The Xfinity alarm system is installed professionally for a fee of $99.00. It seems a painless process; You can let the professionals take care of everything for you. The installation fee is a drawback, but the company offers you the option to split it into five separate payments.


Comcast offers a variety of equipment, including a basic package and upgraded smart home products. First, the basic system comprises:

  • (1) Touch screen controller
  • (3) Door and window sensors
  • (1) Pet-friendly motion sensor
  • (1 ) Battery/cellular system backup
  • (1) yard sign

Upgraded system products and smart home products include:

  • Wireless keypad
  • HD Xfinity Home camera
  • Smoke Detector
  • Zen thermostat
  • Outlet controller (for smart lights)

Home Automation

Along with their alarm system, Xfinity offers many home automation choices, but our SecurityNerds believe that its lack of Alexa or Google Assistant compatibility puts it behind the competition. On the plus side, you'll be able to use the Xfinity Home app to control anything from your garage door opener to smart lighting and thermostats. Xfinity has a large number of third-party vendors that work with its alarm system, including:

  • Caseta Wireless
  • August
  • Chamberlain
  • Sengled
  • Phillips Hue
  • Kwikset
  • Ecobee
  • Cor
  • LIFX
  • Yale
  • tile

This system also doesn't support a doorbell camera or two-way communication. Except for doorbell cameras and voice control, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of home automation alternatives.


When purchasing an Xfinity alarm system, here are the key costs to consider:

  • Equipment costs: You have the option of paying for the equipment upfront or breaking it up into two-year contracts. Customer support representatives advise you must sign a one- or two-year contract in any case.
  • Installation fee: The installation price is $99, but you may spread it out over five installments if you wish.
  • Monthly costs: Prices vary greatly depending on the package you choose and where you reside. Because service fees vary by zip code, it's crucial to speak with a customer service person in your region for an exact estimate.

Below are the monthly costs for service only, based on two choices:

  • Home Security Plan: $40/month: 24/7 professional monitoring, smart home control, real-time alerts, cellular system backup, live HD video, Xfinity Home app, works with Xfinity X1 to view cameras and more on your TV
  • Home Security Plus Plan: Everything in the Home Security Plan, plus 24/7 video recording, motion-activated recording, AI that detects people, vehicles, and pets and avoids false alarms.

Nerd Pros

  • Professional Monitoring: Although Xfinity Home costs can be steep, you are getting a full-service security system that you can monitor with the extra peace of mind of professional monitoring.
  • Bundle Options: One of the most convenient aspects of Xfinity Home is that you can bundle so many services into one monthly bill. You'll have the choice to purchase a security system, cable, internet, and telephone through Xfinity while saving money the more you bundle together.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you purchase Xfinity Home security and decide it's not for you, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It might make it easier for you to drop the money, knowing there is a month to back out if the Xfinity alarm system doesn't meet your expectations.

Nerd Cons

  • Unreliable customer service: Poor customer service has always plagued Comcast brands. The move to Xfinity branding was widely thought to be an attempt to distance from this, but it doesn't seem to have helped much.
  • Contracts required: If you aren't looking to sign a contract, Xfinity Home will not be your best choice. You are required to sign a two-year service agreement. Xfinity has a strict cancellation policy, and you will have to pay early termination fees.

Wrapping Up

If you're looking for the best DIY security system with optional professional installation and monitoring plans, SimpliSafe is, without a doubt, the best choice for you.

Comcast Xfinity is also among the best home security systems, with brilliant security packages and monthly monitoring options. Xfinity customers benefit from advanced security devices and comprehensive equipment packages. The only drawback is a 24-month contract is required.

On the whole, both home security companies offer advanced equipment with a wealth of functionalities and smart home integration capabilities.

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