SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans: A Breakdown

SimpliSafe home security is popular with the DIY crowd due to its flexibility and easy installation process. Serving more than 3 million customers across the country, SimpliSafe offers security systems that cost less than a traditional home security system and don’t require signing a lengthy contract. Plus, with SimpliSafe, you can choose the features you want, from cameras with smart motion detection to smart locks.

SimpliSafe offers a number of home security packages that are best suited for different sized homes. You can also build a customized package or purchase a la carte. With SimpliSafe, you can also choose to have your home professionally monitored (and pay a monthly fee), or keep an eye on it yourself using a mobile app.

SimpliSafe Plans

If you choose to have professional monitoring, SimpliSafe offers two different plans to choose from. These monthly plans are affordable when compared to traditional security companies like ADT. But they provide an extra level of security you simply can’t DIY. SimpliSafe monitoring plans also can alert you to environmental issues like carbon monoxide. It is important to note if you have a SimpliSafe camera, you’ll need the higher tier plan in order to fully utilize all of the features.

SimpliSafe offers both the Standard Monitoring and Interactive Monitoring plans. Standard provides professional monitoring and dispatch, while the Interactive Monitoring takes it up a notch with a mobile app and unlimited camera recording.

Standard Monitoring: $14.99/month

If you want a step up from DIY monitoring, yet don’t think you need a mobile app or camera features, the Standard Monitoring plan is a decent option. It features:

  • 24/7 monitoring: You can rest assured SimpliSafe’s team of dispatchers will let authorities know of any possible break-ins to help ensure your home stays safe.
  • Cellular connection: In addition to the Wi-Fi coverage, this plan adds cellular backup to your security system, which can help it stay connected in case of a power outage or coverage issue.
  • Environmental monitoring: SimpliSafe can also alert you or authorities of any environmental emergencies including a fire, leak or carbon monoxide presence.

Interactive Monitoring: $24.99/month

We highly recommend this plan if you are going to purchase a camera, or want to use the mobile app. You’ll get all of the above features, plus:

  • Mobile app: If you’d like the ease of arming and disarming your system from your smartphone, the Interactive Monitoring plan is necessary.
  • Alerts: With this plan, you can receive alerts directly to your phone inside the app if someone has entered your home. You also have the choice of getting “secret alerts” for things like your liquor cabinet, or areas of your home you want to stay secure.
  • Video alarm verification: In the event of a break-in, this SimpliSafe monitoring plan allows representatives to see what’s going on to visually confirm that there’s a crime and let emergency services know. SimpliSafe says this results in higher arrest rates.
  • Unlimited camera recording: This is a pretty generous recording plan. You can keep footage from all your cameras for 30 days, which is more than competitors at a lower price.
  • Smart home integration: You can use smart devices, such as Apple Watch, Alexa or Google Assistant to arm and disarm your system under this SimpliSafe monitoring plan.

Bottom Line on SimpliSafe Monitoring

SimpliSafe security systems cost less than those from many traditional security companies, and they offer a ton of customization options. Part of the flexibility includes being able to choose from DIY monitoring, or two professional monitoring plans with different levels of features.

If you choose not to go with either of the SimpliSafe plans, your system will generally work as a siren, alerting you and people nearby that something may be wrong. To fully take advantage of the system’s capabilities, investing money into SimpliSafe monitoring plans is the way to go.

If you don’t plan on using the phone app, but still want professional monitoring, the Standard Plan is a good investment. You will get the benefits of a traditional security system without the high price tag or lengthy contract. The Standard Plan is ideal for people who want to set their security system and forget it. If you don’t want to check in on your home via a security camera or get motion alerts throughout the day, this plan should work for you.

However, if you want to use the mobile app and plan to add any type of cameras to your security setup, upgrading to the Interactive Plan is essential. If you want to know exactly what’s happening at home and receive alerts along with recordings of any motion incidents, the Interactive Plan is for you.

While SecurityNerd recommends the Interactive Plan for its robust offerings, we also feel that the Standard Monitoring option could be adequate for some customers. All in all, we suggest customers choose one of the monitoring plans, since professional monitoring adds that important extra level of security.

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