SimpliSafe Alternatives

SimpliSafe is one of our favorite security providers. They are flexible with equipment that is high quality and easy to install. In terms of home security, SimpliSafe has a lot to offer. There are many home security systems, and you’ll have much to consider – monitoring services, security cameras, motion detectors, mobile apps, etc.

Simplisafe rates well overall and is perhaps the best DIY home security system, but there are some drawbacks too – you have to pay for your equipment upfront, the cameras could be better, and the home automation features are basic. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best SimpliSafe alternatives.


Vivint is an excellent alternative to SimpliSafe, offering quality home security solutions without paying anything upfront. The downside is you’ll need to enter a contract, which may cost more in the long run. Contracts run from 3-5 years.

Vivint offers a different experience – you don’t have to install your equipment; someone comes out and does it for you. In addition to that, they offer more smart home options than SimpliSafe does. The Vivint app provides excellent control over your smart home devices, too. However, you’d need to upgrade to get better smart home controls. Vivint is compatible with smart smoke detectors, Nest thermostats and you can also use voice control (thanks to Alexa).

With all of that said, Vivint is much more expensive than SimpliSafe long-term – despite the seemingly great value, there are also hidden fees. For example, if you move and want to keep your Vivint system, you’ll be forced to pay another installation fee.

Vivint may be worth the price, though, as they offer a lifetime warranty compared to SimpliSafe’s three-year warranty. Vivint’s monthly monitoring plans are also much more expensive. A monitored SimpliSafe system will cost you less than $20 a month, depending on the package you choose; however, Vivint will cost you at least $40 a month, assuming you don’t have security cameras.

Vivint Pros

  • Good availability of different equipment
  • Professional installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smart home integration

Vivint Cons

  • Higher equipment costs long-term
  • Long contracts
  • No DIY install

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Like SimpliSafe, this is a DIY installation system. It’s affordable and smart home compatible; if smart home automation is your top priority, this is the best on the list. It’s compatible with Zigbee, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and other Z-wave technologies. You can connect the system to just about any third-party device at home. One area that lets down its smart home performance is the mobile app. Abode’s mobile app is consistently rated poorly, and SimpliSafe’s app (though basic) is more reliable. The Abode app is rated around two stars in Google Play and iOS, but SimpliSafe has a near-perfect rating.

SimpliSafe offers excellent customer service. Abode’s customer service is consistently rated poorly online, with reviewers reporting long wait times. Unlike SimpliSafe, it also has smart plugs to help you save money and remotely control your lamps and other appliances. It doesn’t offer to finance, though. So if you were looking to finance your purchase, you’d be better off with Vivint. You’ll also be subject to a $35 cancellation fee if you’ve paid for a year of professional monitoring.

Abode Pros

  • Ideal for a smart home ecosystem
  • Very affordable
  • DIY installation

Abode Cons

  • Cancellation fee
  • Poor mobile app
  • No finance

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Frontpoint is a Virginia-based security provider that was launched in 2007. With Frontpoint, you can access an array of hardware options, which you can purchase in a package or on an a la carte basis.

A Frontpoint representative will even complete a virtual walkthrough with you to ensure you have everything you need. Frontpoint is quite different from SimpliSafe, though. With SimpliSafe, you can self-monitor and have total flexibility without contracts. With Frontpoint, you’ll need to purchase a 1-3 year contract. You may pay the penalty for canceling, but unlike most contracted services, you don’t get the benefit of professional installation – Frontpoint does not offer it. SimpliSafe offers professional installation on an optional basis, though. For $79, SimpliSafe will have someone set up your system for you.

Frontpoint offers more home automation with Z-wave compatibility and its line of smart home equipment. You’ll be able to purchase smart door locks, light controls, and more in addition to using IFTTT equipment and popular third-party automation such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. This is all great, but it comes at a price. Frontpoint is considerably more expensive than SimpliSafe and requires a credit check which may impact the price you pay – for better or worse. In addition, you may have great smart home features, but it doesn’t mean much if the app you use to manage it all doesn’t work. Frontpoint has many negative reviews on the app store reporting glitches and bugs when trying to use it. SimpliSafe’s app is consistently rated excellent.

Frontpoint pros

  • Home automation options
  • Frontpoint offers cellular backup in the case of a power outage
  • Professional monitoring
  • A virtual walkthrough with a Frontpoint representative

Frontpoint cons

  • Higher pricing
  • Credit check
  • Long-term contracts

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You’ve probably heard of Ring in the context of doorbell cameras, and they came out with the first video doorbells. They’ve grown to be a comprehensive security company in their own right, offering a better lineup of cameras than most competitors alongside an alarm system and entry sensors. In addition, they’ve also branched into offering a five-piece home security kit for just $199, which is a great price. However, like SimpliSafe, you’ll need to pay these costs upfront. You’ll also need to install your system yourself on a DIY basis.

Ring only offers a handful of smart home options, so it’s probably about equal with SimpliSafe. But the Ring app does allow you to group together and easily monitor your ring devices. Ring’s moneyback guarantee only lasts for 30 days, around half of the time that SimpliSafe’s does. However, Ring cameras do have superior features, including:

  • Crystal clear video footage
  • Night vision
  • Motion sensitivity
  • Compatability with motion sensors
  • For outdoor cameras, you can also have spotlights and sirens
  • An app that allows for connectivity with neighboring homes

SimpliSafe cameras are reliable but basic. They don’t offer sensitivity, sirens, privacy, or good footage clarity, and aside from a video doorbell, SimpliSafe only offers indoor cameras. The app is also quite basic, and there’s no way to connect with anyone to organize a neighborhood watch or find a lost pet. The only downside is that Ring cameras are often sold separately from the system packages, increasing your overall pay price. Still, it’s worth the extra if you’re desperate to have some of the best cameras on the market.

Ring Pros

  • DIY installation
  • Great camera features
  • Very affordable

Ring Cons

  • Up-front equipment costs
  • Cameras may be sold separately from the central bundle

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Wrapping up

SimpliSafe is an excellent DIY security provider with quality equipment that looks and feels high-quality and modern, and they offer great packages with many perks. In particular, there’s a lot to be said for flexibility and low pricing, and there are no activation or installation fees, but there are other areas to consider.

If you’re looking for superior cameras and equipment, a better provider may be Ring. Try Vivint if you don’t want to spend much money upfront and would rather pay monthly.

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