Schlage vs. Kwikset Smart Locks

As more homeowners create their own smart home ecosystems, smart locks are becoming an additional tool to increase the security and convenience of their home. These locks make it possible to gain entry into your home without a key, and even to offer remote keys for family and friends if you’re not around.

Two of the most popular lock brands on the market are Schlage and Kwikset, and for good reason. Schlage has been in the business of selling high-quality conventional locks since the 1920s. Kwikset came along in 1946 with a revolutionary tubular lock design which was well-known for quick installation.

Both companies still sell conventional locks today, but have added an array of electronic locks and smart locks to add an additional layer of technology to any home. Electronic locks allow you to gain access to your home without a traditional key, whether it’s using a keypad, touchscreen or bluetooth technology from your telephone. Smart locks take usability up a notch, giving homeowners the option to control the key remotely with a smartphone app. In some cases, they may also be voice-controlled with a smart home hub and/or security system hub.

When deciding Schlage vs. Kwikset, it’s important to take into account what you’re looking for in a smart lock. While both companies offer superb lock choices, Schlage offers a few added benefits that make it our preferred choice. Here, we’ll cover what’s the same and what’s different between these two companies’ smart locks, plus the pros and cons of each. You’ll know what features to look for when buying a smart lock and be able to make the best choice for you and your home.

Schlage and Kwikset: What do they have in common?

Both Schlage and Kwikset definitely have more in common than differences. And it’s important to note that both companies offer a variety of different smart locks with varying capabilities that you’ll be considering individually. When deciding which lock to purchase, zero in on each product’s features. Here are similarities you’ll find with the two companies’ offerings:

  • Rekey options: Both Schlage and Kwikset offer you the ability to rekey your lock if needed.
  • Smartphone app: You’ll be able to utilize both Schlage and Kwikset smartphone apps to control who enters your home and when. Users can even create remote keys for a guest to get inside if you’re not home.
  • Smart home compatibility: Depending on the model, Schlage and Kwikset offer multiple smart home compatibility options, including Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Z-Wave, and more. It means you can make your smart lock work with smart home equipment you may already own or want to buy.
  • Versatility: With both brands, there are several different types of locks to choose from, including touch key and touchless, and ones with or without a handle. Depending on the model, each lock can have multiple modes of entry. You’re not only choosing from available features, you also have choices when it comes to aesthetics.
  • Key and keyless options: If you’re not totally ready to give up the keys, that’s alright. Both Schlage and Kwikset offer locks that allow you to use a traditional key in addition to the smart key option.
  • Multiple access codes: Some smart locks only offer a handful of remote key codes to limit the amount of people who enter the home. But you won’t have to worry about that with Schlage or Kwikset. Schlage offers up to 30 access codes, while Kwikset provides 25.
  • DIY installation: Installation isn’t exactly simple, but if you have a little DIY know-how, you’ll be able to install a smart lock from Schlage or Kwikset.

Schlage and Kwikset: What are the differences?

  • Alarm option: Schlage locks have a built-in alarm that will sound if someone is trying to make unauthorized entry into your home. It’s a valuable feature to have, especially if someone is trying to tamper with the smartlock to gain access. Kwikset smart locks don’t have alarms.
  • Rekey process: When deciding on Schlage vs. Kwikset, if the rekey process may be a factor for you. In this instance, Kwikset comes out on top. It’s a simple process when rekeying with a Kwikset lock thanks to its Smart Key technology. However, Schlage will require you to take the lock apart in order to rekey it.
  • ANSI Grade 1: Schlage has an ANSI Grade 1 certification for its locks, which means that is the strongest lock money can buy. While Kwikset is strong as well at a Grade 2, it is a level down in strength.

Schlage Smart Locks: What you need to know

Schlage offers a range of four smart lock options with varying features and aesthetics. The Schlage Encode is the company’s smart Wi-Fi deadbolt that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi system. The Sense model is a deadbolt smart lock that connects to your cell phone to control access. The Connect model is great for pairing to other smart home products and alarm systems, thanks to its Z-Wave and Zigbee compatibility.

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel
  • Built-in WiFi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere, plus set up guest access codes for recurring, temporary or permanent access when...
  • For additional convenience, enjoy voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Create and manage up to 100 access codes for trusted friends and family to use with the fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with...
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during...


  • Smart home capability: Schlage smart locks are compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee technologies, along with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant.
  • Strength: Schlage smart locks have an ANSI Grade 1 rating, which means they are the strongest on the market.
  • Built-in alarm option: The built-in alarm option adds another layer of security. This could also be helpful if a thief is trying to tamper with the smart lock itself.


  • Rekey process can be tricky: You’ll actually have to take apart the lock in order to rekey Schlage smart lock. Kwikset has a much simpler process that does not require much effort for a rekey.
  • Some models not compatible with Android: Apple users definitely benefit more with Schlage locks because of compatibility. If you’re an Android user, make sure to choose a Schlage lock that is compatible with your devices. For example, the Connect model is only compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Kwikset Smart Locks: What you need to know

Kwikset has a wide range of smart lock feature options from touchscreens to keypads, and even a one-touch deadbolt. A new fingerprint option will be offered to customers soon, according to the Kwikset website. Kwikset offers seven different smart lock models, all with varying features. The cheapest option is the Kevo, which lacks a keypad but gives users electronic keys, and the option to automatically lock and unlock your door. If you are looking for a higher-end model with a keypad, Wi-Fi and smart home compatibility, Kwikset’s Halo might be more your speed.


  • Smart home capability: Depending on the model, these locks are compatible with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Not all locks have this capability, so check the specs before you buy.
  • Versatile models: From a simple deadbolt, to a flat-touch screen lock, you have not only a choice in features with Kwikset locks. You also can choose your aesthetic, allowing your home’s style to blend in with the lock of your choice.
  • Easy rekey options: If you need to rekey, Kwikset makes this process easy. Whereas other smart locks must be taken apart, Kwikset has a Smart Key technology that allows for a simple rekey process.


  • No built-in alarm option: This might not be a big deal to you if you already have a security system with an alarm. But companies like Schlage offer a built-in alarm to let you know if someone is trying to tamper with your lock. There is no option with a Kwikset key.
  • Safety grade: Although an ANSI Grade 2 is still impressive, it is not the best Grade 1 rating like Schlage locks.

Schlage vs. Kwikset: The bottom line

If you’re in the market for a smart lock, you can’t go wrong with Schlage or Kwikset. But we think Schlage edges out Kwikset for its ANSI Grade 1 security rating, along with the built-in alarm option. You’ll get versatility and value, along with the strongest lock on the market. Schlage offers consumers the option to integrate the technology into any smart home ecosystem while adding an extra layer of security to your front door.

Kwikset is also a great option with many models to choose from. Its locks have features like smart home options, and even a fingerprint entry lock coming soon. You can’t go wrong with either of these top-notch smart lock companies for helping keep your home secure and convenient to enter and exit.

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