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When you think of Ring as a company, you may think it’s all about video doorbells. But Ring offers much more in the line of home security than just doorbells. The cutting-edge company was acquired by Amazon, and continues to grow its base of products for customers to create a safer and more connected home.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is just as dependable and impressive as Ring’s line of regular cameras, but this one makes setup easy anywhere. Customers get crisp HD video anywhere from inside your home, to a garage or even an alley. This Ring cam is waterproof, and has several different charging options as well.

The Stick Up Cam from Ring is perfect for anyone who wants a high-quality camera with simple installation. It works with Ring Alarm, and can connect with other Ring cameras if you already have them as part of your smart home ecosystem. Whether you rent your home or own, this is a small camera with big value.

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Nerd Rating: 4 / 5

Nerd Pros

As the name implies, you’ll be able to “stick up” this camera just about anywhere you need it in your home, or even outside. It’s waterproof, and can work in cold, wet and hot weather. If you want to keep an eye on the side of your home, or even your front door, you have the option to put the Ring cam anywhere you need it.

Nerd Cons

Some customers complain they get way too many alerts they don’t really want because the camera can’t tell the difference between a person and a pet. Although there are activity zones that can help mitigate this, it’s one of those features that comes in handy that the Ring Stick Up Cam doesn’t have.

Ring Stick Up Models

The type of equipment you’ll receive depends on the type of charging style you purchase. Below are the Ring Stick Up Cam options.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

This Ring cam is wireless, and charges through a detachable battery pack. Every six months to a year, you detach the battery to charge and then can continue using the camera.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In

If you don’t want to worry about charging batteries at all, you can purchase the version with a plug. Although it may limit where you can place the camera a bit, it still gives you the peace of mind of non-stop power.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

This Ring Stick Up Cam charges completely using solar energy. It also comes with a back-up battery pack, so no need to worry if your camera doesn’t get enough charge from the solar panel alone.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Elite

This option allows you non-stop power by connecting to your router with a provided PoE adaptor. You won’t have to worry about your Wi-Fi going down, or charging any batteries with this model.

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite, Power over Ethernet HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, Night Vision, Works with Alexa - White
  • See, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or select Echo device with Stick Up Cam Elite, a Power over Ethernet camera that can...
  • With Live View, you can check in on your home any time through the Ring app.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos...
  • Place it anywhere inside, on flat surfaces or mount it to walls, or ceilings.
  • Watch over your entire home by connecting one or multiple Stick Up Cams to the Ring app.

Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam Features

  • HD video: You’ll enjoy crystal clear HD video, which can come in handy in the case of any break-ins or crimes in your area. You can even share the video on Ring’s Neighbors app to alert others around you.
  • Night vision: No worries if something happens in the dark. The camera will be able to give you a crisp picture day or night.
  • Smart notifications: You’ll be notified through the app on your smartphone of any motion near your camera. That means if something is going wrong, your camera will know about it and alert you.
  • Mobility: This camera is perfect for businesses and homeowners alike, and you can place it anywhere you need. From keeping an eye on your living room to outside on the side of your house, the options are endless with the Ring Stick Up Cam.
  • Waterproof: You don’t need to worry about inclimate weather with this Ring Cam. It’s waterproof and can withstand cold and hot temperatures.
  • Charging options: You can choose to purchase a plug-in model, battery-powered model, solar camera, or PoE option for incredible flexibility in the way you use the camera.
  • Two-way talk: Two-way talk can come in handy whether you want to communicate with a family member in the home, or deter a thief you may see around your home. They’ll be able to hear you, and you can see and hear them.
  • Siren: If you see someone you don’t want near your home, there is a loud, built-in siren inside the Ring Stick Up Cam you can activate.
  • Live view: You’ll be able to see what’s going on live from the Ring app.
  • Smart home options: This Ring cam is compatible with Alexa, IFTTT and your existing Ring cameras. You can even ask Alexa to show the live stream on your Echo products, which is a pretty nifty addition.
  • Easy to install: Installation is easy no matter where you decide to place this camera. The solar panel option requires a little bit more of a setup, but it’s simple to use.
  • Adjustable motion zones: If you want to block off a certain area where you don’t want to be notified of motion detection, you can do so. For example, if you don’t want any notification when a car goes by, you can block off the street area to keep from getting those notifications.
  • Theft replacement guarantee: If one of your Ring cameras gets stolen and you report it within 15 days, the company will replace it at no cost to you.

Is the Ring Stick Up Cam user friendly?

From setup to everyday use, Ring cameras, in general, are simple to use. This one takes the cake through thanks to the incredibly easy installation process. You’re provided with screws and wall anchors to easily place the camera wherever you need it to go.

After that, it’s as easy as installing the Ring app and going through your preferences to get the ball rolling. The app gets decent marks in both app stores, but nothing overwhelming. As for powering the camera, you get to choose the method.

There’s a detachable battery pack that you’ll need to charge every six months to a year, or a solar panel that you can set and forget when it comes to charging. There's also a plug-in version as well as a PoE option.

Ring Security Plans

Here are the two different options Ring customers have when it comes to subscription and security plans with Ring. Motion-activated notifications, live view, two-way talk and lifetime theft protection are included for free.

  • Basic: The basic version of Ring Protect provides everything from the free version, but adds 60 days of video history storage, the ability to save and share videos and Snapshot capture, which gives you a brief time-lapse of what happened during the day.
  • Plus: This security plan includes everything from the basic plan, but adds on professional monitoring for ultimate peace of mind. You’ll also get extended warranties and 10 percent off products at Ring.com.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a feature-rich camera with multiple charging options at a bargain price, Ring Stick Up Cam is a great option. Customers get crystal clear video and the ability to charge the camera in four different ways. You’ll also get to choose whether this camera goes inside or out, and it’s easily placed just about anywhere you need thanks to its design.

This camera is perfect for someone who wants a smart home, but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money getting a good quality camera with the ability to purchase professional monitoring. The big downside to this camera is the exclusion of person detection, which can keep the camera from alerting you about events you don’t care about.

Because of the simple installation, it’s perfect for DIY homeowners or renters, and you won’t need to worry about setup being a hassle. You can add your other Ring cameras to work with the Stick Up Cam, or use it as a standalone piece. Whether you’re just starting on your home security journey, or beefing it up, this is a solid choice to add to your home.

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