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Although Ring is perhaps best known for its innovative video doorbell, the company has much more to offer with a range of home security products to keep your family and belongings safe. Since being acquired by Amazon, the company has continued to fill out its product base so that users can easily build their own smart home ecosystems with Ring products.

If you’re a fan of any of Ring’s cameras, this model will be right up your alley. The Ring floodlight cam is similar to other Ring camera options, but this one is accompanied by floodlights, which helps keep your yard more secure at night.

The Ring floodlight is great for customers who need to keep an eye on the outside of their home day and night. The floodlight is activated by motion, and can even tell the difference between an object and people. It all works within the Ring app, making it an ideal choice if you already own other Ring products.

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Nerd Rating: 4 / 5

Nerd Pros

Although Ring’s cameras have night vision, this product has two ultra-bright LED lights that illuminate your yard when motion is detected.

Nerd Cons

Ring Floodlight still allows users to receive motion alerts, view streaming video and utilize two-way talk without a subscription, but if you’d like to store any video or share it, you’ll have to subscribe to one of two plans.

Ring Floodlight Features

Here are some of the features the Ring Floodlight Camera offers that stood out:

  • HD Video: The Ring Floodlight Cam has high resolution 1080p video, so you can always look back and see exactly what’s happening in your yard without worrying about grainy video.
  • Flood lights: Each Ring security light has two 3000° Kelvin floodlights that will illuminate your yard if it detects any motion. Even though the camera has night vision, this will give you a better look at what’s happening in the dark.
  • Zoom: If you need a better look at a person or object in your backyard, you can easily zoom in to see more from within the app.
  • Siren: The Ring floodlight also comes with a 110-decibel siren that is controlled via remote. To give you an idea of how loud that is, a motorcycle engine is around 95 decibels. This siren would certainly be enough to scare someone off, or at the very least get your neighbor’s attention that something may be going awry.
  • Two-way communication: This floodlight camera allows you to communicate with whoever is on the other side of the camera.
  • App with instant alerts: This floodlight camera comes with Ring’s easy-to-use app. Users receive instant alerts right to their smartphones based on your preferences. If you already have Ring products, you’ll be able to control them all in one spot.
  • Night vision: Even without the floodlights shining light on the area at night, this camera will be able to pick up details of people and objects thanks to its night vision feature.
  • Video sharing: Ring makes it easy to share video instantly with friends, family members or your neighborhood. If you catch a bad guy in the act and want to keep other neighbors on the lookout, with a few clicks, just upload the video to social media or Ring’s own Neighbors app, which can alert you to crime within a 5-mile radius of your home.
  • Advanced motion detection: Advanced motion detection is an important feature with an outdoor camera. You certainly don’t want a notification every time a bird flies by or a car drives through your neighborhood. The Ring Floodlight Cam allows you to customize activity zones so you’ll only get notified how you want to.
  • Smart home integration: Ring has plenty of choices to add to your smart home’s ecosystem, including locks, lights and environmental monitoring. There is a “Works with Ring” program for third party integrations. Ring also works seamlessly with Alexa. It is important to note that most of the smart home options require Ring Alarm to function.
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Ring Floodlight Installation

While many of Ring’s cameras are incredibly simple to install, this one might take a little bit more DIY experience for some users. If your home already has an existing light, you can replace it and it connects to standard junction boxes.

But if your home doesn’t already have an existing outdoor floodlight, you’ll either have to have some wiring knowledge, or call a professional. Ring has pre-approved vendors and can refer you to a pro if that’s the route you decide to go.

Ring Floodlight Cam Pricing

Ring sells the Floodlight Cam as a standalone piece, but also cuts customers a deal to buy multiple lights at once. This can be great to take advantage of if you have a larger yard, or want all sides of your home covered with a security camera. Below are the prices for the Ring security light.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Black, Works with Alexa
  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable announcements to be alerted when motion is detected. Talk to visitors through compatible...
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 60 days, and share videos...
  • When mounted at 9 feet off the ground, with the motion detector parallel to the ground, the motion sensor is optimized to detect human sized...
  • Requires hardwired installation to weatherproof electrical boxes

The cameras alone will provide customers with live streaming, motion alerts and two-way talk, but in order to store any video or share it, you’ll have to buy a subscription plan. Below are the two plans Ring offers. A customer service agent told our Security Nerd you can only purchase Protect Plus if you already have a Ring base station that comes with its security system. If the Ring Floodlight Cam is all you own, Protect Basic would be your only option.

  • Protect Basic: For $3 a month, customers receive video saving and sharing, as well as video storage for 60 days.
  • Protect Plus: For $10 per month, customers receive everything from the basic plan, along with professional monitoring with Ring Alarm, extended warranties, and a 10% discount on Ring products.

Home Automation Options

The Ring Floodlight Cam can be a standalone product to keep the outside of your home monitored, or it can be one piece of a larger smart home ecosystem. Ring provides customers with multiple smart home integration options not only through its own products, but also through the Works with Ring program.

This product works with Amazon and is also compatible with IFTTT technology. Ring offers smart locks, lights, outlets, garage door tilt sensors and even environmental monitoring that can all be controlled through the Ring app.

It is important to note that most smart home products require Ring Alarm to operate. Smart lights do not require Ring Alarm, while the locks, environmental monitoring, outlets and garage door tilt sensors all require having the alarm system.

Ring Security Plans

While some customers may choose to self-monitor their homes, Ring provides a professional monitoring option if customers purchase Ring Alarm and Ring Protect Plus. This requires a base station and a subscription plan, but the Ring Floodlight Cam integrates into the security system and is all controlled by the same app.

Ring Alarm offers indoor motion sensors, environmental monitoring, doorbell cameras and traditional indoor and outdoor cameras in addition to the Floodlight Cam. There are no contracts for Ring Protect Plus, but if customers pay an entire year up front, Ring will slash $20 from the professional monitoring price.

The Bottom Line

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a solid option for customers looking to keep their yard more secure using a camera with a high-quality picture in tandem with ultra-bright floodlights. The siren and two-way talk is an added bonus for anyone looking to scare away any bad guys lurking in your yard.

While passing on Ring’s subscription plan will still allow users to utilize most of the camera’s features, the Ring Protect Plan allows customers to store and share video, which is a huge plus if you ever need to provide any footage to neighbors or even authorities.

If you like the floodlight, there are multiple options from Ring that allows customers to build out a more robust security plan, including some useful smart home integration options. Ring’s Floodlight Cam provides its own unique value while leaving plenty of room to beef up your home security system as a whole in the future.

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