Reolink Camera Reviews

Reolink is a security company that launched in 2009, and is focused on delivering high-quality cameras at a low price point. Reolink says its mission is to make your home or office more secure and comfortable.

These Reolink camera options offer customers reliable and affordable cameras with decent features like night vision and multiple power options.

While Reolink doesn’t quite offer the features that will excite the hardcore techies out there, there are plenty of options for most homeowners to choose from that will provide great value and an easy way to make your home safer.

Nerd Pros


If you’re in the market for a Reolink camera, chances are you’ll be spending under $100, as most of the six models come in below that price point. If you’re looking for a bargain, Reolink delivers.

Simple installation

Users report incredibly simple installation with Reolink. Some of the Reolink camera models have one step installation, while others require simple mounts.

Power options

Whether you want a hardwired camera, battery-powered, rechargeable battery or a solar-powered camera, Reolink has options that will suit your specific needs.

Nerd Cons

Lack of smart home options

Compared to competitors, Reolink doesn’t offer much in the way of home automation options. Some of the cameras work with Google Assistant, but if you’re looking to integrate these cameras into a wider smart home ecosystem you’ve already set up, you could be out of luck.

Limited features vs competitors

Our SecurityNerd was disappointed with the lack of features like geofencing and person detection. Other cameras in a similar price point have more features than what Reolink offers.

Reolink Installation

Depending on the Reolink camera you choose, installation can be as simple as using a QR code. Some cameras require simple mounting to install, but users report an easy process with no need for professional installation. Because these battery powered cameras are wire-free, there’s no need to worry about drilling any holes or any messy installation. If you run into any issues, Reolink has a vast FAQ section, as well as customer service to help.

Reolink Camera Models

Reolink Argus Echo

The Argus Eco is a wire-free rechargeable camera that works over WiFi. It is marketed for outdoor use, but you can use it indoors as well.

Argus Echo Features
  • Wire-free: You won’t have to worry about the hassle of drilling holes or messy installation with this wireless Reolink model.
  • Weatherproof: As an IP65 certified camera, it can endure the elements including cold and hot weather, as well as moisture.
  • Multiple power options: Recharge this camera via an outlet or a separate solar panel charging station.
  • Low battery notifications: You won’t have to worry about missing out on video recording thanks to low battery alerts.
  • HD video: This Reolink camera provides clear and crisp 1080p video compared to its 720p counterparts.
  • Night vision: Enjoy the same crispness and clarity at night, with night vision up to 33 feet.
  • 100-degree viewing angle: It’s not the widest viewing angle, but it’s good enough to see a large chunk of what’s happening at your home.
  • Intelligent alerts: The Reolink Argus Eco will alert you to motion via email, push alerts, or the Reolink app.
  • Voice-recordable alerts: Record whatever message you’d like and play it when someone comes to the door instead of using two-way audio.
  • Local or cloud storage: If you want to save video that’s triggered by motion detection, you have the choice to use an HD card or purchase cloud storage options.
  • Reolink app: Get alerts, disable sirens and take a live look at your home via the Reolink app.
  • Two-way audio: Talk and communicate with anyone on the other side of the camera using the two-way audio feature.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant: You can utilize this third party smart home option if you’d like to add voice control to your Reolink camera.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, Rechargeable Battery-Powered WiFi Camera Waterproof, 1080P HD Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Support Google Assistant/Cloud/Local SD Storage, Argus Eco
  • 100% Wirefree, Simple Installation - Easily mounted and installed both indoors and outdoors. With an IP65 weatherproof certification, it...
  • High-capacity Battery, Multiple Power Options - With 5200mAh battery, long lasting power per charge. Convenient and cost-effective. (5V 2A...
  • Improved PIR Sensor, Instant Alerts - Flexibly set up motion sensitivity, time and zone to avoid false alarms. Push real-time alerts to your...
  • 1080p HD, Stunning Night Vision - 100° wide field of vision, the outdoor security camera captures sharper videos and clearer night-vision...
  • 2.4Ghz WiFi, Easy Remote Access - Comprehensive voice instructions are available for setting up the home surveillance camera. Live view and...

Reolink Argus Pro

The Argus Pro is a wireless, portable and rechargeable camera that works over WiFi.

Argus Pro Features
  • Rechargeable battery: The Reolink Argus Pro will save you money and help save the environment with a rechargeable battery, using either an outlet or a separate solar panel. 
  • Night vision: Reolink Argus Pro can see up to 33 feet at night. 
  • PIR Motion sensor: It has sensitive motion sensors, which can alert you to anything happening inside or outside your home. 
  • Two-way audio: You’ll be able to talk with whoever or whatever is on the other side of the camera. 
  • 130-degree viewing angle: This viewing angle will give you a solid look at what’s happening, with fewer blind spots. 
  • HD Video: The 1080p video is full HD, so you won’t get any grainy video. 
  • Intelligent alerts: The Reolink Argus Pro can alert you to motion via email, push alerts, or through the Reolink app.  
  • Live view on app: Take a live look at what’s happening around your home. 
  • Compatible with Google Assistant: The Reolink Argus Pro works with Google Assistant for smart home automation, and according to the website, Reolink Argus Pro will also work with Alexa at some point in the future. 
  • SD storage: If you want to be able to record motion, you’ll need to purchase an SD card to save the video to your camera. 
  • Weatherproofing: IP65 certification means the Reolink Argus Pro can withstand rough weather outdoors year-round. 
  • Siren: The built-in siren can go off if motion is detected, and can also be disabled and enabled remotely on the Reolink app. 
  • Voice-recordable alerts: Make your own custom voice alerts when someone comes to the door. If you don’t want to communicate via 2-way audio, simply use the pre-recorded message for any instance. 

Reolink Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Rechargeable Battery-Powered, 1080P HD Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, PIR Motion Sensor, Siren Alert, Support Google Assistant/Cloud Storage/SD Socket, Argus Pro
  • Wireless DIY Installation - The Argus Pro can be easily mounted and installed both indoors and outdoors, eliminating the need for...
  • Rechargeable Battery-Powered - With micro USB port and rechargeable battery, Argus Pro can be standalone for up to 4-6 Months, or charged by...
  • Full HD Video Display with Starlight Night Vision - Equipped with 1920×1080 resolution, the Argus Pro captures smooth, crystal-clear...
  • Instant Playback for Local or Cloud Storage - The Argus Pro allow users to add microSD cards up to 64GB of space to their wireless security...
  • Standalone Setup and Operation - Users can install and operate Argus Pro by directly connecting to a 2.4G wireless router. This eliminates...

Reolink Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 is a 100% wire-free rechargeable camera that works on WiFi.

Argus 2 Features
  • Rechargeable battery: It comes with a rechargeable battery that you can charge either via an outlet or the solar panels that are purchased separately. 
  • Night vision: Reolink offers Starlight night vision, which can give you a crisp look into what’s happening, even in low lighting conditions. The Reolink Argus 2 can see up to 33 feet at night. 
  • PIR Motion sensor: This camera has sensitive motion sensors, which can alert you to anything happening inside or outside your home. 
  • Voice recordable alerts: If you want to let the Amazon delivery driver know to drop the package off at your front door, you can record a message and play it when you see him at your door. This also works if you want to tell a salesman to scram.  
  • Two-way audio: With the Reolink Argus 2, you can both hear what’s happening and communicate with whoever is on the other side of the camera. It’s great for inside the house, or for your front door.  
  • 130-degree viewing angle: It’s not the widest view you can get in a camera, but it is wide enough to give you a great look at what’s going on either in your house or outside your front door. 
  • HD Video: The 1080p video will give you a crisp look at what’s happening day or night, compared with 720p models. 
  • Solar-powered option: Customers can recharge the battery using a separate solar panel, giving you a convenient and eco friendly way to keep your camera operating. 
  • Intelligent alerts: You can choose to have your camera alert you on the Reolink app of any motion near the camera. You can also get push alerts as well as emails. 
  • Live view on app: If you want to see what’s going on inside or outside your home, the Reolink app will provide you with a live look anytime you’d like. 
  • Compatible with Google Assistant: You can benefit from voice control if you have a Google Assistant, but this is the only third-party smart home option you’ll have.  
  • Cloud or SD storage: If you’d like to record any motion your Reolink camera detects, you’ll need to either purchase an SD card or a cloud storage plan. But you’ll have both options with this camera. 

Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless Rechargable Battery Powered, 1080P Starlight Night Vision, PIR Motion Video for Home Surveillance, Support Google Assistant/Cloud Service/SD Slot | Reolink Argus 2
  • Starlight Night Vision: 1080p Full HD high resolution presents crystal and sharp images and videos even at night. With a starlight CMOS...
  • Free Rolling 7-day Cloud Storage: Event videos are securely uploaded to SD card or Reolink cloud via end-to-end encryption. Live view and...
  • Work with Alexa & Google Assistant: Works with Amazon Alexa/ Echo Spot/ Echo Show/ Google Assistant – View your live video with a simple...
  • Smart PIR Motion Detection and Remote Control via WIFI: Reolink Cam automatically records event video and push notifications, email alerts,...
  • Instant Playback - The Argus 2 supports the use of micro SD cards, allowing users to store files locally and add up to 64GB of space to...

Reolink Keen

The Reolink Keen indoor camera is the world’s first 100% wire-free battery powered PT security IP camera.

Reolink Keen Features
  • Pan and tilt: This camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically, giving you a bird’s eye view of everything in your home.
  • 180 day standby time: It operates on standard lithium batteries, but one charge can last up to six months.
  • Alerts: You can be alerted via the Reolink app of any motion in your home with this camera. You can get push alerts or emails as well.
  • SD storage: If you’d like to keep any motion activated videos, purchase an SD card for the camera and you’ll be able to save the videos you want.
  • Full HD: You’ll enjoy 1080p video, a step up from 720p models from some competitors.
  • Night vision: The night vision on the Reolink Keen is better than other models, with a full 40 feet of night vision.

Reolink Keen Wireless-Home-Security-IP-Camera 1080P HD Battery Powered Camera, Two Way Audio, Pan Tilt, Motion Detection
  • [ Flexible Powering Options and Power-saving] - Exceptional power saving technology provides long lasting standby time. Original...
  • [ 2-Way Audio, Remote Live View and Playback ] - Built-in mic and speaker to listen and speak interactively with your beloved ones, ward off...
  • [ 1080p Full HD, 40ft Night Vision and Pan-Tilt ] - Reolink security camera with 1080p (1920x1080) Full HD can capture fluid and crystal...
  • [ Smart Motion Detect and Instant PIR Motion Alerts ] - Flexible motion detection (can set pir schedule and sensitivity), motion recording...
  • [ 100% Wirefree Battery Camera ] - 2 Years Warranty. No cords or wiring hassles, freely place it anywhere indoors with option of flexible...

Reolink Argus PT

The Argus PT is a wire-free camera with pan and tilt and a rechargeable battery.

Reolink Argus PT Features
  • Full HD video: You’ll have crisp and clear 1080p video with the Reolink Argus PT. 
  • Pan and tilt: This is one of the only models that pans and tilts. You will be able to get a good look at your entire yard or home thanks to this function that you can enable remotely through the Reolink app. 
  • Rechargeable battery: The battery on this Reolink camera can recharge either via outlet or a separate solar panel for your convenience. 
  • Weatherproof: Thanks to the IP65 certification, you can rest assured this camera can stand up to the elements if you decide to put it outside. 
  • Starlight night vision: You’ll be able to see up to 33 feet in the dark.
  • 105-degree viewing angle: This isn’t the widest angle offered in a Reolink camera, but the pan and tilt feature allows you to see more than the average camera. 
  • Intelligent alerts: If motion is detected, you can be alerted via email or through the Reolink app. 
  • Voice-recordable alerts: Pre-record any message you want to give to someone waiting outside your front door. 
  • Reolink app: You’ll be able to operate the camera from anywhere on your smartphone, adjust preferences and look at live video from the Reolink app. 
  • Two-way audio: Communicate with whoever is on the other side of the camera with two-way audio. 
  • SD or Cloud storage options: You can choose to either purchase an SD card or purchase a cloud storage plan to keep videos triggered by motion. 
  • Low battery notifications: You won’t have to worry about wondering when your battery needs to be recharged thanks to notifications. 
  • Google Assistant compatible: You can use voice control and other features by integrating it with Google Assistant. 

Siren: A built-in siren can sound off when motion is detected, which could scare off intruders both indoors and outdoors.

Pan Tilt Solar Battery Camera Outdoor Wireless for Home Security, Starlight Color Night Vision with PIR Motion Sensor, 2-Way Audio, Support Alexa/Google Assistant/Cloud/Local SD - Reolink Argus PT
  • Solar/Rechargeable Battery-Powered: Argus PT comes with a long-lasting but non-removeable rechargeable battery. Self-powered, so it can work...
  • 1080p Full HD and Starlight Night Vision: Reolink Argus PT delivers exceptional visual performance backed by a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor,...
  • Pan/Tilt and Two-Way Audio: Reolink Argus PT can turn its head 355° horizontally and 140° vertically, which offers an enormous viewing...
  • Flexible WiFi and Simple Installation: Live view and playback Argus PT directly with your device via a 2.4G WIFI router. Easy and intuitive...
  • Secure, Easy & Reliable Cloud Storage: Argus PT is now compatible with Reolink Cloud. Motion triggered recordings can be uploaded to the...

Reolink Go

The Reolink Go is a 100% wire-free camera that operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks, which makes it an ideal choice for areas where WiFi is not stable.

Reolink Go Features
  • Wire-free: The Reolink Go is wire-free, which means you can place it anywhere and not worry about the hassle of hardwired cameras. 
  • Multiple power options: You can recharge this battery using either a micro USB or separate solar panel, which saves you from having to constantly change a battery, and saves you money in the end. 
  • Night vision: Get a clear look at what’s happening whether it’s day or night with Starlight vision up to 33 feet. 
  • Full HD: The Reolink Go shoots in 1080p, giving you crisp and clear HD video for a great view of your home. 
  • 110-degree viewing angle: While it’s not the widest field of view when it comes to security cameras, it will give you a good look at your yard or home. 
  • Weatherproof: Install this inside or outside thanks to the rugged nature of the Reolink Go. It is IP65 certified, which means it can stand up to a harsh outdoor environment. 
  • Intelligent alerts: Get alerts straight to your Reolink app, or to your email and smartphone via push alerts. 
  • Two-way audio: You’ll be able to communicate with whoever is on the other end of the camera, thanks to the two-way audio included in the Reolink Go. 
  • Live view on app: The app has solid ratings from Android users, and decent ratings from Apple users. 
  • Voice recordable alerts: You can record your own replies to whoever comes to your front door with voice recordable alerts. 

Siren: A built-in siren can sound off when motion is detected.

3G/4G LTE Cellular Security Camera, True Outdoor Wire Free, Solar/Rechargeable Battery Powered, Cloud/SD Card Storage, Starlight Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, PIR Motion Sensor, Reolink Go
  • 4G-LTE and 3G GSM Network Connectivity - Reolink Go security camera, supports 3G and 4G-LTE Networks and weatherproof and rechargeable...
  • Rechargeable Battery and Solar Panel Powered - The security camera system can be charged by universal 5V 2A phone adapter and Reolink solar...
  • 1080p Full HD and 33ft Starlight Night Vision - 1080p Full HD and 110° wide field of vision to cover more areas and reduce blind spots....
  • Smart Motion Detect and Instant PIR Motion Alerts - PIR schedule and sensitivity adjustment, motion recording and push notifications, email...
  • REOLINK 2-Year Warranty ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Easy to set up the wireless surveillance camera on...

Home Automation Options

This is one area where Reolink falls behind competitors. Most of the cameras are compatible with Google Assistant, but that’s about the only compatible third party home automation tool you can integrate into your Reolink system. The company says Alexa compatibility is coming soon, but if you’re looking to create an entire home automation ecosystem, Reolink cameras may not be your best option.

Other Reolink Offerings

There is no opportunity for professional home monitoring with Reolink, so you’ll have to be comfortable monitoring your own home and calling authorities if needed. There is no contract or subscription plan you are required to pay for when purchasing a Reolink camera.

If you’re looking to save your videos for longer than 7 days, the cloud service is an option you can pay for monthly. Prices are as follows:

  • Basic plan: $0/month; 7 days of video, 1 camera; 1 GB cloud storage
    Standard plan: $3.49/month, 30 day cloud storage, 5 cameras, 10 GB cloud storage
  • Premier plan: $6.99/month, 30 day cloud video history, 10 cameras, 40 GB cloud storage
  • Business plan: $10.49/month, 60 day cloud video history, 30 cameras, 100 GB cloud storage

The Bottom Line

When it comes to affordable battery-powered cameras requiring only simple installation and including basic features, Reolink is a safe bet. You’ll enjoy features like two-way communication, sirens, night vision and even the option of charging batteries via a solar panel.

Although Reolink lacks high-tech options like person-detection and geofencing, the price makes up for it. You can easily outfit your home with Reolink products for under $500, which is a steal in the DIY camera arena. If you’re looking for something with a wide array of smart home integration options, you may want to look elsewhere.

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