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Nest Detect Motion Sensor Review

Nest isn’t just the revolutionary smart thermostat many have come to know and love. Now owned by Google, the company also offers a full home security system called Nest Secure, which includes everything from cameras to smoke detectors.

One of the features of the Nest security system is the Nest Detect sensor. These are sensors that send alerts when doors or windows are opened. But unlike regular door and window sensors, Nest Detect sensors also have a motion detector built in, making them one of the most useful sensors on the market.

It’s important to know that you will need the Nest Secure system in order to take advantage of Nest Detect. This is a smart purchase for someone looking for a high-tech DIY security option with flexibility. Here’s what else you should know about the Nest Detect sensors.


  • Built-in motion sensor: In addition to sensing a window or door opening, Nest Detect sensors detect motion, such as a person walking. It makes the product twice as useful, and reduces the need for extra products.
  • Pathway light: Nest Detect has a pathway light, which illuminates when it detects motion. It really comes in handy if you’re moving around your house at night and don’t really want or need to turn a light on.
  • Quiet open feature: If you need to take the dog out quickly or open the door to grab an Amazon package, just press a button on the Nest Detect so you don’t need to disarm your entire system in order to keep it quiet.
  • Pet-friendly: Worried the sensor will alert you every time your dog runs past? Settings allow you to adjust the sensitivity to prevent false alarms.


  • Price: At roughly $50 a piece, Nest Detect can get pretty pricey compared to your average window/door sensor. But remember, this is not your average sensor. You certainly get what you pay for in this case.
  • Adhesive strips: There’s hardly anything wrong with Nest Detect sensors, but the adhesive strips you use to install on your wall or window are pretty sticky. That means once it’s up, it’s tough to move. Make sure you carefully position each one before placing it.

Nest Detect Features

Nest Detect are cool sensors that can alert via an app when a door or window is opened and also when motion is detected—if you have a Nest Secure security system. The system has a professional monitoring option through Brinks, so if you’re using Nest Detect sensors with professional monitoring, authorities could respond if it’s determined to be an emergency.

Nest Detect sensors also have a lighting feature called a Pathlight, which turns on a glow when you walk by at night. It is especially useful when you need to see the path in front of you at night, but you don’t want to turn brighter lights on. Another unique feature is the “Quiet Open” feature. Just press a button to disarm only one Nest Detect sensor instead of having to disarm the whole system to open a window or door. Users also don’t have to have every sensor on or off at the same time; you can pick and choose which areas are armed.


Each Nest Detect sensor comes with a mounting plate, screws, an open-close magnet and extra adhesive mounting strips. Know that the Nest Detect sensor must be mounted within 50 feet of the base station. You can choose to use the adhesive strips or the screws to mount your sensor. Screws may be necessary if you have a rough wall or humidity problems, and the adhesive strips should work in most other instances.

Once the sensor is installed where you need it—a window, wall or door—just head to the Nest app and click add. Follow on screen instructions, and Nest Detect sensors should be up and running quickly.

Security Plan Offerings

Nest Secure has a flexible security plan where users can choose to monitor on their own or go with professional monitoring through Brinks Security. If you decide you prefer professional monitoring, costs start at $29 per month without a monthly contract. Save $10 per month on those costs if you sign a three-year contract with Brinks.

The Bottom Line on Nest Detect

When it comes to door and window sensors, these may be the best on the market right now. Not only can they detect if someone has opened your door or window, they also detect motion within your home. These become powerful little tools when used with Nest Secure security system.

Although they are pricey, Nest Detects come with cool features like pathway light and the quiet open feature. You can also eliminate false alarms when pets walk by thanks to the reduced sensitivity feature. These products are part of a flexible security system without the need for a contract or large monthly fees, so it’s tough to go wrong here.

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