Lorex vs Wyze Cameras

Your home security system is crucial to keeping your family, home, and possessions safe. Security cameras are an excellent way to keep an eye on what's going on, and the best home security systems include security cameras.

Lorex and Wyze provide quality home security cameras, with some key differences.

Lorex is a Canada-based provider of advanced home security systems, with 4K capable cameras and innovative features such as person detection.

Wyze is a reasonably new company owned by Amazon and offers unbeatable value with cameras starting from $19.99. Let's take a look at what these providers can provide you with.

Lorex vs Wyze: What do they have in common?

  • Two-way talk: The video doorbells come equipped with two-way audio capabilities, allowing you to make it seem like you're home even if you're not.
  • Smart home devices: Lorex and Wyze share many smart home capabilities, including compatibility with Amazon Alexa and other Z-wave technology. With Alexa, you can use voice control to manage your home security system.
  • Night vision: Lorex and Wyze cameras offer night vision.
  • Zoom, pan, and tilt: Most of these cameras offer this feature - you can tilt and zoom your camera to get a better view.
  • Flexibility: You can sign up flexibly without needing long-term contracts or deposits.

Lorex vs Wyze: What are the differences?

  • Smart lights: Wyze offers smart lights and more dedicated home automation that Lorex doesn't provide.
  • System size: Wyze offers small DIY smart security systems, but Lorex can provide you with a 32-camera NVR system that you can use to secure a business or large home residence.
  • Video storage: Wyze offers limited cloud storage; if you want to store more than 14 days of footage, you'll need a MicroSD card.
  • Video quality: Lorex cameras offer 4k resolution, offered by the best surveillance cameras in the industry.
  • Weatherproof: Lorex offers weatherproof, reliable outdoor cameras. Wyze mainly offers indoor security cameras.

Lorex - What you need to know

Lorex has around 30 years of experience specializing in home security cameras, from individual Wi-Fi cameras to 32-camera NVR systems; there's something for everyone. Depending on your location, professional installation may be available.

The high-quality app can provide motion-activated notifications and is available on Android and iPhone.


Everything sold by Lorex is designed for easy DIY installation, promising to keep installation straightforward regardless of the model you purchase.

The complexity of your installation experience will vary depending on what you buy.

For example, you can purchase wired, wire-free, and power over ethernet options. Each comes with a detailed guide, and only basic tools are required, but you can purchase professional installation via a licensed third-party, InstallerNet.


Lorex offers an array of equipment for you to choose from, including:

  • Outdoor security cameras (including floodlight and spotlight cameras and smart security cameras with built-in motion detectors)
  • Wire-free security system kits
  • NVR 4k systems with 8+ viewing channels
  • Indoor security cameras
  • Video doorbells

Lorex also offers rechargeable batteries, power cords, and related accessories. Lorex doesn't provide any dedicated smart home options.

Home automation

Lorex is compatible with some basics like Alexa, Google Assistant, and other If This Then That (IFTTT) equipment. But there’s no dedicated smart home line, if you want a smart home ecosystem with smart locks, thermostats, etc., you should consider another provider.


Prices will vary due to the variety of products offered, a basic individual camera will be around $99. NVR recorders for larger systems start at around $1000 for an 8-camera system, Lorex NVRs can support up to 32 cameras. Most homeowners will pay under $500 for their home security basics.

Nerd pros

  • Customized motion detection: You can customize activity zones to prevent false alarms. Motion sensitivity is also customizable.
  • Camera quality: Lorex offers some of the best HD camera systems in the business, with 4K video resolution.
  • Multiple options: Lorex offers an array of options so you can secure modest family homes, businesses, or large estates. All needs are met, from 32 camera CCTV systems to video doorbells.
  • Field of view: Some cameras offer 360 degrees views.

Nerd cons

  • Lack of home integration options: Though some integration features are offered, they could be expanded significantly above and beyond the current selection.
  • Professional monitoring: Professional monitoring isn't offered by Lorex, even though they‘re a comprehensive provider.

Wyze: What you need to know

Wyze was started by coworkers who met while working at Amazon; they provide competitively priced cameras (starting at under $30) with an array of excellent features, including adjustable motion sensitivity. Let's take an in-depth look at what Wyze can offer you.


Wyze installation is similar to Lorex; it's designed for simplicity. Wireless cameras can be installed in minutes, but some hardwired cameras will be more challenging to install. You can call in a tradesperson, but professional installation isn't offered. Typically, you won't need this as you'll connect the camera to a power outlet and wait 20 seconds before holding the setup button. From there, voice prompts will walk you through the setup.


Wyze offers indoor security cameras alongside a video doorbell, plus other equipment. Examples include:

  • Gun safes
  • Robotic vacuums
  • Garage door controllers
  • Smart locks
  • Smart lights

If you're buying home security equipment, you should consider one of their bundles.

The Wyze home monitoring kit costs just $60 and is one of the cheapest. The Wyze, home monitoring kit, includes:

  • Keypad
  • Basestation
  • Three motion sensors

Home automation

The Wyze app is a great way to receive motion alerts and monitor your doorbell camera, but Wyze offers additional smart home devices. You can build a smart home ecosystem comprising your Wyze camera, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit (and other If This Then That ((IFTTT)) equipment) in addition to robotic vacuums, smart thermostats, and other convenient home accessories offered by Wyze.


  • Monitoring: Wyze offers professional monitoring for a monthly fee of just $5 a month.
  • Equipment: Equipment pricing varies, but Wyze is highly competitive. Wyze's cameras start from around $20.

Nerd pros

  • Pricing: Wyze cameras are cheaper but extremely feature-packed. What Wyze offers for $30, a competitor may charge $100 for.
  • Free cloud storage: Wyze provides plenty of free cloud storage and a live stream via the app. Ring makes you pay extra for all cloud storage.
  • Smart home products: Wyze offers a decent smart security system with good specs, as you can slot it into an incredible smart home ecosystem.
  • Professional monitoring: Basic professional monitoring is provided for Wyze customers that purchase an equipment package.
  • Customizable motion sensors: Your motion zones and sensitivity are customizable.

Nerd cons

  • Indoor cameras: Wyze doesn't offer weather-resistant outdoor security cameras.
  • Mobile app: The mobile app has some bugs and reported issues.
  • Video quality: Overall excellent video is available, but Lorex can't be beaten in this area.

Lorex or Wyze?

Comparing Lorex and Wyze is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Wyze is an affordable provider focused on offering value for money - you can buy a camera for $20, and complete systems start at $60.

But you get what you pay for; while there’s value for money, they don’t come close to Lorex. Lorex offers some of the best outdoor security cameras in the business, with various camera options encompassing color night vision, person detection, and other advanced features. Lorex can cater to large business setups, too. If you’re looking for a few cameras and the peace of mind of monitored SMS service, then Wyze is a solid choice. But if you’re looking for the best cameras available, Lorex is the winner.

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