Design and Development of Security & Home Automation Systems

Residential and commercial security systems are an invaluable tool for preventing important valuables from being stolen. There are multiple ways to design and implement a security system based on your personal needs. First, it’s important to know all the different design and development options in home security today.

Design and development options

Designing your own security system can be as simple as buying a predetermined security bundle from a company, or creating a unique system from scratch. There are two different avenues you can take when purchasing an alarm system, and it all depends on your personal preference.

Option 1: Working with a security expert to design your system.

A more expensive, but overwhelmingly popular way to design your alarm system is to work with a security expert, or a large security company that will assess your home and come up with a security plan. This includes a walk-through of your home or apartment, and installing equipment needed for the alarm system to work.

The benefit of working with an expert or large company is that there is no guesswork. The equipment will be installed for you and homeowners won’t have to worry whether or not they bought the appropriate package to cover the home. While it may mean more cash out of your pocket, it’s a surefire way to make sure all your bases are covered.

Option 2: Design your own DIY security system

If you feel confident enough to design and install your own system, you can go the DIY route. This means you’ll be responsible for figuring out what equipment you need as well as installing that equipment on your own. There are some important pieces of a security system you should consider if you choose a DIY system.

  • Sensors: You should decide what type of sensors you want to place throughout your home. This could mean installing door and window sensors that will set off your alarm if they detect an intruder.
  • Cameras: Cameras are an integral part of home security system design and development. Once a smaller market, the security camera market now features a versatile collection of camera options for homeowners. Everything from doorbell cameras to indoor and outdoor models are available, and you can even find smart cameras that can tell the difference between a person and an object. Most security cameras will also record and save video.
  • Environmental alarms: Many DIY companies offer environmental monitors that can alert you to the presence of high levels of carbon monoxide or smoke in your residence or building.
  • Home automation options: These days, it’s simpler than ever to create your own smart home, even if you’re a DIYer. You can add smart lights, smart locks, and even integrate your security system with a personal assistant to schedule when to arm and disarm your system.
  • Control panel: Some systems have traditional button control panels, and others have larger smart touch screens that can allow you to control your home security system.
  • Yard signs: This is a component than many people don’t necessarily think of as being part of a home security system. But yard signs deter thieves, too.

Option 3: Also consider home automation in your security system

With advances in smart home technology, it’s become simpler than ever to add smart equipment to your home security set up. Here are some popular home automation tools for a modern security system.

  • Smart doorbell: A smart doorbell notifies you when someone is at your door. Generally, it also has a video camera which will show you exactly what’s happening at the front door.
  • Smart lock: A smart lock allows you to open the front door without a key. Some models even allow you to give keys to other people remotely, even if you’re not at home. Some smart locks can also integrate with video doorbells, allowing you to unlock the door for someone remotely when you answer the door.
  • Smart lights: Smart lights can be turned on and off via an app. You can also schedule when to turn the lights on and off and do so automatically.

Security protection through the years

The way that we design and develop security systems have evolved over hundreds of years. Rudimentary security systems using chimes or bells have been around since the 1700s. In the late 1850s, Augustus Russell Pope create the first electromagnetic alarm using magnets and alarm bells on doors. In 1874, ADT became the first company to create a telegraph system to request emergency assistance connected to a residential network.

From there, the invention of the telephone transformed the way the home security system worked. They went from simply alerting homeowners about intruders to notifying the police to send help. And throughout the 20th century, the security system went from a luxury only the rich and powerful could afford, to a more widely used tool to protect homes. More modern additions to the burglar alarm were added in the 1970’s with the invention of motion detectors.

Throughout the last few decades, security systems became more widely used and even more affordable. Although the invention of CCTV came about in the 1960’s, video cameras were not widely used in home security systems until the last two decades, due to smaller and more affordable cameras coming on the market.

Today, technological advances have added even more security to alarm systems, including doorbell and all-weather cameras and smart home automation options like smart lights, locks and even thermostats. Customers can now view their home in real time from a smartphone app and control their home through security system platforms.

Homeowners have a lot more options as user-friendly equipment has made it possible to DIY your own security system if you choose to. For many homeowners though, working with a security company is still preferable as they don’t want to be responsible for designing a system and then installing it themselves. Luckily, anyone looking to design a security system for their home can decide for themselves exactly how they want to go about doing it. These days, a home security system is more accessible than ever to most homeowners and building owners thanks to user-friendly state-of-the-art technology.

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