The Best Ways to Secure Your Garage Door

Just because you’ve closed your garage door doesn’t mean the valuables inside are safe. In fact, thieves scour for garage door openers in unlocked cars looking for an easy way to break in. They will utilize side doors and even a little-known trick to disengage the emergency feature to gain entry. Luckily, there are several easy ways to beef up your garage door security without breaking the bank.

How to secure a garage door

Having a monitored home security system is a great way to secure a garage door. But even if you already have one, there are still ways to reduce the risk of garage door break-ins. Here are some simple tips to prevent thieves from targeting your garage.

Keep your garage door closed. This is the simplest tool in garage door break in prevention. When your garage door is left open, it’s not only leaving thieves an opportunity to steal whatever you’ve stored inside. It’s also giving the bad guys a chance to see what valuables you have. And, if you have a garage that is attached to your home, it gives them easy access to it. Close your door as soon as you go inside your home, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Buy a garage door timer

If you are always forgetting to shut the garage door after you take the groceries in, or even before bed, this tool from Liftmaster will take care of the problem. It has variable settings so you can choose how long you want to wait before the door shuts automatically. This is a simple step to increase garage door security.

Store your garage door opener safely

It is really easy to clip the garage door opener to the visor in your car. But thieves know to look there first. It’s sort of like keeping the keys to your home in plain sight. All they have to do now is press a button and they’re into your garage and maybe even your home. Take that simple step to store the door opener in your home. Attach it to a keychain and hook it onto your keys or purse if you can’t seem to remember.

Invest in reinforcement

While your actual garage door may seem like the most vulnerable area, the side doors can be an easy entry point for thieves. Make sure you lock the side doors. But you can also purchase something like this door barricade from OnGUARD. These can prevent the door from being kicked in.

Don’t leave your interior door unlocked

If the bad guys get into your garage, make sure they’re stopped in their tracks by properly securing your interior door. It should be locked preferably with a deadbolt. It can be easy to forget to lock since these doors are behind an already closed garage door. But if thieves make it in one door, don’t make it easy for them to make it in your living area.

Use a garage door alarm

Utilize this garage door security option if you don’t have a monitored home security system. This DIY system from Skylink will sound an alarm if anyone tries to break in.

Install a monitoring system

This Smart Garage door opener from MyQ will give you alerts on your smartphone when someone has entered your garage. You can even open and close your garage remotely from your phone using this garage door security tool. Even better, you can expand this system by adding more motion sensors for ultimate security.

Give the impression someone is home

Thieves are generally looking for an easy entry and exit from a home that is unoccupied. Doing something as simple as leaving the radio on while you’re not at home could make burglars move onto the next house. You can also consider installing lights with motion sensors on them. At night if a burglar approaches, the light could be enough to scare them away or alert you to an intruder.

Block out the windows

Don’t give thieves a chance to peek through the windows of your garage at your expensive car or valuables you keep in storage. You should consider either frosting your windows or blacking them out entirely to keep the focus away from what’s inside.

Your garage door’s emergency feature could actually help crooks

Did you know thieves have actually used an emergency security feature in some garage doors as a way to gain entry? Thieves have gone through a window in the garage, and used a coat hanger to disengage a garage door’s emergency lever, allowing the garage to open. If you think your make and model garage door may be vulnerable, this tool from Garage Shield could be a great option.

When it comes to garage door security, common sense steps are a great way to keep your items and family safe. If you want to take security up a notch, the items mentioned here will help deter criminals and give you peace of mind.

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