Frontpoint vs Comcast Xfinity

When choosing a home security system, it can feel like you're inundated with options. Two options you may have seen lots are Xfinity and Frontpoint.

Xfinity is a part of Comcast. Xfinity home is a professionally monitored home security system that can be purchased alone or bundle with home entertainment services. Frontpoint is a reasonably new home security provider launched in 2007, but it has already earned a fairly decent reputation. Today we'll be comparing the two to see which is best for you.

Frontpoint vs. Xfinity Home Security - What do they have in common?

Long-term contracts: Whether you choose Frontpoint or Xfinity, you'll need to sign a contract of 2 or 3 years. You should be careful as you may be required to pay the penalty for early termination.

Cellular connection: Frontpoint runs on a cellular connection, and Xfinity has cellular backup, which is an excellent asset for any home security service, preventing you from being unprotected in the event of tampering or a power cut.

Outdoor cameras: You can have indoor and outdoor security cameras, a significant deterrent. The majority of thieves won't risk targeting a home with outdoor security cameras.

Money-back guarantees offer similar money-back guarantees, with a 30-day trial period. If you don't like your system, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Professional monitoring: These systems aren't designed for DIY users who want to self-monitor; professional monitoring is required for at least the contract period.

Mobile App: We rated both mobile apps similarly, and they average 4+ stars on the app store. The apps are easy to use, and you can arm, disarm and monitor your system on the go. You can manage your system efficiently with push notifications.

Frontpoint vs. Xfinity Home Security - What are their differences?

Customer Support: Frontpoint has excellent customer service with responsible and knowledgeable staff; however, Xfinity's service can be variable, with some customer reviews revealing long wait times and inconsistent service.

Home automation: While you can design a smart home ecosystem with either, Frontpoint and Xfinity offer very different benefits. Xfinity isn't compatible with Google, Amazon Alexa, or Apple TV, which is somewhat limiting.

Credit Checks: Frontpoint requires a credit check before they'll give you a quote; a poor credit score may necessitate an increased downpayment. Xfinity doesn't require a credit check.

Bundles: Since Xfinity is part of the Comcast family, you can purchase your Xfinity Home security system with a cable or internet package and get a discount.

Professional Installation: Xfinity is only offered with professional installation; however, Frontpoint is designed for DIY installation.

Frontpoint Security: What you need to know

Frontpoint is a reliable equipment provider that offers comprehensive systems compatible with smart home devices. Frontpoint's primary selling points are flexibility and the ability to DIY install your system. Homeowners can trust their security solutions.


You only have the option for DIY installation, so there are no professional installation fees involved. Customer reviews report that the DIY process is straightforward and generally takes only half an hour to complete.

Home Automation

Frontpoint is a great smart home security provider; not only does Frontpoint offer its line of automation products, including smart lights and locks, but their products can also integrate with existing smart home equipment such as Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, Smart thermostats, Apple TV and Z-wave technologies.


Frontpoint comprises secure, quality security equipment. The hub and keypad are tamper-proof with Wi-fi and cellular capabilities, and their pet-sensitive motion sensors are great for preventing false alarms. The hub connects with the monitoring center and mobile app.

The basic Frontpoint security package includes:

  • Control panel and keypad
  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Window and yard signs

Frontpoint offers an extensive range of products to meet all your security needs. You can purchase add-ons for your security system on an a la carte basis, such as a Frontpoint doorbell camera, indoor cameras, environmental sensors, smart lights, smart locks, and many more.

An excellent point about this equipment is that you're still able to use your equipment with another provider if you decide to leave the Frontpoint monitoring service when your contract ends.


  • Equipment Costs: There are no activation fees, but these upfront costs are typically higher for DIY security providers. The basic bundle starts at $99. You can choose from five bundles or create a custom system
  • Monthly Fees: You must select a monitoring plan from Frontpoint based on three different tiers. A basic plan with basic monitoring will run about $35 per month, and as you add more interactive features, the plans increase in price. The highest tier monitoring service is about $50 a month and includes live video streaming and motion-triggered alerts

Nerd Pros

  • Hardware options: If you like equipment bundles to choose from, you'll have that option with Frontpoint. But you can also purchase items individually. Customer service will do a virtual walkthrough to help you decide what you need, too
  • Warranty: Frontpoint is one of the few home security companies that offer a warranty as standard throughout the contract period
  • Home automation: Frontpoint offers some smart home options, including a doorbell camera, but also realizes customers might already have existing ones they want to incorporate into the system. Frontpoint can integrate any Z-Wave compatible products, such as a Yale smart door lock
  • Customer Satisfaction: Unlike Comcast, it's difficult to find negative customer reviews for Frontpoint. Their customer service department is responsive and knowledgeable, and they're accredited with the BBB

Nerd Cons

  • Credit check: You'll need to undergo a credit check
  • Contract Length: If you're looking for a flexible security provider that you can walk away from easily, that's not Frontpoint, as they require long-term contracts

Comcast - what you need to know


The Xfinity alarm system is installed professionally for a fee of $99.00. The installation fee is a drawback, but the company offers you the option to split it into five separate payments. It seems a painless process; You can let the professionals take care of everything for you.


Xfinity offers a variety of equipment, including a basic package and upgraded smart home products. First, the basic system comprises:

  • Touch screen controller
  • Door and window sensors
  • Pet-friendly motion sensor
  • Battery/cellular system backup
  • Yard sign

Upgraded system products and smart home products include:

  • Wireless keypad
  • HD Xfinity home camera
  • Smoke detector
  • Zen thermostat
  • Outlet controller (for smart lights)

Home Automation

Along with their alarm system, Xfinity customers can enjoy a vast range of smart home integrations. Still, our SecurityNerds believe that its lack of Alexa or Google Assistant compatibility disadvantages it against Frontpoint. On the plus side, you'll be able to use the Xfinity Home app to control anything from your garage door opener to smart lighting and thermostats. Xfinity has a large number of third-party vendors that work with its alarm system, including:

  • Caseta Wireless
  • August
  • Chamberlain
  • Sengled
  • Phillips Hue
  • Kwikset
  • Ecobee
  • Cor
  • LIFX
  • Yale
  • Tile

This system also doesn't support a doorbell camera or two-way communication. Except for doorbell cameras and voice control, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of home automation alternatives.


When purchasing an Xfinity alarm system, here are the key costs to consider:

  • Equipment costs: You have the option of paying for the equipment upfront or breaking it up into two-year contracts. If you choose to pay monthly, paying for your Comcast Xfinity system may be more expensive
  • Installation fee: There is an installation fee of $99, but you can pay on an installment basis if you choose
  • Monthly costs: Prices can vary depending on your area. Because service fees range by zip code, it's crucial to speak with a customer service person in your region for an exact estimate

Below are the monthly costs for service only, based on two choices:

  • Home Security Plan: $40/month - 24/7 professional monitoring, smart home control, real-time alerts, cellular system backup, live HD video, Xfinity Home app, works with Xfinity X1 to view cameras and more on your TV
  • Home Security Plus Plan: $50/month - Everything in the Home Security Plan, plus 24/7 video recording, motion-activated recording, AI that detects people, vehicles, and pets and avoids false alarms

Nerd Pros

  • Professional Monitoring: Although Xfinity Home costs can be steep, professional monitoring can give you excellent peace of mind
  • Bundle Options: One of the most convenient aspects of Xfinity Home is that you can bundle so many services into one monthly bill. You'll have the choice to purchase a security system, cable, internet service, and telephone through Xfinity while saving money the more you bundle together
  • Money-back guarantee: If you purchase Xfinity Home security and decide it's not for you, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It might make it easier for you to drop the money, knowing there is a month to back out if the Xfinity alarm system doesn't meet your expectations

Nerd Cons

  • Unreliable customer service: Poor customer service has always plagued Comcast brands. Xfinity was supposed to be an attempt to distance itself from this, but the problems have followed
  • Contracts required: If you aren't looking to sign a contract, Xfinity Home will not be your best choice. You are required to sign a two-year service agreement. Xfinity has a strict cancellation policy, and you will have to pay early termination fees

Frontpoint or Comcast Xfinity Home Security?

Finding the best home security system for your home can be quite a challenge. Frontpoint and Xfinity systems offer similar products and services such as video monitoring, and you'll likely need a minimum 24-month contract with either company. However, there are key differences. Frontpoint requires a credit check before you can sign up for their services, in contrast to Comcast, which doesn't require any credit checks. It may be worth the fuss, though, as Frontpoint has excellent customer service, and Comcast leaves a lot to be desired in that area.

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