ADT vs. Honeywell Security

Honeywell Security is a massive company focusing on aerospace, performance and building technologies, but they also offer home safety solutions. Their offerings in the space include a range of DIY security equipment with some powerful features like facial recognition and voice commands. There is no professional monitoring, but it may be a great option for any DIYer looking to protect their home with a line of third-party integrations to choose from.

ADT is the gold standard when it comes to professionally monitored home security services, with more than 140 years in business. While it’s more expensive than DIY security systems, you’re paying for an established product with a proven track record and more than 7 million customers in the United States and Canada.

When choosing between Honeywell vs ADT, customers should think about what type of security equipment is best for their home and lifestyle. Here, SecurityNerd breaks down the similarities and differences between the two companies.

Honeywell vs ADT: What do they have in common?

  • Smart home features: Both companies have an array of smart home features you can add into each system. Whether it’s manufactured by the company or a third-party integration, you can add things like environmental monitoring and smart locks to either system.
  • Customer service issues: While ADT does have great customer service in some areas, be aware that some of the branches are operated by a third party, which leads to disparities in customer service. SecurityNerd experienced lackluster customer service from Honeywell, with no one able to answer questions about sales or the system itself.
  • Mobile app: When deciding on Honeywell vs ADT, mobile apps for both companies appear pretty even. They are rated well in both app stores, and provide a simple way for customers to control their home security systems at their fingertips.
  • Video monitoring: Both ADT and Honeywell Security offer cameras to keep an eye on your home, both inside and out. ADT does have a video doorbell option though, which edges out Honeywell in this category.
  • Brand recognition: Both ADT and Honeywell Security have nationwide name recognition. Honeywell’s line of products go far beyond the home security industry, while ADT is probably the most well-known security company in the United States.
  • Nationwide service: Both companies offer service nationwide, so it doesn’t matter where you live in the United States; you can acquire service. ADT also services Puerto Rico and Canada.
  • No activation fee: Neither ADT or Honeywell Security requires an activation fee, so you won’t have to factor that into upfront costs when deciding which company to go with.
  • Monthly costs: ADT definitely has more monthly costs associated with its services because of the professional monitoring option. However, Honeywell Security also has a monthly service fee if you wish to store any of the video clips to save for later.

ADT vs Honeywell: What are the differences?

  • Professional monitoring vs no professional monitoring: When deciding on Honeywell vs ADT, professional monitoring should make a huge difference in your choice. ADT offers professional monitoring, which means if someone breaks into your house, the authorities will automatically be called. Honeywell Security does not have that option, so you’ll be responsible for monitoring who comes in and out of your home and contacting authorities in an emergency.
  • Professional installation vs no professional installation: ADT provides professional installation at a cost. That means you don’t have to worry about making sure any of its equipment works; an expert does it for you. Honeywell Security does not provide professional installation, so you should be comfortable with DIY installation if deciding on Honeywell.
  • Expensive vs inexpensive: ADT is more expensive due to installation fees and professional monitoring costs. Honeywell Security is less expensive, but also provides less of a service to customers on a day-to-day basis. If you have the money to spend, professional monitoring will ensure police are called in case of an emergency.
  • Multiple equipment upgrades vs small range of equipment choices: ADT has a wide range of equipment to choose from, while Honeywell Security offerings aren’t as robust. However, third-party equipment can be added in both cases to round out any holes you might have in your system.
  • Package options vs a la carte options: ADT has packages to choose from that fit customers’ needs. Honeywell Security sells everything ala carte. If you need professionals to help decide where to place equipment and what you need to customize your home, ADT will be more helpful.
  • Contract vs. No contract: When deciding on Honeywell vs ADT, if you aren’t a fan of contracts, Honeywell Security will be a better choice. ADT requires lengthy contracts, while Honeywell does not require any.
  • Landline vs Wi-Fi: It’s important to note that ADT also offers a Wi-Fi package, but its traditional package is a hardwired system. Honeywell Security doesn’t offer a landline option.

ADT: What you need to know

ADT is arguably the most well-known home security company out there. While it is expensive, you also get professional installation, professional monitoring and a wide array of hardware options along with smart home equipment. This is best for a customer who is not comfortable with DIY projects and is looking for a company with brand recognition and a great track record.

Nerd Pros

  • Brand recognition: With more than 7 million customers, you know exactly what you’re getting with ADT. There won’t be any surprises with this well-established brand, whereas you may be taking chances with a company with no track record.
  • Professional installation: ADT has professionals come to your home to assess the design and layout of your home security system. Then, experts come and get it up and running for you. There’s no work involved for you and no troubleshooting if anything isn’t working.
  • Smart home capabilities: From smart locks to environmental monitoring, there are multiple options to turn your house into a smart home using ADT. There are plenty of options through ADT equipment and also a few third-party options that may integrate into your system if you choose.

Nerd Cons

  • Customer Service: While ADT as a whole is known for superb customer service, there is some inconsistency because there are third-party operated ADT branches. You may see varying degrees of customer service, as experienced by SecurityNerd.
  • Pricing: ADT is obviously more expensive than Honeywell Security because of the professional installation and professional monitoring. However, if you’re looking at adding extras like carbon monoxide detectors, you’ll see the price jump even more than you may have expected.
  • Mobile app issues: While the ADT mobile app gets good marks in both app stores, some customers do report connectivity issues and delays with the app every now and then.

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Honeywell Security: What you need to know

While Honeywell is a massive company with huge brand name recognition, it is not as well-known in the home security industry when compared to a company like ADT. However, it is a solid option for someone looking for a DIY security setup with great features like facial recognition and smart home options. You can utilize Alexa, along with Z-wave products and Google Assistant depending upon the equipment you choose for your home. There is no professional monitoring, so you must be comfortable keeping an eye on the app yourself.

Nerd Pros

  • Facial recognition: This is an amazing feature to have in a home security system. Not only can Honeywell Security cameras tell the difference between a person and an object, it can also tell you who it is and identify the person for you. Although it can only recognize two users at a time, it’s still an impressive feature.
  • Smart home options: You'll be able to create your own home automation ecosystem with Honeywell Security, choosing from items like thermostats and lights. But you can also add in third-party equipment like Z-wave, Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT technology.
  • No contract: When you purchase hardware from Honeywell Security, you aren’t tied to any contract. You can use it for as long or as short as you want, and the only monthly fee you’ll encounter is video storage options.

Nerd Cons

  • Price: For a DIY company, the prices are a bit high. When you purchase the base system itself, you’ll be shelling out around $450. There are certainly DIY options for less money that have comparable features and more customization options than Honeywell Security.
  • No professional monitoring options: When you purchase hardware from Honeywell, you’ll be installing the system and then completely monitoring it by yourself. If a break-in occurs, you will have to alert authorities to get help.
  • Poor customer service: Our SecurityNerd experienced poor customer service not only on the sales side, but with the IT department as well. Representatives kept forwarding us to different areas of the company, and no one we talked to had a straight answer about simple equipment questions, pricing or customization options.

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Honeywell vs. ADT: Wrapping it Up

While SecurityNerd chose ADT as the better option overall, both are solid choices and depend completely on the type of service each homeowner is looking for.

ADT provides professional installation and monitoring, which provides more security as a whole as well as peace of mind. While it is more expensive, you are paying for the brand and track record with ADT.

Honeywell Security doesn’t offer any professional monitoring options, but you also aren’t tied into a long contract like you are with ADT. If you’re comfortable monitoring things yourself and want a security system at a lower cost, Honeywell may be the best option for you.

Either way, you’ll be getting a home security system with high quality hardware and smart home options to bring your safety to the next level.

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