Vivint vs Vector Home Security

When you're selecting your home security system, there are many home security companies to choose from. Two great options you may come across on your search are Vivint and Vector Home Security. Vivint has been in the home security business for over 20 years, and Vector has been in the industry for 50+ years. Still, Vivint has more than 1.4 million customers across North America. We'll take a look at the unique benefits offered by both security providers.

Vivint vs. Vector Home Security: What are the similarities?

  • Lengthy contract: You'll need to sign up for a three-year or five-year contract to use Vivint or Vector's services.
  • Smart home capabilities: You'll have access to similar smart home automation options, including Z-wave products, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Nest thermostat.
  • Mobile app: The mobile app allows you to control and monitor your security cameras and arm/disarm your alarm system. You can also receive helpful push notifications that help you keep your home safe.
  • 24/7 monitoring services: You'll be able to access professional monitoring 24/7, so you can get assistance right away if any emergency occurs.
  • Professional installation: Professional installation is offered as standard, meaning you don't have to worry about complex or confusing DIY installation.
  • Video doorbell: Over the last few years, doorbell cameras have become more common. You can access doorbell cameras with both providers, including cameras with two-way talk, allowing for smooth communication with delivery people.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors: The importance of these vital add-ons can't be overstated. You should heavily consider a home security service that provides these.

Vivint vs. Vector Home Security: What are the differences?

  • Downpayments: With Vector Security, several of the packages will require an upfront payment. With Vivint, you can finance your whole purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty: Vivint's equipment all comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Customer service: Vivint's customer service is among the best, but despite Vector having a long-running reputation, customer support isn't their strong point. Vectors' customer services can be confusing and slow.
  • Limited service area: Vivint covers the majority of North America, whereas Vector only covers part of the USA. Not only that, but the service area is confusing. Two places in the same state may not be covered, meaning you'd pay the penalty if you moved into an area that didn't have Vector security services and need to pay a fee.

Vector Home Security: What you need to know 


As with Vivint, you don't have to worry about installation - Vector's qualified technician will handle everything for you.


Vector has a pretty good selection available; the basic system is comprised of:

  • A wireless control panel
  • 3 window/door sensors
  • Motion sensor
  • Security care plan
  • Yard sign and window decals

Pricing is unclear, but you can also add on extras on an a la carte basis. Be sure to clarify pricing with an official representative:

  • Outdoor cameras
  • Stream video recorders
  • Smart door locks
  • Indoor cameras
  • Yard signs
  • Smart lights and outlet
  • Garage door control
  • Medical alert pendant
  • Panic button
  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector

Home automation

This is a good area for Vector, too. But the pricing is still unclear, which is frustrating. Customers can access smart devices like door locks, outlets, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, but you can also use voice control (via Alexa), Google Home, and Apple's Siri.


You'll have several costs to consider when purchasing a Vector system, including:

  • Equipment costs: You don't have to pay upfront for the cheaper packages, but the two top-tier packages will require a down payment of $99 or $149.
  • Monthly costs: The three standard packages are $44.95, $59.95 ($99 downpayment) or $69.95 per month ($149 downpayment). Additional equipment may cost extra.

Nerd Pros:

  •  24/7 monitoring: Vector is closer to a traditional security system, including 24/7 monitoring which somewhat justifies the expenses.
  • Home automation: Vector offers everything you need for a complete smart home ecosystem, from voice control to smart plugs.
  • Mobile app: Vector comes with an excellent (rated 4 star and above) mobile app that is feature-packed and reliable.

Nerd Cons:

  • Pricing: Pricing is very confusing, and you can't access any information without providing a zipcode, but even that isn't totally accurate. It's ideal to discuss it with a local Vector representative.
  • Credit checks: You'll need to undertake a credit check; a poor credit check may result in a higher price.
  • Lengthy contracts: The contracts are long (starting with a 36-month contract) and are issued on an auto-renewal basis. Failure to provide handwritten notice to your local office could result in your contract being renewed without your express consent.
  • Limited service area: Vector's service area is confusing and limited; sometimes even areas within the same state aren't covered, meaning you could accidentally become subject to cancellation fees if you need to move house and they don't cover your new neighborhood.

Vivint: What you need to know


You won't have to worry about installation since a qualified Vivint technician will visit your home to complete the installation but beware of upselling as Vivint technicians may be paid a commission based on what you buy.


Vivint offers multiple pre-set packages, but you can also purchase extras:

  • Window and door sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Freeze detectors
  • Smart home devices
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Secondary keypad
  • Panic pendant
  • Tilt sensor

Home automation

One of the best functions of your new Vivint system will be smart home automation; your system will be compatible with Z-wave products such as Nest (including the famous Nest thermostat), Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, and more. Vivint also offers dedicated home automation features, including smart locks, video doorbells, and garage door sensors.


  • Equipment costs: Equipment costs are paid monthly; you won't have to pay anything upfront. Once your equipment is paid off, it'll be much cheaper for you. However, a basic equipment bundle comprising motion detectors, a smart hub, and yard signs will set you back at $599 (or $9.99 a month). You should contact Vivint for an accurate quote.
  • Installation costs: Vivint advised our SecurityNerd that the installation fee is $100, but promotions occasionally reduce this to $0; ensure you check for active promotions.
  • Monthly costs: Professional monitoring is available, and monthly monitoring costs are $39.99 to $59.99 per month, depending on how many cameras you have and whether you want video monitoring.

Nerd Pros

  • Customization: With the help of a Vivint professional, you can customize your system, but be mindful of upselling.
  • Smart home options: You'll have an array of smart home options, from smart locks to smart thermostats and more, with Z-wave compatibility increasing the integrations available.

Nerd Cons

  • No satisfaction guarantee: Some companies offer a moneyback guarantee, but Vivint only offers a three-day return window, which may not be sufficient to understand how it works.

Vivint Or Vector Security?

When it comes to choosing the best home security system, homeowners have a lot to consider. However, our SecurityNerd rated Vivint the best due to the similar offerings but better customer service and much lower monitoring price. Vivint also has a more reliable service range and a lifetime warranty.

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