Vivint vs Cox Homelife

Vivint and Cox Homelife are two reliable options for your home security, with years in the industry and long-running reputations. Cox Homelife is a branch off of Cox Communications, one of the largest private telecom brands in the USA.

Like AT&T and Xfinity by Comcast, you can package your services with your cable services to save money. Vivint is a dedicated provider offering a traditional home security service. Vivint services over 1 million customers.

Vivint vs. Cox Homelife: What are their similarities?

  • Quality hardware: You won't have to worry about malfunctions or poor-quality equipment. Equipment costs aren't the cheapest, but in terms of reliability and quality, you can't go wrong with either.
  • Mobile app: You'll be able to use a mobile app to monitor your system and be kept up to date via push notifications. Apps are available on Android and Apple stores. The Vivint app is rated better, but they have similar functionality.
  • Warranty: With Cox, you'll have a 90-day guarantee. With Vivint, you'll have a 120-day warranty, except with Vivint's premium plan.
  • Flood/leak detectors: You can purchase flood and leak detectors with either provider - these essential items can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.
  • Smart home devices: If you're looking for smart locks, a doorbell camera, a smart thermostat, and other smart home tools in addition to home security, you'll find an abundance of smart home options with Vivint and Cox.
  • Long-term contracts: You'll be expected to sign up for a 24-month contract with Cox Homelife; with Vivint, you'll need to sign up for a 36-month contract.

Vivint vs. Cox Homelife: What are their differences?

  • Service area: Cox only services 18 states; Vivint's service area is more comprehensive.
  • Reputation: Vivint isn't currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but Cox is.
  • Lifetime warranty: While both Vivint and Cox offer a warranty, only Vivint provides a lifetime warranty with its premium service.
  • Bundles: Cox can save you money by offering you bundles; you can have a monitoring plan, internet service, and landline in one monthly pay package.
  • Installation fee: You'll need professional installation regardless, but the installation fees are vastly different, with Cox charging just $25 and Vivint charging around $100. With that said, Vivint did advise us that a current promotion would discount that to $0, so you should check for current promotions before you purchase a Vivint plan.

Vivint: What you need to know

Vivint is an excellent combination of traditional and flexible. Vivint offers ideal equipment, professional monitoring, and installation by qualified technicians. One of the best perks of using Vivint is the array of smart home options; it is compatible with Z-wave technologies and gives you access to Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and other popular tools.


Vivint offers great installation options - a qualified technician will come to your home and fit your security system for you. But you should be aware that Vivint technicians are known for upselling.


Vivint offers several home security packages, but you can also purchase equipment separately. Available equipment includes:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Security cameras
  • Window sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Flood/freeze and heat sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Primary and secondary keypad
  • Panic pendant
  • Tilt sensor for garage doors

Home automation

You can purchase home automation features a la carte, including smart door locks and a video doorbell, garage door sensors, and more. You can also integrate your system with Z-wave compatible products.


  • Equipment costs: You'll usually pay for your equipment as part of your monthly costs, with no upfront costs. Once the equipment is paid off, your monthly fee will reduce. You should consult with Vivint for a quote, but for example, a basic equipment bundle (including smart hub, door sensor, motion sensor, and yard signs) will come in at $599 or $9.99 per month.
  • Installation costs: Vivint quoted us $100 for installation but did advise us that they were currently waiving installation fees as part of a promotion. You should ensure you ask about deals and promotions.
  • Monthly costs: Monthly monitoring is available for $39.99 to $59.99, depending on how many cameras you have.

Nerd Pros

  • Customization: You can customize your security equipment with the help of a professional; be mindful of upselling.
  • Smart home options: From smart locks to smart lights and more, you'll have the opportunity to integrate your security system into a smart home ecosystem.

Nerd Cons

  • Price: The price is relatively high, as most traditional companies offer professional monitoring services and installed systems. A DIY system will save you some money.
  • No satisfaction guarantee: Some companies offer a moneyback guarantee; with Vivint, you can only return it after three days, which may not be sufficient to understand how it works for you.

Cox Homelife - What you need to know

Cox is one of the biggest names in the telecom industry, but many don't know that they also offer security services. Now that we've seen what Vivint can do for you, let's see what Cox offers.


Cox Homelife offers professional installation. Just like Vivint, you can sit back and let the professionals take care of it for you. However, the installation is considerably cheaper, at just $25. Some monitored plans may require a higher installation fee ($49), but this is still significantly cheaper than Vivint.

Home automation

Cox offers an impressive range of integrations such as smart door locks, LED light bulbs, plugs, and more, which you can control from your smartphone.


Cox offers several security bundles, but you can purchase additional equipment if you want to.

The Smart Home system includes:

  • Outdoor camera
  • Smart light
  • Window/door sensor

The Monitored Security plan includes: 

  • Control panel
  • Motion sensors
  • Yard sign

Add-ons include: 

  • Yard signs
  • Flood sensor
  • Window and door sensors
  • Glass break sensor
  • Door locks
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Smart thermostat
  • Smoke detector
  • Keypad


  • Equipment costs: A small selection of equipment is included in both of Cox Homelife's plans; however, you can also buy individual items on an a la carte basis. You can expect to pay between $80-$230 per item.
  • Installation costs: Your installation fee depends on the plan you choose; it could be $25-$49.
  • Monthly costs: Monthly costs vary from $29.99 to $54.99. You may be able to get a discount by bundling your services.
  • Activation fee: The activation fee is usually $25 but could be as much as $99.99 for a monitored plan.

Nerd Pros

  • Bundles: You can save money by bundling your system to include extras such as wi-fi service and cable. It's convenient to bundle and have everything from one service.
  • Professional installation: The professionals will handle everything for you, which is convenient.
  • Simplified plan choices: Cox only offers two plan options, which keeps things simple.

Nerd Cons

Pricing: Cox may be more expensive than they appear. Some hidden fees can add up; for example; you'll pay $4 per month extra for a keypad.

Limited service area: Cox Homelife isn't available in most states; their coverage is sparse compared to Vivint.

Contracts: Some customers report being confused about how long their contract is, and you may be expected to pay an early termination fee. Be sure to carefully read over your contract and consider your future needs before signing.

Vivint or Cox Homelife?

If you’re looking for a home security system, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Vivint rates well for smart home security, offering excellent functionality and practically nationwide coverage. Cox has a better reputation, with customer reviews praising them for good customer service and professionalism. Cox is also BBB accredited, unlike Vivint. If you’re looking for a traditional home security provider that is part of a big brand name and has a reputation, you should consider Cox Homelife.

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