Vivint FAQs

Vivint has been in the market for around 20 years and serves over 1.4 million customers across North America. It was initially known as APX Security, but it rebranded in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength. Our SecurityNerd rated them an impressive 4.5, based on great offerings such as professional monitoring and installation, smart home integrations, and excellent customer service.

Vivint FAQs

You’ll probably have a few questions when considering a new security provider. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions for our SecurityNerd to answer.

How much is professional monitoring? 

Vivint offers multiple professional monitoring plans, and the pricing is as follows.

  • Smart protect: For $22.99, you receive essential home security monitoring, and you can finance your equipment
  • Smart protect + Control: This plan adds Vivint Home Automation to your plan for $39.99 per month
  • Smart complete: This plan is $49.99 per month and provides you with video surveillance via the Vivint doorbell camera or outdoor camera. You can also choose additional special security measures free of charge

How much is the equipment?

Vivint has much to offer when it comes to home security equipment, and Vivint representatives will help you put together an equipment package that meets your precise security goals while staying within your budget. There are several packages offered, and typically you can expect to pay between $700 to $1800. You’ll pay for your equipment separately, but you can finance your costs over five years, meaning it’s added to your monthly bill, and there aren’t upfront costs.

What type of connection do I need?

Vivint uses a landline or cellular connections. Cellular connections are best as they are less vulnerable to power cuts and tampering.

Does Vivint have a smartphone app?

Yes, Vivint has a smartphone app that allows you to control everything through your phone. You can arm/disarm your alarm system remotely. You can keep an eye on your home security whether you’re home or not.

Can I use Vivint without subscribing?

You can use Vivint equipment if you don’t subscribe to a monthly plan, but you should consider it to get the best out of the service. With a monthly plan, you benefit from professional monitoring, the mobile app, and 24/7 tech support. You can only use the equipment if you don’t have a monthly subscription.

Does Vivint support third-party integration?

Vivint has a big focus on smart home devices; with Vivint, you can design your own smart home ecosystem, including third-party integrations. Vivint also has a line of smart home products. Vivint is compatible with smart lighting, and smart thermostats such as Nest and Google Home, alongside Amazon’s Alexa. Vivint is one of the few complete smart home security providers.

What kind of installation is offered?

The installation fee is $49.99 typically but may vary based on the complexity of the installation and the equipment package. You’ll need professional installation, and a Vivint expert will visit your home to complete the installation. Vivint also occasionally offers discounted installation. You can’t install it on a DIY basis.

What if I need to move house?

With Vivint, there are several options. You can set up a new contract or move your old contract to your new home (barring the starter equipment). Some devices can’t be moved, but Vivint will replace these. To check if any costs are associated with this, you should contact a Vivint representative.

Does Vivint perform credit checks?

Vivint may check your credit score if you use FlexPay to finance your equipment. Your credit won’t be checked if you pay upfront.

Do I have to get a contract with Vivint?

While you can access more benefits with a contract, it’s not necessary. You can have a month-to-month or rolling contract if you buy your equipment outright. You’ll be locked into a five-year contract if you need finance.

Can I transfer Vivint’s services?

Transferring your contract is convenient if you have a long time on your contract. Surprisingly, you can transfer your contract to a new person for a $99 transfer fee. This fee is waived if that person signs a new contract.

Are service visits free?

Free service visits are accessible within the first 120 days of service or if you use Vivint’s premium service. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a fee. The cost varies depending on the problem you’re experiencing and your location.

Does the equipment come with a warranty?

Vivint’s equipment is all covered by a lifetime warranty.

Is Vivint compatible with Apple HomeKit?

At this time, Apple HomeKit isn’t compatible with Vivint Smart Home, though the application works on iPhone.

Does Vivint buy out contracts of other home security systems?

If you’ve already got a contract with a home security provider but want to switch to Vivint, they can buy out your contract for 12 months. The exact terms of the buy-out will vary.

Does Vivint use voice control?

Yes, Vivint has built-in voice control. You can use voice recognition for hands-free operation.

Is Vivint equipment secure?

Vivint uses strong encryption to stop your video footage from being accessed by anyone unauthorized. The company has several measures to protect your data security and privacy.

Can I use Vivint on my PC?

Vivint customers will be pleased to know that remote access is possible even without access to the smartphone app. You can arm/disarm your Vivint security system remotely, but you can also monitor your motion sensors, live video feeds, and smart devices from your PC.

Do I need a landline?

No, it’s not required. But you can choose a landline-based service if you prefer.

Does Vivint offer cloud-based storage?

Yes, Vivint offers cloud-based storage via its servers, but you can also save data locally for your peace of mind.

What does Vivint offer that other companies don’t?

Vivint is a higher-end home security provider with relatively affordable costs on a pay-monthly basis. They do an excellent job of providing smart home options and professional security. Though it has a higher price tag, it’s not as costly as other traditional security companies. The equipment is sleek, modern, and easy to use, too. Their security cameras have excellent picture quality compared to competitors.

What happens once it’s paid off?

Once paid off, your monthly costs drop substantially, and the equipment is yours to keep.

Does Vivint offer environmental alarms and sensors?

Yes, Vivint has a comprehensive range of sensors designed to protect your home in the event of environmental danger, such as a flood or fire. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are also available.

You’ll receive a notification if any of your sensors are triggered, and the monitoring center can also keep an eye on the situation. Vivint monitoring includes the monitoring of Vivint Home Security and environmental sensors.

Do Vivint cameras have pan and tilt capabilities?

You can pan and tilt cameras to better view on-screen action. The feature is essential if you need to keep a close eye on something outside of the center of the frame.

Does Vivint offer garage door control?

Yes, you can also control your garage door and open/close it when you’re not at home, and smart door locks. This is particularly useful if you want to let a delivery person put a package in your garage.

What’s the response time?

It takes 10 seconds to respond to an emergency call from your home security system; this fast response rate is vital for emergencies such as burglaries or fires.

Wrapping up

When you’re looking to set up a new home security system, you’ll have many questions. This is a compilation of the most commonly asked questions. Our SecurityNerd has tested many of Vivint’s products and written a fully comprehensive review of Vivint, which you can check out if you want further information.

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