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Yale Smart Locks Review

Yale is one of the most reputable lock companies in the world, with a great track record dating back to the 1800s. Yale’s founder is credited with creating the pin tumbler lock, now known as the Yale lock. While the company still offers traditional locks, Yale also offers smart locks packed with features to beef […]

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Kwikset Smart Locks Review

Founded in 1946, Kwikset has established a name for itself in the lock and home security business. This American manufacturing company offers anything from simple locks to door knobs. But more than 70 years after its inception, Kwikset is now offering a robust smart lock line that is easily integrated into many popular third-party smart

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Types of Electric Locks

Whether you’re digging around for your keys while you’re bringing in groceries, or you’re sick of putting an extra key under the mat for your forgetful children, chances are electric door locks will make life easier. Smart door locks give you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to who to let inside your house,

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Can Smart Locks Be Hacked?

More than ever today, people are moving away from traditional key locks and installing smart locks on their doors. These electronic locks, which allow users to lock, unlock and monitor their doors remotely using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or both, offer convenience and some security benefits with which key locks can’t compete. The issue that makes some people hesitate,

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