SimpliSafe vs Nest Secure

SimpliSafe and Nest provide home security systems to millions of Americans - but which is the best option for you?

SimpliSafe is a Boston-based home security provider covering over 3 million homes in America. It's known for its flexibility, easy setup, and little startup cost. Perfect for the DIY crowd, SimpliSafe is a high-tech/low-cost option that does not require a landline or WiFi as the system communicates utilizing a built-in cellular connection.

Nest made its name with its smart thermostat that revolutionized the way people heat and cool their homes. The company has since expanded to offer an array of smart products that give you ultimate control over monitoring your home with your smartphone.

SimpliSafe vs. Nest Secure - what are the similarities?

  • Home Automation: Both SimpliSafe and Nest work with smart home devices. For example, You can integrate both home security systems with Google Assistant.
  • Mobile App: Both offer a mobile app, available on iPhone and Android; the nest app offers more comprehensive features than the SimpliSafe app; you can add more homes and functions to the Nest app. However, both allow you to manage your home security system and can send you alerts & notifications.
  • No contracts: Neither SimpliSafe nor Nest requires a long-term contract for professional monitoring. This is a significant benefit for homeowners hoping to test a home security system without a burdensome commitment.
  • Easy DIY Installation: SimpliSafe and Nest are designed for an easy DIY set up; no professional installation is necessary.
  • Lengthy trial period: SimpliSafe and Nest allow homeowners to test their home security systems for at least 30 days.
  • Video doorbell cameras: Doorbell cameras are sold by both companies.

SimpliSafe vs. Nest Secure - What are the differences?

  • Trial period: SimpliSafe has a more extended trial period/money-back guarantee.
  • Smart home devices: Nest offers more smart home devices than SimpliSafe, such as smart thermostats. However, Only SimpliSafe is fully compatible with Amazon's Alexa.
  • Outdoor cameras: Aside from video doorbells, only Nest sells an outdoor camera.

SimpliSafe - What you need to know


When you receive your SimpliSafe equipment, you'll have everything you need for a successful DIY installation. However, some customer reviews reveal long wait times for assistance. That doesn't meet our experience; when we called the IT line for assistance, we were connected with support staff in under 5 minutes.


SimpliSafe offers excellent equipment with easy installation at a reasonable price; the best part is the flexible, a la carte basis that they offer their equipment on. You can fully design your SimpliSafe system to your liking, and all equipment comes with a 3-year warranty.

Some of the available equipment includes:

  • Security Cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Panic button
  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Window sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke detector

Home Automation

SimpliSafe has a small, growing range of home automation products. They could expand further in this area. However, they have made some headway with a recent release of a video doorbell, but this won't help those with a doorbell camera in place from a different brand.

Here are some smart home devices compatible with SimpliSafe products:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple TV
  • August Door Lock
  • Nest thermostat


You can purchase equipment under a pre-packaged deal or on an a la carte basis. There are over 15 different packages in different price ranges to choose from. Compared to traditional security companies, the costs are tiny. You could buy an entire security system for under $150 with no monthly fees (if you choose a self-monitoring option).

Nerd Pros

Costs: Even the highest-level security bundle comes in under $500, making this an attractive option for homeowners who aren't looking for expensive home security. A home monitoring service is an optional addition.

Satisfaction Guarantee: SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back promise that you can return it if you don't like the system. They'll even cover shipping.

Flexibility: You can begin customizing your system during the purchase process by only getting what you need. You can design the system to your tastes. You can choose whether or not to have security monitoring; DIY is an option for those looking to save money.

Nerd Cons

No Outdoor Cameras: SimpliSafe does offer camera monitoring. However, this is limited in effectiveness as you only have indoor cameras, except a video doorbell. You lose the significant deterrence that is visible outdoor security, and you also don't have any footage of incidents until they've already entered your home.

Equipment Incompatibility:  If you purchase security with SimpliSafe and decide to upgrade later, new equipment is not compatible with older equipment, necessitating more significant upgrades if you want to change a single part of your system.

Nest Secure - What you need to know


Nest Secure alarm system is DIY install equipment that comes pre-packaged in a security starter kit. It's easy to arrange professional installation if you need it, but it is designed for home install.


The basic alarm package priced at $399 comes with just the Nest Guard, which is the hub of the alarm system, two entry sensors, and two key fobs for arming and disarming the system. You can buy additional products or more comprehensive packages.

  • Outdoor cameras.
  • Video doorbell.
  •  Smart lock.
  • Additional Nest Detects.
  • Nest Security yard signs.
  • Nest Protect carbon monoxide and smoke detector.

Home Automation

Nest Secure has one of the most advanced offerings in this area; not only can you control your home security from your app, but Nest integrates seamlessly with many different products. If you're willing to purchase several products, you could create an ultimate interactive home network for your own convenience.

  • Activating your Nest Hello video doorbell if the Nest door alarm goes off so you can see what's happening at home.
  • Activate indoor and outdoor Nest cams if the motion sensors or smoke detector identify a problem.
  • Automatically disarm your Nest Security system when you unlock the door using a Nest smart lock.
  • Change your home's temperature from your phone with the Nest thermostat or automatically adjust the temperature and lights when you enter or leave your home.


Nest offers the following packages for those looking for security solutions:

  • Basic alarm package for $399 with Nest Guard, two sensors, and two key fobs
  • Basic alarm package plus one outdoor camera for $598
  • Basic alarm package with smart lock for $633
  • Monitoring costs $29 per month with no monthly contract or $19 per month with a three-year commitment.
  • Cellular backup (ideal for outage protection) with no professional monitoring costs just $5 monthly.

Nerd Pros

Customization: You can purchase the basic alarm package including the Nest guard alarm hub, two key fobs, and two sensors; add optional doorbell cameras, and add other Nest products, including a smart CO2, additional nest tags, and smoke detector as well as indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Easy Install: The systems work on WiFi, with optional cellular backup sold in Nest stores for just a $5 monthly fee. You can install it yourself with easy-to-understand guides or find a professional to help you through the process.

Nerd Cons

Price: The basic package is priced at $399, and add-ons such as an outdoor camera bring the price up to $598. If you want WiFi backup or professional monitoring, this comes at an additional fee.

Limited Monitoring Options: Nest Secure provides professional monitoring through Brinks Security; this works only with alarm products, including door and window sensors. If you get Nest's smoke and CO2 detectors, there is no third-party monitoring service — so you have to be on top of reacting to alerts and notifying the fire department if there is a problem.

SimpliSafe or Nest Secure?

SimpliSafe and Nest are reputable systems with flexibility and DIY ability when choosing the best home security system. SimpliSafe is ideal for those who already use Amazon Alexa or are looking for discounted security. Our Security Nerd rates SimpliSafe highly for easy installation and flexibility.

SimpliSafe is usually cheaper than Nest; however, Nest offers more comprehensive functionality and a home automation system. You can self-monitor or choose a monitoring plan. Nest can offer you your very own innovative smart home network with a wealth of smart home integration products; SimpliSafe does have some excellent small automation features; however, it is nowhere near Nest in this regard yet.

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