SimpliSafe vs Brinks

SimpliSafe vs Brinks Home Security

If you're looking for a new home security system, it is no surprise that you've come across these two great companies.

SimpliSafe is an excellent option for DIY security systems - with or without professional monitoring, and also offers additional smart home integrations like Amazon's Alexa.

Brinks is one of the best-known security companies in the business, with more than a million subscribers.

SimpliSafe Vs. Brinks Home Security - What do they have in common?

  • Mobile App: Both SimpliSafe and Brinks offer a convenient mobile app that allows you to monitor your home security system remotely by viewing video feeds from compatible security cameras, in addition to letting you arm and disarm your security system with just a few clicks.
  • Smart Home Voice control: Though there are some differences, with Brinks offering a more comprehensive system than SimpliSafe, they have a significant overlap in this area. Both are compatible with Amazon Alexa, which allows for voice control of the system.
  • Warranty: Both companies offer a comprehensive warranty on all of their security equipment. For SimpliSafe, this is three years. For brinks, this is two years.
  • Cellular backup: Brinks works on your cellular system, and SimpliSafe can work on it, too, as a backup. This feature will keep your alarm system working if your wires are cut. Not all providers offer this important feature.
  • Installation: Both have similar installation prospects, with DIY being the main focus; however, professional installation is also offered at an additional cost.

SimpliSafe Vs. Brinks Home Security - What are their differences?

  • Reputation: Though SimpliSafe is somewhat of a new starter, they already have a stellar reputation. Brinks, unfortunately, has received several complaints with customers having issues with equipment and pressure to extend contracts.
  • Long-term commitments: While SimpliSafe prides itself in offering the most flexible plans on the market, many of Brinks' home security systems require a 36-month plan.
  • Camera Variety: SimpliSafe offers only two cameras, while Brinks provides several.
  • Home Automation: Brinks offers full home automation via their smart home range; SimpliSafe can only rely on third-party integration.

SimpliSafe - What you need to know


Since installation is DIY, it is a simple setup, but in cases where assistance is required, users report long wait times. However, when we called the IT line for assistance, support staff answered the call in less than 5 minutes. You do have the option of leaving a message and waiting for a callback if you don't have time to wait on hold.


With SimpliSafe, you get sleek equipment with a simple setup at a fair price. The best part is, you can pick and choose which equipment you want to use based on the size of your home and desired security.

Some of the available equipment includes:

  • Security Cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Control Panel
  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Window sensors
  • Fob
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke detector

Home Automation

SimpliSafe has a select range of Home Automation products.

Here are some smart home options compatible with SimpliSafe products:

  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • August Door Lock
  • Nest Thermostat

SimpliSafe remedied part of their compatibility issues by releasing a video doorbell, But this won't work for those who already have a doorbell camera in place.


You purchase equipment upfront either from a pre-determined package deal or à la carte. There are over 15 different packages in different price ranges to choose from. Compared to Brinks, the costs are tiny. You could buy an entire security system for under $150 with no monthly fees (if you choose a self-monitoring option).

Nerd Pros

  • Costs: Even the highest-level security bundle comes in under $500, making this an attractive option for homeowners who aren't looking for expensive home security. Home monitoring is an optional addition.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back promise that you can return it if you don't like the system. They'll even cover shipping.
  • Flexibility: You can begin customizing your system as soon as you buy it by buying as much or as little as you want. You can choose whether or not to have a monitored system; DIY is an option for those looking to save money. You can design the system to your tastes.

Nerd Cons

  • No Outdoor Cameras: SimpliSafe offers camera monitoring, but the cameras only work indoors, which means you only have footage of any incidents once they've entered your home. Not to mention, having an outdoor camera is a significant deterrence.
  • Equipment Incompatibility:  If you purchase security with SimpliSafe and decide to upgrade in the future, new equipment is not compatible with older equipment, necessitating much more significant upgrades if you want to upgrade even a tiny part of your system.

Brinks Home Security - What you need to know


Brinks security systems are designed for DIY installation - so there are no required fees for this. Customers report that this is a simple process.


Brinks provides a variety of different equipment, all available with a monitoring service. Their home complete system is around $500; however, promotional discounts are available. However, you'd need to purchase a monitoring plan at the cost of $29 a month in addition to this. The home complete system comes with:

  • Brinks Home Touch: A touch screen control panel
  • A wireless motion sensor
  • Three wireless door sensors
  • Yard signs and stickers

Brinks Home Complete with Video comes in at $599. Monitoring is $39 per month with a 36-month agreement if you choose to incorporate video too. The package is the same as the Brinks Home Complete but adds an indoor camera with night vision and a video doorbell.

Home Automation

Some of the smart home capabilities you can use with your Brinks system include:

  • Lighting and appliance control: Add GE in-wall dimmers, smart switches, plug-in light and appliance modules, and more to control the lights and appliances throughout your home.
  • Temperature control: Smart thermostats such as the IQ Thermostat give you control over your home's temperature whether you are at home or away.
  • Smart locks: Control who can come and go to your home or unlock your door with the touch of a button.

You can also control your Brinks system with your Apple TV, Alexa, or Google Home devices.


Brinks pricing depends on the package you select. Key costs to consider include:

  • The upfront cost of equipment varies depending on which package you select. The Nest Secure, Home Complete, and Home Complete with Video are described above.
  • Professional monitoring costs: Monitoring is $29 per month with most plans if you sign a contract, or is $39 per month if you sign up for Nest Secure with no contractual commitment.

In addition to the package pricing, you can also buy individual security components or smart home devices through Brinks as optional add-ons. Here are some examples of prices for these items:

  • Brinks Home indoor camera: $199
  • Brinks Home outdoor camera: $299
  • SkyBell Slim Line video doorbell: $199
  • IQ Smoke detector: $79
  • IQ wireless garage door tilt sensor: $39
  • IQ wireless carbon monoxide detector: $79

Nerd Pros

  • Flexibility in Equipment Choice: Brinks gives you the option to choose a Brinks Complete system or buy Nest Secure products.
  • Effective monitoring: The Brinks Alarm Response monitoring center operates 24/7 and is staffed by trained professionals who quickly notify appropriate first responders such as medical authorities, fire, or police if something goes wrong.
  • Cellular backup: Brinks systems connect your system to the Alarm Response Center via cellular and WiFi. Cellular backup and battery backup ensure monitoring will not be interrupted if your network is down or if your power is out.

Nerd Cons

  • Poor Reviews: Customers complain about pressure to extend contracts and problems with equipment.
  • Long-term commitment: While you can sign up for month-to-month monitoring with Brinks if you go with a Nest Secure system, other plans, including Home Complete Systems, require a long-term contract that lasts at least 36 months.

Wrapping Up

When comparing home security companies, SimpliSafe is the better option if the price and flexibility are the important deciding factors. Although their security systems are less expensive and their monthly fees are lower than Brinks', the home security they provide is still excellent. Brinks is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy features such as home automation and remote camera access. Brinks is one of the most affordable alarm companies for features and equipment, but they also have advanced features that SimpliSafe cannot offer.

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