Lorex vs Swann Cameras

You’ll have a lot to consider when it comes to home security. There are dozens of top-quality providers in the home security industry.

Lorex and Swann are two great providers with a lot to offer. Lorex is a Canada-based security camera provider providing services in several countries, and Swann offers services in more than 40 countries.

Swann and Lorex each provide DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) home security systems, but there are key differences. Let’s take a look at what Lorex and Swann have to offer.

Lorex vs Swann: What do they have in common?

  • Weatherproof cameras: Weather-resistant cameras are a crucial feature for outdoor security systems. Lorex and Swann cameras are weatherproof.
  • Mobile app: A free mobile app is available on Android and iOS to give notifications and keep you up-to-date with your security system.
  • Flexibility: You don’t have to sign up for any contracts; you’ll have access to total flexibility.
  • Large security systems: You can purchase a 16-camera NVR system with Lorex or Swann.
  • Night vision: Excellent; clear night vision is available. Lorex additionally offers color night vision.
  • Reputation: Lorex and Swann have been in the industry for around 30 years; you know you’re in safe hands.
  • Professional monitoring: You’ll need to be comfortable monitoring your security camera system.
  • Warranty: All products sold by Lorex and Swann come with a 12-month warranty.
  • Motion detection: Customizable motion detection is an advanced feature offered by several home security cameras under these brands.

Lorex vs Swann: What are the differences?

  • Video quality: Lorex cameras offer 4k video resolution; 1080p HD video is the best that Swann offers.
  • Worldwide delivery: Lorex covers only a few countries, and Swann offers global delivery.
  • Frame rate: Lorex has a better quality frame rate.
  • Zoom: Lorex has more advanced optical zoom with up to 25x zooming.
  • Field of view: Lorex cameras have a 360-degree field of view and 90-degree tilt.
  • Customer support: Lorex’s customer support receives better reviews than Swann’s.

Swann: What you need to know

Swann is an experienced home security provider with decades in the industry and a global presence. They offer quality, professionally monitored systems and some of the best home security cameras in the industry. Let's take a look at what they offer.


Choosing the right security system can be overwhelming, but luckily, the setup is pretty simple. The digital app has some FAQs and is user-friendly. Exact installation processes will vary, the wireless security cameras are the easiest to install, and most can be done in under an hour.


Swann has a lot of equipment for you to explore; popular Swann security equipment includes:

  • Wire-free smart security cameras and video doorbells
  • Pan and tilt cam
  • Outdoor 1080p HD cameras
  • 4-16 Channel NVR

Additional accessories available include:

  • Garage parking sensors
  • Home doorbell camera kit
  • Solar panels
  • Dummy cams
  • Extra mounting stands

Home automation

Your new system is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but that’s the limit of third-party integrations. Voice control is an excellent benefit of Alexa compatibility, but there aren’t many other smart home features.


  • Equipment costs: Equipment costs typically vary between $70-$500 unless you're purchasing an NVR system (which can be more expensive).
  • Monthly fees: Monthly costs start at $9.99 for emergency response and live feed view; you’ll also get an extended warranty as a premium customer.

Nerd pros

  • Cameras: You'll have an array of camera options with Swann, from basic models to bells and whistles installations for huge properties; you'll see this DIY company doesn't skimp on choices when it comes to cameras.
  • No contract: You won't be forced to purchase a lengthy contract if you buy Swann cameras. Customers can purchase their equipment without worrying about being locked into any commitment.
  • Camera features: There are several unique advanced features, such as heat-activated motion sensors

Nerd cons

  • Pay for storage: Although you'll get free cloud storage for two days, you'll pay a monthly fee if you need more than this. DVR systems have local storage but are more expensive.
  • Customer service: Due to the international offerings, some third-party sellers of Swann equipment work under the brand, making customer support a variable experience.
  • App complaints: Although some users seem to enjoy the Swann app, there are some complaints about bugs on the Android app.

Lorex - What you need to know

Lorex offers an array of advanced home security cameras, from single Wi-Fi cameras to a 32-camera system. There’s something for everyone - Lorex is one of the few providers that encompasses 4k high-quality cameras.


DIY installation is ideal for all equipment, but hardwired surveillance systems may require a professional installation. You can hire your own tradesperson or arrange installation via InstallerNet, a licensed third-party installer. Lorex offers indoor cameras, wireless cameras, DVR, NVR, and POE (Power Over Ethernet) surveillance systems.


Lorex offers an array of equipment for you to choose from, including:

  • Outdoor security cameras (including floodlight and spotlight cameras and smart security cameras with built-in motion detectors)
  • NVR 4k systems with 8+ viewing channels
  • Indoor security cameras
  • Video doorbells
  • Wire-free security system kits featuring IP cameras

Lorex also offers rechargeable batteries, power cords, and related accessories. Lorex doesn't provide any dedicated smart home options.

Home automation

Lorex doesn’t offer dedicated smart home options such as thermostats or smart locks, and it’s compatible with third-party options such as Google Assistant, Apple TV, and Alexa. You may want to consider other providers if you want an entire smart home ecosystem.


Prices will vary, but prices start at $99 for an individual camera. Your NVR recorders with up to 32 cameras start at around $1000. Most homeowners will pay under $500 for their home security basics.

Nerd pros

  • Customized motion detection: You can prevent false alarms by customizing sensitivity and motion activity zones.
  • Monthly fees: There are no monthly fees with Lorex; you only pay for your equipment.
  • Siren: You can manually activate some of the Lorex Sirens, which is an excellent deterrence.
  • Field of view: Some cameras offer 360 degrees views.
  • Multiple options: Lorex offers an array of options so you can secure modest family homes, businesses, or large estates. All needs are met, from 32 camera CCTV systems to video doorbells.

Nerd cons

  • Lack of home integration options: Though some integration features are offered, they could be expanded significantly above and beyond the current selection.
  • Professional monitoring: There are no professional monitoring options with Lorex.

Lorex or Swann?

Lorex is slightly more expensive than Swann but offers a more extensive security system and advanced features. Lorex security cameras are unrivaled if you’re looking for the best picture. Swann isn’t to be discounted, though. You can save some money and benefit from an extended warranty if you don’t mind paying a monthly fee for additional features.

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