Lorex vs eufy Cameras

A security system is essential in the modern age, and security cameras are an excellent way to upgrade your home security system.

Lorex is a Canada-based security provider known for offering advanced security cameras with 4K resolution - the best video quality in the business. Lorex caters to small and large security setups, and you can purchase a bundle with up to 32 cameras.

Eufy is a smaller provider known for offering incredible deals on smart home equipment, including robotic vacuums, smart lights, and scales. Our SecurityNerd found the security cameras simple, feature-packed, and reliable.

Let's take a look at what each provider can offer you.

Lorex vs eufy: What do they have in common?

  • Mobile app: You'll be able to control your home security system and view a live feed via a high-quality mobile app available on Android and iOS.
  • Professional monitoring: These are DIY systems, not designed for professional monitoring.
  • Video doorbell: Doorbell cameras are available via Lorex and eufy.
  • Night vision: eufyCams offer night vision; Lorex has some of the best color night vision in the security industry.
  • Weatherproof cameras: If you want an outdoor security camera system, your cameras must be weatherproof and hardwearing. Lorex and eufy fit the bill.
  • Pan tilt and zoom: You can adjust your cameras to get a better view.
  • Voice control: Thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa, you can control your security system with your voice.

Lorex vs eufy: What are their differences?

  • Professional installation: While Lorex is designed for DIY installation, customers based in North America can enjoy professional installation from an endorsed third party. eufy doesn't offer professional installation.
  • Smart home devices: Some features are shared between Lorex and eufy, but eufy offers a dedicated line of smart home accessories and appliances; Lorex doesn't have any.
  • Bundles: Lorex and eufy offer various bundles, but eufy is aimed at those seeking a small home security system. Lorex can provide you with a more extensive system to protect businesses or homes.
  • Video resolution: Lorex offers high-quality 4k resolution, but eufy doesn't.

eufy Security: What you need to know

Eufy is a modern provider that offers smart doorbells and other equipment without a subscription plan, and you can live stream and playback footage without paying extra. Let's look at everything eufy has to offer.


The eufy app is simple and offers motion-activated notifications; you can use it with iPhone and Android. Further to the usual features, it'll walk you through installation step-by-step, regardless of the equipment.

While installation is DIY only, it's so simple that it's not a problem. If you need extra help, customer support will be happy to help.


Anker, eufy's parent company, offers a section of home security cameras and appliances such as smart lighting, locks, scales, and vacuums.

You can't buy an entire home security system, but you can buy cameras a la carte or in small bundles. You'll need a eufy home base for most cameras, except the eufy video doorbell. Most eufy cameras have Wi-Fi/2.4ghz connectivity.

Home automation

Anker offers an array of eufy-compatible devices, but third-party automation is very basic, providing compatibility with Apple Home kits and Google Assistant.


  • Equipment costs: eufy's most basic camera is under $40, and the home base includes 16GB of storage, including motion-activated footage. Other popular options include the Eufycam 2 Pro for $239 and the eufy Floodlight Camera for $279.
  • Monthly costs: If you want an ongoing recording, you can choose a cloud storage plan which starts from $3 per month. If you need a more comprehensive system that covers up to 10 cameras, you'll pay $10 a month.

Nerd pros

  • User friendly: Setup is straightforward; it's easy to set up a eufy camera.
  • AI motion detection: Advanced motion sensors can tell the difference between a dog, a passing car, or a human, reducing the risk of false alarms.
  • Motion zones: You can fully customize your motion zones.

Nerd cons

  • Battery life: Battery life is variable, with some models offering excellent battery life and some being poor. You should consider this before purchasing.
  • No SD card storage: Most eufy cameras don't have MicroSD Card storage.

Lorex - What you need to know

Lorex offers several advanced security cameras with 4k quality on offer. Lorex can accommodate you whether you need one camera or a 32-camera NVR system. Let's take a look at what they offer.


Wi-Fi cameras are the easiest to install. You can purchase various options from wire-free, wired, and POE (power over ethernet). Your installation experience may vary, but each comes with a detailed guide and everything you need to install; you can also arrange professional installation via InstallerNet.


Lorex offers plenty of top-notch equipment, including:

  • Outdoor security cameras (including floodlight and spotlight cameras and smart security cameras with built-in motion detectors)
  • Wire-free security system kits
  • NVR 4k systems with 8+ viewing channels
  • Indoor security cameras
  • Video doorbells

Lorex offers related accessories, including rechargeable batteries, mounts, and power cords. There are no smart home appliances. Lorex cameras come with motion-activated notifications, infrared night vision, and advanced person detection.

Home automation

Unlike eufy, there are no smart home appliances or options such as thermostats, smart lights, etc. But it is compatible with basic automation such as Google Assistant, Apple TV, and Amazon Alexa. If you want a comprehensive smart home system, there are better providers.


Prices vary from $99 for a single camera up to $1000+ with an NVR system. Most homeowners can purchase a complete system for less than $500.

Lorex doesn't offer additional services beyond purchase, so you don't need to pay a monthly fee.

Nerd pros

  • Customized motion detection: You can prevent false alarms by customizing sensitivity and motion activity zones.
  • Monthly fees: If you purchase a Lorex system, there are no monthly fees.
  • Field of view: Many cameras offer 360-degree viewing.
  • Multiple options: Lorex offers several great options so you can secure modest family homes, businesses, or large estates. All needs are met, from 32 camera CCTV systems to video doorbells.

Nerd cons

  • Initial outlay: Compared to competitors, Lorex can be pretty pricey.
  • Lack of home integration options: Though some integration features are offered, they could be expanded significantly above and beyond the current selection.

Lorex or eufy?

Lorex and eufy are excellent security providers, but comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. While both provide great apps and two-way audio and video doorbells, the similarities end there. Lorex is a great provider for those wanting a professional installation or a more extensive security system. eufy is ideal for the gadget-focused that want a small home security system as part of a smart home ecosystem.

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