Lorex vs Ecobee Cameras

Home security cameras are quickly becoming essential in the modern age, but various providers are available. Two excellent providers are Ecobee and Lorex.

Lorex is a Canada-based provider of home security equipment, including advanced security camera systems. You can purchase an array of systems designed to suit your needs, and they offer to ship to several countries.

Ecobee is a popular provider with various products available, including a refurbished section for those wanting a great deal on their home security system. Let’s take a look at what Lorex and Ecobee have to offer.

Lorex vs Ecobee: What do they have in common?

  • Smart home integrations: Lorex and Ecobee are compatible with many of the same smart home products, including voice control via Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Homekit.
  • Mobile app: You’ll manage your home security system via a mobile app. It’s available on iPhone and Android and provides motion-activated alerts via push notifications.
  • Cloud storage: You can rely on cloud storage to manage your videos conveniently.
  • Indoor cameras: Indoor security cameras are offered by Lorex and Ecobee.

Lorex vs Ecobee: What are the differences?

  • Video quality: The best Ecobee cameras have 1080p HD camera quality, but Lorex offers 4k resolution. 4k is the best quality available.
  • Night vision: Ecobee doesn’t offer night vision since they predominantly deal in indoor cameras; Lorex offers color night vision.
  • Video doorbell: Lorex offers doorbell cameras.
  • Professional monitoring: Lorex doesn’t offer professional monitoring, but Ecobee does monthly for a low fee.
  • Professional installation: While Lorex and Ecobee are designed for DIY installation, Lorex has professional installation available if you want it.
  • Feed sharing: The Lorex app allows you to share a live feed with a friend or family member who isn’t on your plan.
  • Smart thermostat: Ecobee has compatibility with more smart home integrations, including Wi-Fi thermostats.

Ecobee: What you need to know

Ecobee was first known for a smart thermostat; a few years later, it began offering entire security systems on a DIY basis. Let’s take a look at what Ecobee can offer.


The installation process varies considerably. The Ecobee SmartCamera is the easiest to install, taking less than an hour to get up and running. You drill a hole into the wall and attach your mount. However, if you’re installing the Ecobee smart thermostat, you may need to hire a professional. Comprehensive guides are available on the Ecobee website, and you can always call their customer service line for extra help.


Ecobee offers a variety of equipment, including:

  • Smart cameras with voice control
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Voice-controlled smart thermostat
  • Switch + Smart speaker

Home automation

Ecobee has a growing product range, including home automation equipment, such as smart speakers, thermostats, and more. Third-party integrations are limited, but they are compatible with Z-wave functionalities such as Google Nest and Alexa.


  • Equipment costs: There are smart security bundles available from $129 (no cameras) or $249 (with one camera) but you can also purchase equipment on an a la carte basis. One camera costs $99.99 to over $200 for a premium smart thermostat with voice control.
  • Monthly costs: Monthly costs are flexible and affordable, but paying is not compulsory. You don’t have to pay for Ecobee Haven, but it will limit your capabilities if you don’t. You can pay just $5 a month, but you can only store video footage from one camera versus multiple and can’t access professional monitoring. You might as well pay $10 a month and get the most out of your system - including RapidSOS response.

Nerd pros

  • Professional monitoring: Professionals will monitor your system for just $10 a month.
  • Voice control: You can use voice control via third-party automation such as Amazon Alexa.
  • Refurbished products: Ecobee offers official, certified refurbished products to help you save up to 60% off of your usual purchase price.
  • Smart home integration: Ecobee has excellent smart thermostats and compatibility with several If This Then That (IFTTT) products, including Apple Homekit, allowing you to design your smart home ecosystem.

Nerd cons

  • Installation: No professional installation is offered, but it’s a complex one. It’s a good idea to hire a contractor to install your system if possible.
  • No environmental sensors: Ecobee doesn’t offer environmental sensors.
  • No cellular monitoring: Since there’s no cellular monitoring or backup, you’re vulnerable to power cuts and other issues.

Lorex - What you need to know

Lorex offers an array of advanced home security cameras, from single Wi-Fi cameras to a 32-camera system. There’s something for everyone - Lorex is one of the few providers that encompasses 4k high-quality cameras.


Every item offered by Lorex is designed with simplicity in mind; DIY installation is provided for all equipment. You can purchase various equipment, including wire-free, wired, and power-over-ethernet options. Each comes with a detailed guide, and only basic tools are required, but you can purchase professional installation via a licensed third-party, InstallerNet.


Lorex offers an array of equipment for you to choose from, including:

  • Outdoor security cameras (including, floodlight and spotlight cameras and smart security cameras with built-in motion detectors)
  • Wire-free security system kits
  • NVR 4k systems with 8+ viewing channels
  • Indoor security cameras
  • Video doorbells

Lorex also offers rechargeable batteries, power cords, and related accessories. Lorex doesn't provide any dedicated smart home options.

Home automation

Lorex doesn’t offer dedicated smart home options such as thermostats or smart locks, and it’s compatible with third-party options such as Google Assistant, Apple TV, and Alexa. You may want to consider other providers if you want an entire smart home ecosystem.


Prices will vary, but prices start at $99 for an individual camera. Your NVR recorders with up to 32 cameras start at around $1000. Most homeowners will pay under $500 for their home security basics.

Nerd pros

  • Customized motion detection: You can prevent false alarms by customizing sensitivity and motion activity zones.
  • Field of view: Some cameras offer 360 degrees views.
  • Multiple options: Lorex offers an array of options so you can secure modest family homes, businesses, or large estates. All needs are met, from 32 camera CCTV systems to video doorbells.

Nerd cons

  • Initial outlay: Since the cost cannot be spread out via a subscription payment, the outlay is higher than with some competitors. While the price isn't outrageous, it is noticeably higher. You also don’t have the option of refurbished equipment to save money with Lorex.
  • Lack of home integration options: Though some integration features are offered, they could be expanded significantly above and beyond the current selection.

Lorex or Ecobee?

Lorex is ideal for you if you’re looking for an international provider with professional installation or require an extensive (up to 32 cameras) security system for a business or larger home. Ecobee may be a better fit for you if you want a smart home security system. Ecobee also offers refurbished cameras and security equipment if you want to save money.

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