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Home Security Trends in 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021, people will continue to spend more time in their homes than ever. And now, more than, ever many want to invest in those homes, making them as comfortable and efficient as possible. There are a host of exciting new smart home products ready to help.

Seamless, Simple and Smarter Than Ever

The new smart home products we’re seeing on the market are less intimidating than those of the past and their capabilities are vast. They’re easy-to-install and don’t require rewiring and other complicated installation techniques. Many are plug-and-play, so they can be up and running in minutes.

We’re seeing great new doorbells, cameras, sensors and more that can really help consumers make their homes smarter and safer. Not only that, but many of the pieces are made to work together with other smart home products you may already have, making for one seamless system.

A few we’re excited about:

  • Hex’s new home security system that uses artificial intelligence to keep an eye on your house without cameras.
  •  Alarm.com’s battery-operated sensor device you can place on nearly anything, indoors or out, to keep an eye on things. anywhere to keep an eye on most anything (think sheds, fences, bicycles).
  • The Lockly Duo, a new smart lock product that opens both a deadbolt and a regular bolt at the same time.
  •  Owl Wired’s new smoke detector that not only detects smoke, but also monitors motion, sound, carbon monoxide levels and works with IFTTT, Alexa and Google Home.

Stay tuned to SecurityNerd for more reviews and roundups of the best new smart home products.

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