The Best Home Security Military Discounts

Members of the military fight around the world to protect the rest of us, and at home they often want the extra protection a home security system offers to help keep their own families safe. In honor of their service, there are a host of home security providers that offer well-deserved discounts to military families and veterans.

The discounts and special offers vary by company, but many offer a nice bit of savings on home security systems, accessories and monitoring. Most are offered to current military personnel as well as to veterans who previously served, and typically some sort of verification is required in order to take advantage of the savings. Many of the discounts are also made available to first responders and teachers and, in some cases, non-profit workers.

Not all home security companies offer military discounts, but even those that don’t often offer some flexibility to members of the military, such as more flexible contracts. Other companies offer discounts to veterans who belong to certain organizations, but not to all veterans. For example, ADT doesn’t offer a general military discount, but they do for members of Veterans Advantage.

To help military families get the best possible deals, we took a closer look at some of the home security discounts available to them. Here are six of the best.

1. Ring

To honor their service, Ring offers members of the military and veterans a 20% discount on select products, including doorbell cameras, alarms, floodlights and more, which can add up to a good deal of savings. For example, the Ring starter kit includes a doorbell camera and a floodlight camera, both of which send alerts to your phone if any activity is detected near your door. The current standard price is $398, which means those eligible would save about $80.The discount is also offered to teachers, students and first responders.

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2. Guardline

Guardline is known for its driveway alarms and accessories, which alert you if someone is arriving at your property. They’re especially useful if you have a long driveway and your house is set back from the road. Guardline provides a 10% percent military discount on any of their products. That discount applies to active duty military, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. Alarms range from about $99-159, while extra sensors and receivers are $59-85 each.

3. Vector Security

Vector Security provides, installs and monitors customized home security systems, including cameras and smart home products. For veterans and active-duty military personnel, they offer a free basic security system, which includes a wireless control panel, door/window sensors and a motion detector. They also offer 15% off any other equipment and 20% of their monthly monitoring fee (around $40).  They don’t provide pricing for additional equipment without a consultation, and you must sign a 36-month contract to take advantage of the savings. The deal is only available to new customers.

4. Guardian Alarm

Guardian Alarm provides an array of home security products as well as professional monitoring to protect your home inside and out. For active military personnel and veterans, they provide 50% off installation as well as 10% off monthly monitoring and additional devices. The discount is available to first responders as well.

Guardian Alarm doesn’t provide online pricing for their equipment, but rather they do in-home consultations to discuss your needs and the costs. Their monthly monitoring rates start at $27.99 a month, and you must sign a 36-month contract.

5. Hawk Security

Hawk Security offers an array of home security products and services, but only to residents of Texas in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, San Antonio and Tyler. To military members and veterans in those areas, they offer a $150 credit after you sign up for their services.

6. My Alarm Center

My Alarm Center provides a full line of home security products and professional monitoring across the United States. They also own Hawk Security (though they operate independently), and their offer to veterans and military personnel is similar: A $150 credit after you sign up for their services. They also offer a special monthly subscription fee of $34.99 to military families with a package that includes an alarm, cellular communicator, remote key fob, a motion detector and window and door sensors. This discount is also offered to educators and people who work for nonprofit organizations.

The Bottom Line on Home Security Discounts for Military Families

If you’re currently serving in the military or have served in the past and are looking for a home security system, these offers are worth considering. They may or may not beat other companies when it comes to the bottom line and meeting your needs, but they are one factor to consider in your search for the best security system for your home. If you are considering a home security company that does not list a military discount online, make sure you give them a call and double check as most companies are willing to offer deals if you speak to them directly.

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