Frontpoint vs. Ring

Ring is an Amazon-owned brand best known for its handy doorbell camera, and Frontpoint is a relatively new DIY security company - launched in 2007 and based out of Virginia. Both have successfully made a name for themselves in the home security industry.

If you're looking for a new home security system, both Frontpoint and Ring are two great options with many different features that we'll look at to assist you in choosing the best home security provider.

Frontpoint vs. Ring - What do they have in common?

Both are highly rated security systems well-regarded by their customers, and either would make a worthy choice, but there are a few technical similarities too.

  • Good quality security equipment: Both companies offer quality security equipment and hardware that will keep your family and your home secure.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras: Both can provide you with indoor cameras and weatherproof outdoor cameras, too.
  • Smart Home Integration: With integrations such as Alexa being offered, both can provide you with the building blocks for a smartRing ecosystem, though they do so in slightly different ways.
  • Professional Monitoring: Both can provide you with a monitoring plan to help keep your home secure. Self-monitoring is also a possibility with both brands, though. So it's really up to you which you'd prefer.
  • Video Doorbells: Though Ring is primarily known for its doorbell camera, both brands offer a video doorbell that can be accessed and send you notifications via an easy-to-use mobile app that is available on Apple and Android. Both video doorbells also have two-way audio capabilities.

Frontpoint vs. Ring - What are the differences?

  • Home automation: Ring is pretty much limited to Amazon Alexa or its own integrations if you want to create a smart home ecosystem - it doesn't offer the array of smart features and third-party integrations that Frontpoint does.
  • Easy set up: Both offer a simple DIY setup that can have you up and running in under 30 minutes, but some Ring models require hard wiring into your electrical system.
  • Award-Winning Professional monitoring: Frontpoint offers UL-certified award-winning rapid response for its monitoring services, but you'll pay a premium for this compared to Ring's standard third-party monitoring.

Frontpoint Security: What you need to know

Frontpoint is known for its stellar home security customer service, ease of use, and flexibility in the DIY world. There's also no need to get locked into a long-term contract with Frontpoint or worry about getting caught up in any pressuring sales tactics. Another area Frontpoint shines in is the smart home department. Frontpoint has many smart home options the company sells itself while also offering a variety of third-party integrations.


Frontpoint offers only DIY installation, so there are no professional installation fees to speak of. In addition, Frontpoint customers report that the DIY installation process is very simple and typically takes under an hour to complete.

Home Automation

Frontpoint offers its own line of automation products such as smart lights and a smart lock, but they don't stop there. Frontpoint can also integrate with existing smart home equipment such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Z-wave technologies.


  • Equipment Costs: These upfront costs tend to be higher for DIY security companies. You can choose from five bundles or create your own customized system. The basic bundle (the safehouse) is $99 and comprises.
  • • 1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad
  •  2x Door & Window Sensors
  • • 1x Motion Sensor + 1 free doorbell camera.
  • Monthly Costs: You must choose a monitoring service from Frontpoint based on three different tiers. A basic plan with basic monitoring will run about $35 per month, and as you add more interactive features, the plans increase in price. The highest tier monitoring service is about $50 a month and includes live video streaming and motion-triggered alerts. There are no activation fees.

Nerd Pros

  • Hardware options: If you like equipment bundles to choose from, you'll have that option with Frontpoint. But you can also purchase items individually. Customer service will do a virtual walkthrough to help you choose what you need, too.
  • Home automation: Frontpoint offers some of its own smart home options, including a doorbell camera, but also realizes customers might already have existing ones they want to incorporate into the system. Frontpoint can integrate any Z-Wave compatible products, such as a Yale smart door lock.

Nerd Cons

  • Credit check: If you don't have a 600 or higher credit score, you'll be required to put down money upfront.
  • Price: Frontpoint has some higher upfront costs and professional monitoring fees.

 Ring: What you need to know

As a home security system, Ring took the world by storm with its innovative doorbell camera in 2013. From initially giving you a peek at the person at the door, Ring now offers a lot more. From smart lighting to traditional security cameras that can be mounted anywhere.


Though the battery-powered cameras have an easy install, the wired ones are a little harder, requiring some hardwiring into your existing electrical system, which can't really be called "easy." You may want to have a professional handy, which will cost you. You can seek out your own tradesperson or get an estimate from

Home Automation

It's very easy to incorporate a Ring camera into a smart home system that includes a security system, Ring alarm, CO and smoke detectors, wi-fi video doorbell, smart lighting, window sensors, and other ring-compatible features. These may include smart door locks, light switches, outlets, garage door sensors, and sirens. But it should be noted that you can only do this with the Ring range - third-party integrations aren't offered.


  • Equipment costs: Ring's alarm system packages start at $199 for a five-piece and range to $589 for a 20-piece kit. You can also buy items a la carte.
  • Monthly costs: Monitoring is optional; you can do it yourself. But if you want Ring to take care of monitoring, you'll pay $10 a month or $100 for a year. There are no activation fees.


  • Indoor and outdoor cameras: Ring provides a selection of cameras to cover both the inside and outside of your home, all with built-in motion sensors (and many with night vision.)
  • Affordability: For just $179, you can get a 5-piece set from Ring. While you can add the option of professional monitoring and paid storage plans, those features are not required.
  • Professional monitoring option: If you want the peace of mind of 24/7 professional monitoring, you can get it with Ring for a yearly or monthly fee ($10/month or $100/year).


  • Limited package options: Ring doesn't offer much in the way of customizable packages.
  • Video storage fees: If you want to save any of the video footage from your cameras, you'll have to sign up for one of Ring's storage plans.
  • Upfront payment: While not getting locked into a long-term contract is a pro for many, that also means you have to pay for the equipment up front instead of spreading the cost out over time. Not everyone has the funds to set out in full to get started.

Frontpoint or Ring?

As a homeowner, choosing the right security system is crucial. Which is best for you depends on your needs - if you want a wealth of smart home devices, either could be a good choice, but you need to keep in mind that Ring only offers compatibility with its own products and doesn't offer third-party integrations. Aside from this, both offer similar functionality.

Suppose you're happy with the responsibility of monitoring a DIY home security system. In that case, Ring offers you the ability to monitor your own system, which cuts down on monitoring costs, with monitoring being an optional add-on. But if you do want professional monitoring, it is worth considering Frontpoint and their award-winning rapid response security.

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