Frontpoint vs Nest Secure

Frontpoint is a North American home security company based out of Virginia. Founded in 2007, it has quickly made a name for itself as a reliable DIY home security option. Nest is best known for its smart thermostat, but they also have home security systems on offer under the brand Nest Secure. Nest has begun offering other smart home add ons like smoke alarms and CO2 alarms.

Frontpoint vs. Nest Secure: What do they have in common?

  • Installation: Only DIY installation is available, though you may be able to contact a professional for installation independently
  • Coverage: You can purchase a Frontpoint or Nest system in any part of the USA
  • Mobile App: You can do everything you need with both apps, available for iPhone and Android. But, the Frontpoint app is slightly better rated, with users commenting that Nest's app can be complicated to navigate. However, app access is overall straightforward and can send you notifications if your system is triggered
  • Professional monitoring service: You can get professional monitoring with either service, but with Frontpoint, you'll need professional monitoring
  • Warranty: You'll receive a 2-year warranty for your security system

Frontpoint vs. Nest Secure - What are their differences?

Credit check: Frontpoint requires a credit check before you can purchase their services; Nest doesn't require this

Home automation: Nest offers its smart home products, but Frontpoint only offers basic home automation

Third-party monitoring: Nest doesn't monitor its own equipment; monitoring is done on a third-party basis via Brinks

Contracts: Nest doesn't require any long-term contracts and offers a high level of flexibility. Frontpoint requires a long-term contract before you can set anything up with them, in addition to credit checking

Frontpoint Security: What you need to know

Frontpoint rates well for flexibility, ease of use, and functionality. They're a reliable provider with several different innovative home solutions. You'll need to complete a credit check and sign up for a contract before you can use Frontpoint's services.


Users report that Frontpoint's DIY installation is straightforward to accomplish. There are no professional install fees due to this.

Home automation

Frontpoint does offer a few home automation products, but it's not as comprehensive as Nest. With Frontpoint, you can get smart lights and locks or integrate with Z-wave technologies such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant.


Frontpoint offers you reliable, good-quality equipment available on a flexible basis. The hub and keypad are tamper-proof, and the pet-sensitive motion sensors can safeguard you against false alarms. You can purchase unlimited additions for your system on an individual basis. If you decide to leave Frontpoint's monitoring service after your contract is up, you can still use the equipment you purchased.


  • Monthly costs: You'll be given three different tiers to choose from; a basic plan costs approximately $35 a month, with the price increasing as you add more interactive features. The most expensive tier is around $50 and includes live streaming and motion-triggered alerts
  • Equipment costs: Equipment costs are higher than DIY companies; the basic bundle starts at $99 and increases to over $300. There are five different bundles, or you can create your own

Nerd Pros

  • Hardware options: If you like equipment bundles to choose from, you'll be given that option with Frontpoint. But you can also purchase items individually. Home security customer representatives can do a walk-through virtually, recommending products they think you'll find beneficial as you go
  • Home automation: Frontpoint offers some smart home options, including a doorbell camera, but you can also incorporate existing products into your system. Frontpoint can integrate any Z-Wave compatible products, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Nerd Cons

  • Credit check: You'll need to pay an upfront deposit if you don't have a good credit rating. It's uncommon for security companies to ask for this information
  • Price: Frontpoint has some upfront costs and professional monitoring fees. The pricing isn't always transparent, as you may have to pay an increased amount due to your credit rating

Nest Secure - What you need to know

Nest offers one of the best home security systems if you're looking for great home automation possibilities. All security equipment is good quality, and they provide both outdoor and indoor cameras with Wifi capabilities. You can also purchase cellular backup for a monthly fee. You have the option to sign up on a flexible basis or with a 3-year contract.


Much like Frontpoint, the Nest alarm system is a DIY install. You can arrange the professional installation, but it's designed for home installation. Most customers report that it's a pain-free process.


The basic package is priced at $399 and comes with the Nest Guard, the security hub, two entry sensors, and two key fobs used for arming and disarming. You can buy individual additions or more expensive packages.

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Doorbell camera
  • Smart locks
  • Additional Nest detecters
  • Yard signs
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detector

Home automation

Nest shines in this area, with your home security being controllable from a convenient app. Nest also integrates seamlessly with different products. If you're willing to purchase several products, you'll be the owner of an interactive smart home ecosystem.

  • Your Nest Hello video doorbell can help you see what's happening at home
  • You can activate indoor and outdoor Nest cameras if you're notified of a problem
  • You can automatically disarm your Nest system when you unlock the door (if you use smart locks)
  • Adjust the temperature of your home


Nest can offer you a variety of packages, including:

  • The basic package for just $399 with two sensors and key fobs, plus the security hub
  • Basic alarm package and one outdoor camera for $598
  • Basic package in addition to a smart lock for $633
  • Monthly monitoring costs are $29 per month (no-contract) or $19 a month if you set up a contract
  • Celular backup to protect against outages costs just $5 a month

Nerd Pros

Customization: You can buy the basic alarm kit, which includes the Nest Guard alarm hub, two sensors, and key fobs; add optional doorbell cameras, and add on other Nest equipment such as a smart CO2 detector, extra nest tags, and smoke detectors

Easy install: The system is easy to install and is wireless, with optional cellular backup. You can install it yourself, and the guides are easy to understand

Nerd Cons

Price: Because you don't require a strict contract, the prices are higher. The basic kit is $399, and add-ons bring the price up to almost $600. Additional fees are payable for cellular backup or professional monitoring

Limited Monitoring Options: Nest Secure does provide professional monitoring, but it's done through a third-party service in partnership with Brinks Security. Some products don't have a monitoring plan - such as Nest's smoke and CO2 detectors. You'll need to be prepared to react in case of a problem, as these items are self-monitoring only

Frontpoint or Nest?

If you're looking for a more flexible, contract-free provider with increased smart home integration, you should try Nest. Frontpoint offers excellent customer service, reliable equipment, and all-around good security. However, the pricing is unclear and may require bigger upfront deposits. Nest is much more flexible though the upfront prices may be slightly higher.

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