Ashley Austrew

Ashley is a freelance journalist and writer. Her work has been published by Cosmopolitan, Scholastic,, Scary Mommy, and many other outlets. She lives with her family in Omaha, Nebraska.

SpotCrime map

SpotCrime Review is a free app and website that aggregates data from police agencies, local news, and user reports to create neighborhood-specific crime lists and maps. SpotCrime shows incidents of theft, shooting, burglary, assault, vandalism, and arrest. Users may also sign up to receive crime alerts for their area via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or RSS. …

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AreaVibes Review

AreaVibes is a website that helps users find the best places to live based on the data that’s important to them. It’s a tool that analyzes various aspects of different cities and neighborhoods, including crime rates, school ratings, amenities, and the local housing market to give each location a livability score from zero to 100. AreaVibes …

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NeighborhoodScout Review

NeighborhoodScout is a website that creates neighborhood profiles to allow users to easily find and compare data on crime rates, demographics, and real estate trends for different neighborhoods. With a paid subscription, you can also access features like Neighborhood Match and Create Your Ideal Neighborhood, which allows a user to find their ideal neighborhood based on …

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Wired vs. Wireless Security Systems: Which Is Best For You?

There are more home security options than ever available on the market, but the sheer number of products and services to choose from can leave homeowners feeling puzzled as to which is the best option. If you’re considering using a security system, the first choice you need to make is whether that system will be …

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