Abode vs Swann Cameras

There are many reasons to get a home security system, and the obvious reason is to protect your valuables and gather evidence in case there's a crime. But there are other benefits, such as crime deterrence and allowing remote access to your home. Many security providers offer compatibility with smart home equipment, too.

If you've decided to buy or upgrade your home security system, you'll have plenty of providers to choose from. Abode and Swann are two great providers.

Abode was launched in 2014 by ex-ADT executives aiming to provide affordable, flexible equipment. Swann is another excellent company, best known for providing security equipment worldwide (throughout 40 countries). Let's break down the differences between the two.

Abode vs Swann: What do they have in common?

  • Mobile app: Each provider offers a free mobile app on iOS and Android.
  • Outdoor security cameras: You'll be able to purchase weatherproof outdoor cameras to keep all parts of your property safe.
  • Night vision: Abode and Swann offer high-quality color night vision.
  • Flexibility: You'll have a high degree of flexibility and won't be required to take out a long-term contract.
  • Professional monitoring: Swann and Abode offer their own professional monitoring services.
  • Motion detection: Each provider offers motion sensors that will notify you if a potential threat is detected.
  • Cellular backup: Swann and Abode offer cellular backup to keep your home safe in the case of an outage or issue.

Abode vs Swann: What are their differences?

  • DIY installation: Abode offers professional installation; with Swann, you'll need to install your own system.
  • Reputation: Abode is very new compared to Swann - Swann has been in the industry for decades and has a global presence.
  • Field of view: Swann cameras have a wider field of view.
  • Camera resolution: Swann offers 4k resolution; Abode's highest resolution is 1080p.
  • Solar batteries: Many Swann cameras can be charged with solar panels.
  • NVR systems: Swann offers larger NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems for use with larger homes, properties, and businesses. Abode is focused on home security and primarily relies on basic local storage (MicroSD card) and cloud storage.
  • Equipment warranty: Abode equipment has a 12-month warranty, Swann offers a 36-month warranty but it only applies to premium subscribers.

Abode: What you need to know

Abode is a reliable, low-cost provider set up by an ex-ADT representative to offer cheap smart security kits; they offer flexibility and compatibility with various Z-wave technologies such as Apple Homekit, Amazon's Alexa, and Google Nest. Abode offers professional monitoring, too. You can buy environmental sensors and other extras from Abode.


While you don't necessarily require installation, since everything you need will come with your order, a professional setup is available in some areas. Setup usually takes under an hour, but a wired system may be more complicated, meaning you may want your Abode security system to be installed for you.


Abode has straightforward security equipment, including:

  • Gateway control panel (or Iota control panel for an extra $30)
  • Window sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Keypad
  • Glassbreak sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Keypad
  • Smart locks
  • Glassbreak sensors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Temperature/light sensor
  • Smoke alarm
  • Wide-angle motion camera
  • Abode indoor cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor sirens
  • Water leak detectors
  • Power switch
  • Occupancy sensor

Home automation

Abode offers plenty of smart home devices, including all-in-one environment sensors, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, entry sensors, etc. But Abode also has compatibility with Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google Nest, and other equipment.


  • Equipment cost: You'll need to purchase a starter security kit; the Abode Iota is the most popular, but regardless of your choice, you can anticipate spending less than $250.
  • Monthly fees: Unless you want additional extras, you won't need to pay any fees. If you choose a professionally monitored alarm system, then you'll pay $20 per month; cellular backup can be purchased for $8 monthly.

Nerd pros

  • Flexibility: You'll have total flexibility; you can choose whether to have professional installation, monitoring, etc. There are no long-term contracts.
  • Camera quality: 1080p HD quality is excellent, especially at a low price.
  • Warranty: All equipment comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • Price: This is an excellent option if you want an entire home security system without the high price tag; you won't need to buy a long-term contract.
  • Person detection: Abode's advanced person detection can reduce the risk of false alarms.

Nerd cons

  • Online reviews: Some of the online reviews for the Abode app and system are less than perfect.
  • Variety: Abode doesn't offer much variety, with only a few home security cameras.

Swann: What you need to know

Swann is an experienced provider that offers worldwide service with a presence in over 40 countries. They offer DIY monitored systems and some of the best home security cameras on the market. Let's break down what they have to offer.


Your setup will depend on your chosen system; most installations take under an hour. If you need assistance, the customer support helpline is responsive, but you won't be able to access professional installation.


Swann has a more comprehensive range of cameras than Abode. Swann's extensive range includes:

  • Wire-free smart security cameras and video doorbells
  • Pan and tilt cam
  • Outdoor 1080p HD cameras
  • 4-16 Channel NVR

Additional equipment available includes:

  • Garage parking sensors
  • Home doorbell camera kit
  • Solar panels
  • Dummy cams
  • Extra mounting stands

Home automation

Your new Swann system will have a great app that sends you push notifications if there's an issue. The new Swann system will be compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but there aren't many third-party integrations. Still, voice control with Alexa is an excellent benefit.


  • Equipment costs: Equipment costs start at $70 and can be as much as $500. An NVR system is often used for larger residences or businesses and is more expensive than this.
  • Monthly costs: Monthly fees start at $9.99; the pro plan includes emergency response, incident support, and live view; you'll also receive an extended warranty of up to 36 months if you choose to become a premium customer.

Nerd pros

  • Cameras: You'll have an array of camera options with Swann, from basic models to bells and whistles installations for huge properties; you'll see this DIY company doesn't skimp on choices when it comes to cameras.
  • No contract: You aren't obligated to purchase a contract. You can buy your equipment without a contract.
  • Camera features: There are several great advanced features, including heat-activated motion sensors.

Nerd cons

  • Pay for storage: Although you'll get free cloud storage for two days, it's limited, and you'll pay a monthly fee if you need more than this. You can use local storage, but you'll need an NVR system for this, which is more expensive.
  • App complaints: Although iPhone users rate it well, Android users report connectivity issues and bugs.

Abode or Swann?

Abode and Swann are two great security companies, but comparing them is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. If you're looking for more smart home integrations, professional installation, and affordable professional monitoring plans, Abode could be one of your best home security systems. You can also choose a self-monitoring option.

Swann offers NVR systems and is one of the best DIY home security systems, but they also offer professional monitoring. If you're looking for the best security cameras, Swann cameras are more advanced with built-in heat sensors and 4k resolution, but Abode has more to offer for an entire home security system. Whichever provider you choose will provide you with excellent peace of mind.

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